GHP Q1 2023

32 Winners’ Listings 2023’s Global Excellence Awards Best Purification & Biotechnology Analytical Solutions 2023 - USA Rilas Technologies, Inc. - Gordon Carlson Since 2009, Rilas Technologies, Inc. has been a dependable outsourcing partner for customers targeting chiral and achiral small molecules, as well as peptides, proteins, oligos, antibodies, and ADCs. Most Outstanding Family Dental Practice, 2022 - Penrith Stricklandgate Dental Practice - Sarah Jenkins Leading Clean Air Solutions Provider, 2022 - the UK Monmouth Scientific - Michael Skidmore “Monmouth Scientific are one of the UK’s Leading Suppliers of Clean Air Solutions. Our experienced team specialise in Cleanrooms, Fume Cupboards, Laminar Flow and Biological Safety Cabinets.” Most Innovative Medical Manufacturing Firm, 2023 - Michigan Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing - Tom Ross Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing is a prominent CDMO of sterile injectable products delivering fill-finish solutions for clinical through commercial projects. https:// Most Trusted Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, 2022 - London Ahid Abood Cosmetic Surgery - Ahid Abood Ahid Abood cosmetic surgery is recognised as being one of the UK’s leading providers of cosmetic surgery. A boutique service providing outstanding, personalised care and results for his patients. Most Outstanding Range of Aesthetic Treatment Services, 2022 - London Hedox Clinic Leading Chromatography Product Distribution 2023 - Canada Chromatographic Specialties Inc. - Ken Jordan Chromatographic Specialties is THE supplier of chromatography and sample preparation products to the Canadian Scientific community. Make us your source for peak performance! Leading Radiation Measurement Device Development & Production 2023 - Canada Best Medical Canada Ltd. - Debbie Thompson Best MSK Health Virtual Partner 2023 - UK EQL - Peter Grinbergs Best Medical & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Services Provider UKSushvin Consultancy Services- Aditya Kulkarni