GHP Q1 2024

11 GHP Q1 2024 and innovation. ML applications on cannabis ecommerce data deliver powerful insights about the behaviours of consumers. Finally, the company continues to network and collaborate with various industry bodies and merchants, striving to broaden the scope of its platform. By taking these steps to secure its position as a leader in the industry, CannabisDeals has maintained a trajectory of growth and innovation. In January 2024, the company’s platform was launched in the US, bringing its commitment to transparency, value, and reliable information to yet another thriving cannabis market. Like its UK counterpart, this platform will allow consumers to access the best deals and information in the industry, offering them an extensive catalogue of products, a comprehensive dispensary directory, and realtime price comparisons. This expansion represents a new chapter of the CannabisDeals story and its mission to empower consumers across the world, providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions as they progress through their wellness journey. CannabisDeals is actively pursuing ambitious expansion objectives, aiming to penetrate further into European and global markets. The company fills a critical market gap within the cannabis industry that could prove beneficial to all countries that are progressing with their legalisation efforts. Scaling up its successful business model to new markets would generate synergies of scale. Moreover, this expansion would facilitate the diversification of the company’s offerings into commerce market intelligence and big data services tailored to the cannabis sector. Through close collaboration with mentors and advisors, the founding team will seek funding to realise the full potential of this venture in the near term. Given the complex nature of the industry, there is no doubt that the world’s thriving commercial cannabis markets could benefit from the presence of a one-stop-shop for information, news, product details, and price comparisons. For its excellence in offering this service within the UK and the US, CannabisDeals has recently been honoured with the title of Best CBD Marketplace, UK, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023. This achievement is a testament to the trust consumers place in the company to help them fulfil their CBD and THC needs. Considering its success thus far, there is no doubt that CannabisDeals looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Theo Valmis Company: CannabisDeals Web Address: and In 2019, CannabisDeals UK was established with a single mission: to revolutionise the cannabis market landscape in the United Kingdom by providing an unparalleled price comparison service for CBD and THC products. It strives to deliver the most relevant and reliable information about the UK’s cannabis products, helping the public to enhance their wellbeing whilst making cost-effective choices. To accomplish this, CannabisDeals leverages the power of state-of-the-art AI and API systems that offer real-time comparisons of prices, reviews, and information from over 70 merchants. Ultimately, consumers can browse a selection of more than 2,000 products using the company’s sites. The CannabisDeals platform is designed to streamline the shopping experience for those interested in CBD and THC products by providing them with a comprehensive overview of the market landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions and secure the best deals available. Whether they are a seasoned user or someone entirely new to the world of cannabis, the site effectively simplifies the process of finding top-quality products at competitive prices. In recent years, it has been demonstrated medically that cannabis can be highly beneficial for various conditions, including multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, neurological disorders, epilepsy, depression, insomnia, and autism amongst others. It alleviates chronic pain and provides supportive effects for certain types of cancer. Having personally experienced health challenges in the past and with the guidance of his doctors, the company’s founder achieved relief through therapeutic cannabis. This experience inspired him to create this platform with the aim of assisting people who seek alternative or complementary methods of treatment for their health issues. Having operated within the dynamic cannabis industry since its launch, CannabisDeals has worked to navigate a number of obstacles, including the evolving regulatory environment, emerging industry trends, and challenging economic climate. To remain at the forefront of its field, the company utilises a number of strategies, which have ultimately enabled it to grow and thrive despite the difficulties it has faced. Firstly, by conducting extensive research and closely monitoring the sector’s most relevant publications, reports, conferences, and online forums, CannabisDeals has remained on top of the latest trends, regulations, and advancements within the cannabis industry. The company uses this information to update the dedicated news section on its website and to remain flexible by adapting to industry developments. Additionally, the team at CannabisDeals authors articles that are published on their blog. These articles provide valuable insights, including information about the benefits of CBD, industry updates, answers to common questions, and contemporary medical studies conducted by universities and international organisations. Furthermore, to adapt to evolving consumer needs, CannabisDeals has made substantial investments in technology Serving the UK and US markets, CannabisDeals is a price comparison site that aims to help consumers find the best deals on their desired CBD and THC products. The company serves as a bridge between the public and the flourishing cannabis market, providing a comprehensive resource for those seeking wellness, value, and a deeper understanding of cannabis products. Here, we explore CannabisDeals and its work in the wake of its success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023. Best CBD Marketplace - UK