GHP Q1 2023

16 GHP Q1 2023 great education means there is many successful and world-famous dentists, which together with the access to the latest technology, which include digital dentistry, 3D tooth production, smile design, implantology, and treatment planning clinics in Turkey – all providing high quality treatments. Through national and international recognition on their expertise, the dentists at Istanbul Dental Center are able to transmute future clients with peace of mind. The team is made up of well educated, trained, experienced, and talented dentists that understand their responsibility in creating the best experience and results for their variety of clients. Some of the treatments they provide are fixed and removable dentures (prosthodontics), all-on-four implant systems, implantology, oral diagnosis and radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and many more. Including, same day treatment that enables clients to get a new treatment for healthy teeth in a day. The dentists at Istanbul Dental Center treat their clients as family members, this is reflected in the family atmosphere they create and how they carry out their service. They put together the most economical and appropriate plan that can be carried out in the shortest time possible. Any worries of their clients are acknowledged and addressed through the process to provide them with a comfortable experience, as well as providing follow ups and check-ups after the treatment has concluded. The Istanbul Dental Center dentists pride themselves on being smile architects and no matter how tired they are after a long day of creating beautiful smiles, it all goes away when they get to experience their clients first reaction to their smiles, followed by grateful words on the astonishing results they now get to share with the world. It comes as no surprise that Istanbul Dental Clinic has now recently been recognized for its work, and it now holds the title of Most Trusted Dental Clinic – Istanbul. We look forward to seeing the team continues to provide their clients with high quality results in a warm and welcoming environment. Contact: Ege Sandalli Company: Istanbul Dental Center Web Address: Istanbul Dental Center, a dentistry in Istanbul that carries out a wide range of services to people of all ages. We take a closer look at the clinic, its founders, and the treatments that they provide as Istanbul Dental Center is awarded with Most Trusted Dental Clinic – Istanbul. A journey towards a showstopping smile is one many people start with the hopes of improving their confidence as well as their oral health. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this as dental work covers everything from gum health to the aesthetic of the smile, and we’ve found a business that ensures you are at the hands of trusted experts. Turkey has a well-established reputation of being one of the leading countries in the field of medicine and dentistry. Turkey’s access to a Trusted Smile Architects Jan23639 “Our priority is to treat our patients with pleasure and confidence, taking all precautions in our very sterile and safe clinics.”