GHP Q1 2023

GHP Q1 2023 There is no denying how Dr Pulec is the driving force behind the company’s innovations – and he is excited to keep developing cutting-edge solutions. He has the experience and a rare combination of qualifications and experience that allow him to keep improving the software for the better. He believes it is also important to be “always engaging with the dental user to keep improving the product”. Dr Pulec ultimately sees the globalisation of dentistry as a wonderful thing, welcoming the opportunity to assist dentists and patients around the world by sharing his dental knowledge. By providing the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated technology in each country’s specific language, Consult-PRO is contributing to the development of a common global dental knowledge and pushing the boundaries of dental software. Now, Dr Pulec and the Consult-PRO team are keenly looking towards the future with exciting plans to increase patient engagement, including an interactive patient portal. Dr Pulec says, “We are currently testing the product and should be releasing it in Q2 of this year. This will change the industry again.” Indeed, Consult-PRO continues to stand true to its mission of “Every quarter, our software is better than the quarter before”. Company: DHC Software / Consult-PRO Contact: Dr Boris Pulec Email: [email protected] Website: