GHP Q1 2023

14 GHP Q1 2023 From small clinics and doctor’s offices to multi-location long-term care facilities, Wellness Labs provides medical professionals with a range of testing services followed by fast results.With the goal of improving patient care, the company aims to provide the best quality services possible. As a result of its efficient testing as well as its convenient courier service and online results portal, Wellness Labs is Oklahoma’s Leading Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Science That Cares About Patients roviding molecular, genetic, chemistry, haematology, microbiology, and toxicology clinical testing to the professional medical community, Wellness Labs is a locally owned, independent full-service reference laboratory. It utilizes advance techniques in many areas to provide clinicians and doctors with insight into patients’ health, which has several benefits. The testing reduces unnecessary antibiotic administration, allows potential problems to be identified before they become serious, facilitates more targeted treatment, and reduces overall costs as a result. Tailoring its services to meet the varied needs of clients, the company provides accurate, reliable, and rapid results so that medical professionals can spend more time caring for patients. Ensuring to keep up with latest scientific processes and technologies, Wellness Labs provide many different services. Firstly, the company utilizes chemistry, haematology and immunoassay testing in its blood analysis services. Providing a comprehensive overview of patient health, blood tests are a commonly used tool which allow doctors to test for various diseases and conditions, as well as effectively monitor treatment of chronic health conditions. Secondly, Molecular Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is also available at Wellness Labs, which is 3 to 5 times more sensitive than conventional techniques, allowing pathogen identification results to be returned to the client between 12 and 24 hours after the specimen is acquired. Time is crucial in caring for patients, so the fast results obtained by Wellness Labs allow critical decisions to be made quickly. Furthermore, the company provides accurate clinical toxicology testing, for example Urine Drug Tests (UDT), which are frequently used in the treatment of Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD). Accurate results from these tests are important for doctors to be able to adjust medication and make changes to treatment which affect patients’ long-term quality of life. In addition, UDT can be used to monitor compliance in taking medication and identify undisclosed drug use. Since not everyone reacts to medication and treatment in the same way, specialised testing helps clients identify treatments that will and will not work for their patients. Examples of specialized testing include Cancer Genomics (CGx) and Pharmacogenomics (PGx). These tests perform in-depth analysis on patients’ base genetic sequence. The results can then be used to identify what, if any, cancer genes may be present (CGx), and what drug treatments will work best for a patient (PGx). These tests are incredible for deciding treatment and improving patients’ quality of life. Additional convenient services provided by Wellness Labs include a courier service and online client portal access. The company picks up clients’ samples daily or on-demand as needed. Requests made before 5pm are usually collected the same day, and those made after 5pm are picked up the following day. With a secure online environment, clients can use the results portal to order and review patient test results rapidly and at their own convenience. With unrivalled customer support and attention to detail, Wellness Labs aims to be the go-to provider of superior and affordable testing. Constantly harnessing new technologies and techniques to adapt to the needs of its clients, the company measures its success through clients’ abilities to provide high standards of patient care, which is what it strives to facilitate through its work. Treating clients’ patients like its own, the company is committed to providing the best services possible using the most up-todate technology and scientific processes, in order to improve patient care. As a result, Wellness Labs have been recognised as Oklahoma’s Leading Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Contact: Karen Loudermilk Company: Wellness Laboratories Web Address: P Feb23006