GHP Q1 2023

28 GHP Q1 2023 Oct22526 MiCare Path’s vision is to transform specialty healthcare with remote monitoring (RPM/ RTM) solutions today and actionable data tomorrow. With personalized patient education and care paths that promote clinical efficiencies for a better patient experience, MiCare Path’s aim is to build a closer connection between providers and their ever-growing patient population with a reimbursable integrated mobile health (mHealth) platform, resulting in better outcomes based on data-driven decisions. Most Innovative Virtual Care and Patient Monitoring Platform - North America Excellence Award for Healthcare Technology Advancement MiCare Path n collaboration with more than 75 global healthcare thoughtleading providers, MiCare Path is delivering a unique approach to digital innovation. MiCare Path is rooted in the science of behavioral change to increase patient compliance and engagement, while delivering more accessible comprehensive dayto-day specialty care. Through the utilization of clinical pathways, actionable data and insights, and real-time connectivity between providers and patients, improved outcomes can be achieved beyond the traditional office visits. How it works 1. The care team prescribes the program to monitor patient conditions through the customized MiCare Path app and device(s). 2. The patient’s efforts are captured and sent to the provider in real-time. 3. The care team monitors the patient data regularly to ensure the patient’s success. 4. Patients and providers experience better engagement, clinical outcomes, and overall health. Indeed, the more reliable, actionable information the care provider has about their patients, the better care they can provide. Patients are also empowered, through education and engagement, to have more involvement in their own care. The MiCare Path platform is one of the most important steps a patient can take between inperson visits with their doctor. To further enhance the ability of the mHealth platform, MiCare Path recently partnered with several large independent physician groups and institutions covering the musculoskeletal and cardiology spaces. This means MiCare Path now enjoys exclusive access to approximately 2% of both of these markets in the US, which totals nearly 3.5 million people. Driving forward, the company will continue to push toward helping more people by providing the best remote healthcare solutions to help prevent serious medical events before they happen, increase clinical efficiency and visibility, and establish a more open line of communication between patients and providers. MiCare Path is a member of the Innovators’ Network with the American Heart Association (AHA) Center for Health Technology & Innovation and will integrate AHA digital science-based care plans into its platform. The MiCare Path team has more than 250 years of combined healthcare, sales, and research experience. Their expertise is rooted in the success of the largest medical device and research companies in the world. This tenacious team is trained to be nimble and disruptive in the specialty care market. “We refer to our program as health digital, rather than digital health due to our extensive healthcare backgrounds and our drive to always focus on healthcare first,” states Scott Laster, CEO and Co-Founder. “This team was built within the healthcare world; the digital delivery was the natural next step.” A disruption in healthcare delivery is needed now. Healthcare staffing shortages, overcrowded ERs, an aging population, lower reimbursements, a decline in providers entering the pipeline, communication roadblocks, and an increase in specialty healthcare patients are all reported daily in the news. MiCare Path is the right solution at the right time for a market primed for change. Utilizing remote monitoring today can extend the impact and bandwidth of overburdened staff, as well as generate more revenue while reducing the number of times that low-risk patients come into the office. Catching issues before they become a problem reduces ER visits and healthcare costs overall. The data gathered today by RPM already has and will continue to change the way healthcare is developed and delivered. It’s happening now. While always keeping patients at the center of their focus, the team is looking to the future, where many exciting developments are on the horizon. The MiCare Path team is eager to facilitate more patient success stories as the company continues to grow and enable the next era of healthcare. With expansion into additional medical specialties and a new patient surveillance sector with operational insights and information, that next era is on the horizon. Company: MiCare Path Contact: Monte Clair Greer Email: [email protected] Website: I Co-Founders of MiCare Path, Corey Patrick - COO, Brian Childress - CCO and Scott Laster - CEO