GHP Q1 2023

17 GHP Q1 2023 The ESHO Clinic uses non-surgical aesthetic, correctional, and facial rejuvenation treatments to give its patients the best results. We speak to Founder and Lead Doctor, Dr Esho, to find out more after its recent recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Social media has led today’s society to be very image-conscious and many people often look for ways to tackle their concerns about their appearance by finding quick fixes. Trusting someone with your appearance is a lot of responsibility and that’s why it is important to ensure that you are at the hands of experts that care and are passionate about what they do, to guarantee you are provided with treatments that are safe and done correctly. The ESHO is a clinic with the aims to enhance its patients’ natural beauty with non-surgical aesthetic, correctional, and facial rejuvenation treatments. Some of these are anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, and more advanced skin treatments. The Founder and Lead Doctor, Dr Esho, has a passion for creating excellent natural results, making him one of the most influential doctors in the aesthetics industry. He shares, “Our passion is to provide each patient with the signature ‘ESHO’ experience by enhancing your natural features in the most ethical way.” Dr Esho leads a team of doctors that ensure patients have a unique experience. They carry out high quality treatments which provide effective results. Dr Esho highlights, “Our doctors have undertaken advanced master class training in non-surgical techniques with Allergan, Teoxane, HA Derma, Galderma, and other leaders in the aesthetic industry.”. All of ESHO’s doctors are also insured under Hamilton Fraser Insurance and registered with the General Medical Council, giving clients maximum confidence. Having a treatment plan uniquely made to suit your needs is key for the experts at the clinic to ensure patients get the best possible results. Dr Esho tells us, “We value accommodating each one of our patients with the upmost care and experience through every stage of their journey with us.” “As a company we take pride in providing high-quality treatments and the results speak for themselves.” Dr Esho’s desire to constantly learn new things means that he is always looking for ways to improve and innovate the services he offers. Alongside his team, he developed a 12-month prescription service called, The ESHO Skin Lab. An innovative subscription service that was the first to ever be offered within UK clinics, with the aims “to encourage patients to not only focus on improving themselves through injectable treatments, but to focus on their skin too”. The process begins with a consultation with advanced skin specialists where you will get the chance to discuss concerns and recommendations. Dr Esho explains, “They will assess the skin while providing a detailed skin scan analysis to formulate your skin lab plan. From this they will formulate a treatment and homecare plan specifically tailored to you to ensure you the best possible results from the skin lab.” Sharing his expertise with his patients is not the only thing Dr Esho does. He also partnered with a charity where he helps people that have had a surgery, or a procedure that didn’t go to plan. He provides treatment to help get them get the best results possible so they can feel good in themselves again. Dr Esho says, “I believe this has been beneficial in the industry and contributed to great success of the company, going that extra mile to help others has always been our aim as a company.” Dr Esho has a strong belief in himself in finding a way to success no matter the obstacle. He shares, “My life experience combined with an exceptional talented team of the best in industry has greatly contributed to the vast success of shaping together the ESHO brand – which in turn, provides remarkable company leadership within the industry.” Dr Esho is not done progressing – and the success of The ESHO clinic is ever growing. Last year he launched the first ESHO MD Clinic within Flannels Flagship in Liverpool. Now, this year, he will be opening another clinic in London while still managing the first ever clinic in Newcastle and another in Dubai. His hard work has recently been recognised by GHP in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. The ESHO Clinic has now won the title of Best Non-Surgical Medical Treatment Specialists – London, and we look forward to seeing Dr Esho and his team continue to make a positive impact in those who walk through its doors. Contact: Dr Esho Company: The ESHO Clinic Web Address: Experts Enhancing Your Natural Beauty. Nov22783