GHP Q1 2022

6 GHP / Q1 2022 , Jan22334 A clinic that has achievedworldwide recognition for the excellence of its services, TheWhiteley Clinic has earned itself recent accreditation as the provider of the ‘Best for Varicose Veins Treatments’ in 2022 for theUK. This is just one of themany titles it has won itself over the years, boasting the development of all-new treatments, themost rigorous client care, and themost highly recognised research in phlebology. Due to its newapproaches, bold ideas, and transparency, it has been seeing increasing numbers of overseas patients flocking to it, as well as patients fromwithin theUK, and promises to continue serving each and every one of themwith the excellence its industry expects from it. Phlebology’s Leading Medical Minds When it comes to specialist clinics in the medical field, The Whiteley Clinic ranks amongst the best for vein therapies and research. Fundamentally, it has gained a reputation for its consistent research and treatments that push forward the greater innovations of the field, founded by the eponymous Mark Whiteley in 2001. Since the turn of the century, its notoriety has grown through showing its diligence to the science of its work and the patients who would benefit from it being turned into treatments, following the founder’s own development of endovenous – or ‘pinhole’ – surgery for varicose veins in March of 1999. He was also the first in the UK to perform the allnew surgical method to access varicose veins in a minimally invasive manner, working alongside Judy Holdstock, and it is this excellence with which he has built the foundation of The Whiteley Clinic. Making use of radiofrequency initially – mostly due to budget – this varicose vein surgical method has since enjoyed advancements in both innovation and funding, with alternatives to radiofrequency being discovered regularly. This, in essence, has allowed The Whiteley Clinic to allow use of multiple different modalities. Initially, the setup to varicose vein treatments was its only priority, but ongoing research has allowed it to expand its list of conditions, from venous leg ulcers and pelvic pain due to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; thus, it invites clients to get in touch with it regarding such things so it can discuss with them how it best may help, developing an international reputation for aesthetic phlebology. Initially, this simply meant the treatment of thread veins on the legs, but with the expansion of recent research, it has extended to the treatment of so much more. Able to treat bulging veins on the face, forehead, breasts, arms, and feet, it can help clients with all manner of painful extruding venous problems, all made possible by the research and ingenuity of the founder and his exemplary team. Indeed, since then, Mark Whitely has published the first research papers for the treatment of such things; papers that have been incredibly well received by the wider research community and that specifically talk of how to treat bulging venous areas on the forehead and temporal scalp region. Of course, when discussing such delicate areas of the body, one must act with the utmost care and rigour. This is another unswayable part of the The Whiteley Clinic’s work. When handling its client’s cases, it will always strive to put their safety and comfort first. Nominally, each and every one of its processes have been designed and redesigned by the most scrutinising eyes and dedicated team, able to tailor a treatment plan to suit the needs of the patient as well as to talk them through certain treatments in as much detail as they wish so that they are thoroughly informed before they decide on what they want. Its core values, from top to bottom, are to ensure that all of its patients receive the