GHP Q1 2023

26 Borne from humble beginnings, Consult-PRO has transformed into a global thought leader, with education, art, innovation, and community at the foundation of its extraordinary success. The company strives to be continually ahead of the curve in innovative software development, with a mission of providing best-in-class software for the dental industry. In light of this cutting-edge software being recognised within the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022, we learn more. Most Innovative Dental Practice Management Software - Canada t was in 1999 that Consult-PRO changed the dental industry with the introduction of videos for dental procedures and coined the statement “increasing case acceptance” way before YouTube. This came with the company’s founder, Dr Boris Pulec, a dentist in Toronto, Canada who had observed that his patients were in need of more visual depictions of their treatment options, including the benefits and risks, as well as what would likely happen to their oral health if they didn’t choose to go ahead with treatment. The aim is motivate them to do all that needs to be done in order to look after their teeth, and enhance their appreciation for the high-quality care that is available to them. So, how exactly did this software become a reality? With a background in painting and sculpting, Dr Pulec was inspired to utilise cutting-edge animation technology to bridge his passion for art and design and his clinical knowledge to craft a patientfriendly learning tool that empowers and educates them, as well as improves the consultation experience. Dr Pulec was ahead of his time with his vision and with the help of a private technical and development team, Consult-PRO was created and initially available on CD-ROM. Dr Pulec’s company, Consult-PRO started off headquartered in the back of his dental office and soon expanded into its own three-storey building. Now, it is a full scale cloud and web service with a user base of thousands of clinics, dental schools, and hygiene colleges in over 128 countries and 20 languages. It also boasts global partnerships with the likes of Oral-B, Crest, Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, University of Toronto, and University of Salford. With over 22 years’ experience in dental software development, Consult-PRO’s focus is on using the latest ever-changing digital technology features as well as integrating them into the dental industry. “We distinguish ourselves by always being ahead with digital innovation specifically for the dental industry,” states Dr Pulec. Consult-PRO isn’t the only software that the company has available, either, with it offering several other solutions to make the lives of its clients and their patients easier. Time Tracker is a software specifically for tracking dental staff working hours, as well as allowing easy payroll management. Consult-Pro TV (SpTV) is a software connected to the waiting room TV which demonstrates the Consult-PRO content as well as custom content by individual customer dental offices. CLOUDENT is a full dental practice management software for any dental office using cloud technology. It has many features including image management hard tissue charting voice activated periodontal charting, a paperless record of care, scheduling, patient engagement, as well as features like FORM-PRO which isn’t available on any other dental management software. CLOUDENT DSO combines the power of Consult-PRO and CLOUDENT with additional features that are specific to dental office groups. It enables easier management of hundreds of offices with the same platform, and was particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Pulec comments, “COVID-19 taught us that we can consult with patients remotely and we have incorporated this into the software. Patients can now log in to the office software and the dentist or treatment coordinator can consult with them online.” He continues, “Currently, there are management companies that are buying offices and thus making large dental office groups. We are aware of this worldwide trend and are adding features to our software to meet the needs of these organisations.” CLOUDENT EDU is CLOUDENT with additional features for a dental educational environment such as dental colleges and dental hygiene colleges. It can handle hundreds of users with the same platform. EDULINK is a dental student management software that works with CLOUDENT EDU. Together, the software can manage an entire dental college environment from clinical to didactic to student financial requirements. I