GHP Q1 2021

62 GHP / Q1 2021 , Jul20353 Aesthetic medicine has fast become an industry that is considered amongst one of the most innovative in the world, with new treatments and developments. Located on the world famous Harley Street in the heart of London, Dr SWClinics is one of the finest aesthetic clinics in the United Kingdomand has been awarded the title of Aesthetic Practice of the Year, 2020. We at Global Health and PharmaMagazine today take the time to dive into what the clinic offers and why it is fully deserving of this latest success. Accentuating Aesthetics’ Success The world of aesthetic medicine has become an industry that has grown and grown exponentially over the last few years, but actually stretches back into ancient history. It is an industry that brings medicine into contact with areas that it may not otherwise be in contact with. At Dr SW Clinics, collaboration is king, given that there is a plethora of degrees in both medicine and the arts in the team that head Dr Sherif Wakil oversees at Dr SW Clinics. His keen personal interest in art and sculpting has helped Dr Wakil deliver some of the most natural-looking results that clients can expect. Natural looks are something that many people want from enhancing treatments, and they can sometimes be hard to find. Ensuring that the clients get the best possible naturallooking results at the end of their treatments, the work of Dr SW Clinics is truly outstanding. That is why clients and patients travel from around the world to see Dr Wakil and receive his treatment. Since its establishment, the mission at the Dr SW Clinics has always been to deliver safe and effective treatments that are minimally invasive and offer the best possible natural-looking results. Dr Wakil and his team of staff want every patient to walk out of the door looking younger and fresher, feeling as good as they look. Underpinning that mission is the promise to patients that they will never leave the clinic looking “overdone” or “artificial” in any way. The entire team at Dr SW Clinics wants every patient to be confident and happy with their results, and that is why it always prioritises the natural look over anything else. Natural-looking results forms the philosophy of the clinic, and Dr Wakil understands that the key to that is making patients look like themselves at their best, rather than someone different entirely. Dr Wakil is responsible for running the finest aesthetic clinics on Harley Street, and has himself performed more than nineteen thousand procedures to date. As part of his work through Dr SW Clinics, Dr Wakil has introduced a number of new treatments to the United Kingdom, including the P-shot and the O-shot, Vampire Breast lift, and Vampire facelift, as well as being a pioneer of the soft surgery approach. Dr Wakil is a master trainer for this concept, and was the first practitioner within the United Kingdom to introduce soft surgery treatments, such as the non-surgical blepharoplasty and needle shaping. He is also known for some of his more signature treatments, which can include the Dr SW Face-Lift and the Organic Face-Lift. What stands Dr Wakil apart from the competition is the fact that he believes in only offering treatments which are free from risk, deliver results, minimally invasive, and able to ensure a patient can get the natural-looking results they want. He understands that each patient and each face is individual and unique, and therefore he knows that every treatment must be tailored according to the uniqueness and individuality of the face. Dr Wakil has always believed in enhancing the patients’ natural beauty, and that is exactly what he has built his service around. Patients are welcomed and made to feel at ease so that they can have a treatment that helps them feel like themselves at their very best, rather than receive a treatment that makes them look and feel different from themselves in any way, shape, or form. The work of Dr Wakil cannot be overstated, in that it is about more than helping people achieve the look that they want. There is a well-documented array of mental health benefits that can help people feel good about themselves when they are looking their best. He is giving people their confidence back. He is an astounding doctor, a marvellous aesthetician, and a full deserving winner of this recognition in the field of aesthetic medicine. Company: Dr SW Clinics Contact: Sherif Wakil Website: