GHP Q1 2023

23 GHP Q1 2023 Air Sentry is a company that introduced ventilation systems for clinical use in the year 2000 to combat airborne diseases to decrease the transmission of such. We take a closer look at the designs and purpose of its products and how they are able to create cleaner air in the healthcare system in the UK. Airborne diseases are bacteria or viruses that spread when people with certain infections cough, sneeze, or talk, it passes from one person to another through the air particles. The prevention and control of airborne transmission of infection are not simple, given that protective equipment on its own isn’t always enough, so specially designed ventilation systems are needed to control the airflow of a room. There is however a solution to a rather complex problem. Air sentry is an English company that introduced ventilation systems for clinical use in the year 2000. Its system has been long established across the NHS and private healthcare setting to prevent the transmission of airborne disease. If hospitals didn’t have them in place, we would see a rise in infections between patients due to the bacteria travelling in the air. Currently, Air Sentry modular system is the only mix mode recirculating system that looks to meet the requirements of HTM 03.01.A. It falls in with EN14644 part 3 for filtration and is able to accept 20-50% clean air. The Air Sentry Air Purification is an air management system that was designed especially for high-risk areas such as hospital covid wards, ICU, and cohort wards. There are two versions of the same design: the Air sentry mobile unit and the Air Sentry Wall. They contain a powerful HEPA14 air filter that makes them effective against all known airborne pathogens, air pollution, and chemical exposure, which means it creates clean, near sterile air. Another of the products that Air Sentry developed is K9 HEPA Air purifier which is a small system that is also able to create safe air for us. Three different versions have been designed to meet all commercial and healthcare settings, these are K9 Mobile, K9 Wall and K9BMS. The K9 air cleaner is able to clean the air to the level required for clean room status, it being ISO level 7. It takes five to eight minutes for it to clean 99.9975% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, this means that alongside PPE it is able to decrease the risk of airborne transmissions to almost zero. Air Sentry has a very low carbon footprint because its products are 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK, which enables the supply for spares and future support. In addition, the products have a lifetime value as the product’s life is of 25+ years – Air Sentry then also provides up to ten-year warranty. Having lived through the Covid-19 pandemic it is a relief to know that there is technology available that continuously decreases the chances of airborne viruses. This not only protects the public when stepping foot into enclosed environments or a high-risk area, but it ensures that doctors and nurses are protected as much as possible to carry on with their vital role in society. It comes to no surprise that Air Sentry has recently been recognized in the Global Excellence Awards 2023 with Best Air Pollutant & Pathogen Company 2023 – UK. We look forward to continuing to have access to Air Sentry’s products and services to be protected from airborne viruses. Contact: Andrea McShane Company: Air Sentry Web Address: Cleaner Air For A Safer Experience Dec22180 “Air Sentry is a quick, easy, and cost-effective method of reducing all airborne risks to health, including coronavirus. 99.9999% effective.”