GHP Q1 2023

30 Winners’ Listings 2023’s Global Excellence Awards Best Laboratory Reagent Assays Research Specialists 2023 - USA IBL America - Emily Dennison Most Innovative Small Biological Entity Screening, Sorting & Dispensing Solutions Provider 2023 Bionter - Angelika Schrems Best Sleep Diagnostic Platform, 2023 Somnoware Healthcare Systems Inc - Frank Holman Somnoware is a cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. It enables faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, and automated patient engagement, resulting in improved outcomes. Most Comprehensive Management of Clinical Trials 2023 - Texas Accurate Clinical Research, Inc. - Karen Obmaces Best Planning Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2023 - Florida AX for Pharma 365TM - Andrea Ruosi AX for Pharma 365TM helps life sciences organizations gain competitive advantage with the only complete ERP solution for clinical and commercial manufacturing, fully integrated into MSFT Dynamics 365. Best Manufacturer of Vascular Dopplers, 2023 - Manitoba Koven Technology Canada Inc. - Kari Lowth Leading Manufacturer of Rapid Diagnostic Testing Products, 2023 - Halifax MedMira Laboratories Inc. Best Manufacturer of Innovative Neural Entrainment Equipment, 2023 - Alberta Mind Alive Inc. Mind Alive Inc. has manufactured Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), and Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES) devices for improving brain performance and mental health worldwide for over 40 years. Best for Innovative Novel Therapies, 2023 - New York Ordaos Bio - Jacob Tourjeman Best Global Sterile Liquid Formulations CDMO 2023 Woodstock Sterile Solutions Woodstock Sterile Solutions is a leader in Blow-Fill-Seal technology. We provide best-in-class sterile development & manufacturing for respiratory, ophthalmic, topical, otic, and oral applications