GHP Q1 2023

7 GHP Q1 2023 Managing a successful agency today is more challenging than ever. It requires a combination of category expertise, talent, and the ability to act at a seemingly ever accelerating. Everything is on a fast track, and only agencies like Elevate Healthcare Marketing can keep up. Here we look at its outstanding work as it wins Most Impactful Healthcare Marketing Agency 2023 – East Coast USA. Elevate Healthcare Marketing has proven to be an agency whose strategic communications work is a phenomenal asset to every brand it works with. It remains dedicated to bucking the status quo and challenging any assumptions in the biopharma and medical device sphere. At every stage, the pace of doing business is quickening, with even the cadence of building out campaigns changed. Frank X. Powers – Elevate’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner – put it this way, “If you want to survive and grow to serve clients better, to do better work than the next agency, you have to be smarter, better, more impactful, more creative—and now, faster.” Thus, marketing agencies must change alongside this change in environment, which is precisely what Elevate does for itself and brings to each of its client organisations. Since its foundation in 2015, Elevate has attracted a team of likeminded people with their hearts set on helping grow and create change for businesses. Early on, Elevate recognised that identifying the best solutions for its clients could be achieved more efficiently and successfully with a leaner, more experienced senior team of strategists who bring immediate value in a highly focused manner. Elevate encourages seeing said challenges as ‘beautiful constraints’ and elements where they can differentiate and surprise the market. From there, it translates, transforms, and completely elevates the promise of those opportunities into real-world success. This is accomplished by the agency’s leverage of its top people – sourced from multiple disciplines across the business and healthcare world – whom all work together to provide a comprehensive view of the complexities of a dynamic healthcare landscape. They quickly identify business and brand opportunities that can significantly impact a client’s business and efficiently turn those into the steps a client needs to succeed. It is through these means and perspectives that Elevate Healthcare Marketing has successfully guided numerous biopharma and medical device brands – such as Johnson & Johnson MedTech, Grifols, and Biofrontera – to carve out their niche in the market and successfully compete where others have floundered or gone under. Brands collaborating with Elevate have been transformed into successful symbols of positive market disruption, and all parties have found stunning success and profitability. This was firmly reflected in 2021, with Elevate achieving 42% growth – reaching a milestone of surpassing $10M in billings. From an agency with just over 50 employees in its 6th year of business, it is a remarkable achievement for a from-the-groundup independent agency and a clear indicator of the success of its work. When it comes to its future plans, Elevate intends to double down on what makes it successful. This includes today’s working environment as the agency moves to new office space designed to accommodate any mix of remote, hybrid, and full-time colleagues. In addition, mental health initiatives at multiple levels – prioritising self-care and career development – with culture-building exercises emphasising connections and collaboration are also in the works for Elevate. Taking continual care of its people whilst taking full advantage of the changes in how work and business are done are the crucial elements that have kept Elevate relevant and ahead. Thus, it won’t stop now. The Most Impactful Healthcare Marketing Agency 2023 on the East Coast of the USA will continue to barrel onwards, ensuring challenger brands of all sizes and scopes find their way to greater heights. Contact: Frank Powers Company: Elevate Healthcare Marketing Web Address: Healthcare Creative with Impact Oct22524