GHP Q1 2021

42 GHP / Q1 2021 , Oct20883 With innovative technologies born out of nature and powered by science, Sporogenics aims to provide solutions to commonmedical issues. Recently, we caught up with founding partner, Dr Ng, about his passion for the environment and how it can help shape the future of medicine. Innovative Healthcare Solutions Sporogenics consists of a group of likeminded material scientists, biomedical engineers, clinicians and regulatory specialists who believe in solving unmet clinical needs using materials harvested from nature. Led by founder Dr Ng Wei Beng, the company’s current focus is to deploy bioactive polymers as an implantable micro-gel (for keyhole surgery) and film (for open surgery) to prevent postoperative adhesions. Dr Ng background saw him originally trained in materials science and engineering. Having worked for a consumer electronics MNC for 10 years, he went back to school for a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, then switched career from R&D to Regulatory Affairs of medical devices. “Backed by experience in materials research I decided to combine my expertise in biomaterials research and new-found interest in medical device engineering to embark on an entrepreneurship journey focusing on implantable medical devices.” Throughout various encounters with many different stakeholders in the MedTech space, Dr Ng came to realise the bare truth of medical reimbursement and policy, which are important directives in the delivery of healthcare innovation. “I believe that no patients should be denied of healthcare solutions due to high medical cost,” he explains, telling us more about what led him to incept the organisation. “Hence with this mission in mind, Sporogenics aims to provide a cheap and yet cost-effective solutions to improve surgical outcomes, and we did this by leveraging available materials found in nature which are sustainable and affordable to patients all around the world. I have yet to be fully amazed by how much wonders that nature could offer to us, not just in eco-balance but the rich therapeutic ingredients that have yet to be fully utilized.” Sporogenics unique value proposition stems from the biomaterials itself. The naturederived extracts contain active ingredients that directly address the unmet clinical needs, without the long term risks from drugs. Promising a much higher efficacy rate half the price of current competitor products. “This closed the loop of our mission to provide innovative healthcare solutions that could benefit patients globally, which are so much more affordable based on sustainable green technologies,” says Dr Ng. The vast range of products that Sporogenics produces can benefit all patients that have undergone all kinds of surgeries, be it in cardiovascular, pelvic, abdominal, genealogical surgery or even tendon or spinal surgery. Dr Ng and the team are now aiming to provide their innovative solutions to all healthcare systems as the products are deemed as professional-useonly, and cannot be marketed as an over the counter (OTC) solution. Recently, Sporogenics has been named as one of the top five in the grand final for the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2020 Awards, and also the recipient for a JLabs award by Johnson and Johnson for the 2020 Asia Pacific region. It’s clear to see that the firm is going places. As a start-up, the founding team at Sporogenics have been pivotal in dictating the future directions and success of the company. “We all share the same dream and fight hard for success with a strong belief in our green technologies,” enthuses Dr Ng. “Each of us contributes in our area of strength and expertise so as to compliment the gaps of our colleagues. And with such mindset and culture, the whole team is well-knitted towards a common goal.” Sporogenics has recently completed in-vivo animal study and the results on anti-adhesion prevention are amazingly positive. Regarding the future, Dr Ng wants to get back on track with more preclinical validation of a few adjacent application such as hemostasis. It is hoped that, following these studies, a human trial can begin within the next 12 months. As a founding member, Dr Ng is constantly on the lookout for experts and professionals who are able to make up for what he calls his “weaknesses in areas such as commercialisation strategy”, however his passion is clear for all to see. “Throughout the years, we have positioned ourselves as innovators with true consciousness and awareness of our environment. Ultimately, we will continue this as we move forward.” Company: Sporogenics Private Limited Contact: Dr. Ng Wei Beng Web: