GHP Q1 2022

26 GHP / Q1 2022 , Dec21173 A laser skincare product development company serving skincare professionals all over the world, Aerolase is giving the front-runners in skin health the ability to offer the best laser treatment at the most cost-efficient prices possible. Crucially, its efforts are emboldened by the feedback of its clientele in order tomake its laser skincare solutions more effective at every turn, fine-tuning itself and its business based on the experiences that its clients come back to it with after implementing its technologies to serve their end customers, winning it the award for ‘2022’s Leading Innovators in Laser SkinHealth’ as a result. The Professional Skincare Expert for Skincare Professionals A company dedicating to improving skin concerns in a whole new way, Aerolase is dedicated to advancing the good results of laser technology with a new and elite category of energybased devices. Fundamentally, it wishes to work with a client in order to improve what works for them and fix what doesn’t, improving their confidence as a direct result and being able to offer modern skincare solutions for the modern patient. Comprehensive, holistic, and effective, it prides itself on being able to help clients give patients the tools they need to grow in self-confidence and happiness within their own skin, allowing them to address skin issues that previously they may have considered unable to be treated, or they may not have known how to treat. With Aerolase, its outcomes are always patient-focused and diligent. It is only ever satisfied with its efforts when it can ensure its client’s patient is happy, and its willingness to work alongside – as well as for – the healthcare professionals it serves creates an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual respect. This warmth and understanding is ingrained in every element of the business, bolstered by its ability to give a modern patient-provider experience to its clients by giving them access to exemplary laser skin health services. In short, it helps the professionals who purchase its laser solutions to ‘rise above the status quo’, giving them the ability to offer a skincare solution like no other and set themselves head and shoulders above their competition as a result. Serving a diverse community of skincare professionals in over 50 different countries, it works with the best people all over the world. Moreover, this client network is a community all of its own, each contributing to making Aerolase better at every turn with their feedback, queries, comments, and reviews, allowing its products to continue to improve as it has done for the past two decades. Nowadays, the modern Aerolase is the direct benefactor of this community’s feedback and the company’s diligence when implementing said feedback, resulting in solutions that reduce cost and give better results, solving a myriad of challenges faced by healthcare professionals with its continued research and development. Critically, everything it does is by its industry’s professionals, for its industry’s professionals, and it is delighted to be able to continue doing this long into the future, promising that further innovations are due to be unveiled in the coming months of 2022. Company: Aerolase Contact: Samantha Lowney Website: