GHP Q1 2023

GHP Q1 2023 catheters, or chemicals, HIFU is directed from outside of the body, through the skin and heating by focusing the ultrasound precisely on the vein to be treated. The Whiteley Clinic is currently the leading centre in the world for Echotherapy treatment (HIFU) of varicose veins and has the only machine in the UK.” Also contributing to The Whiteley Clinic’s huge success within the industry is the leadership across the business, which is based on a team approach. The clinicians are led by world-leading experts in their areas, with current research and teaching portfolios ensuring they are respected not only within the clinic but also by the wider medical community. The financial team is led by a very experienced finance manager, the technical quality team by an excellent clinical quality nurse, and the management of the clinic by a very approachable and experienced clinic manager. The Whitely Clinic has a very flat management structure and being a medical clinic, understands the importance of interpersonal relationships. Therefore, all of the managers and staff meet regularly so any potential problems can be shared and dealt with as soon as possible. All staff and patients remark on the “family feel” to the clinic, as everybody is clear on the objectives of providing the very best care and treatment to patients. Ultimately, it is clear to see what makes The Whiteley Clinic such a respected, award-winning name within the industry. Many other clinics will claim to strive for excellence, but The Whiteley Clinic has a proven track record of doing so. And it is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. We are truly rooting for this clinic as it continues to research and develop and strive to be better than it has ever been before. Company: The Whiteley Clinic Contact: Prof Mark Whiteley Email: [email protected] Website: