GHP Q1 2021

GHP / Q1 2021 43 , Sep201008 Headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin, OMNI Solutions is an EPA-registered original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of proprietary, Earth-friendly, and UV-based technologies for treating water, surfaces, and air. Just last year, the firmwas named Leading Experts in UV-Based Technology 2020 in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 fromGlobal Health and PharmaMagazine. Today, we take a deep dive onwhat those technologies are, and how they are being used to revolutionize an industry like never before. Ultimate Success For UV-Based Technology Firm Since its inception, OMNI Solutions has been focused on its sole mission: to revolutionize the UVbased disinfection, commercial laundry, and water processing industries by designing and developing a vast array of innovative and energy-efficient products and solutions. Each of these products and solutions are carefully and meticulously designed to help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, increase customers’ profit margins through utility, water, and chemical savings, and improve the performance and quality of the cleaning process. Cleanliness is no doubt something that is high on the global agenda at this moment in time, especially given the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Even beyond this pandemic, influenza, C. diff, MRSA and other microorganisms continue to threaten the health of patients across the world. As cleanliness and treatment continues to be of great importance to so many, the work of OMNI Solutions becomes more and more invaluable. With more than two thousand laundry installations, processing in excess of one billion pounds per year, it is little wonder how OMNI Solutions has maintained its place as the world’s largest supplier of UV laundry systems. OMNI Solutions also understands that cleanliness and the need for UV-based treatment technologies is not restricted to just one industry. Instead, the firm takes great pride in its ability to work alongside clients from all industries and sectors, including healthcare, commercial, hospitality, and government. Each of these benefit from a range of systems that are sustainable, while harnessing the power of nature with state-of-theart technology. Making dirty water clean, helping cold water work more like hot water, and killing microorganisms faster are just some of the areas in which OMNI Solutions’ services and products work like a charm. Where OMNI Solutions stands apart from its competitors is that it does these things all while reducing the use and expense of chemicals, fresh water, and natural gas. All of the products and services offered by the firm are readily available through a national distribution network. That means companies and clients all over the United States can take full advantage of the innovation that is so freely offered. For those that want it, there are utility savings, chemical savings, and consolidated billing on offer from OMNI Solutions, as well as the products and services themselves. OMNI Solutions is also all about ensuring that its clients and customers feel at ease and communicated clearly with throughout the whole process. Once a potential client becomes a concrete customer, they can begin to experience a world of customer support like no other. Boundless opportunity for support and service is present around the clock, and every OMNI Solutions’ customer has their own dedicated OMNI Solutions’ Product Specialist, who is committed to serving and support a client’s business. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and every client can feel confident that they will receive excellent results in all their dealings with OMNI Solutions. Ultimately, the world is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and OMNI Solutions is already looking towards a cleaner and more efficient future. The firm is nothing short of outstanding, and fully deserves this success. Company: OMNI Solutions Contact: Andrew Rupnow Website: