GHP Q1 2024

16 GHP Q1 2024 ased in Irvine, California, ACRC is a full services surrogacy and gametes agency that has helped over 1000 families around the world. With over 15 years of experience in Assisted Reproductive Technology, the executive team is comprised of highly qualified surrogacy specialists who are dedicated to supporting Intended Parents on their parenthood journeys. The innovative agency boasts an extensive database of Surrogates and Egg Donors to help clients find their perfect match. ACRC does not charge Intended Parents before a successful match has been made and guarantees that eligible clients who join its Surrogacy Program will bring a baby home. The global fertility group strives to be a premier destination for all clients’ assisted reproduction needs. Its integrated approach includes ACRC Gametes Donation, ACRC Surrogacy, and ACRC Global Doctors, which connects Intended Parents with world-class fertility specialists. Offering both traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy, ACRC is passionate about helping Intended Parents find the perfect reproductive treatment for them. Traditional surrogacy involves implanting the Intended Father’s sperm into the surrogate, who doubles as both the egg donor and biological Mother of the baby. Gestational surrogacy entails creating embryos in a laboratory and transferring them to the surrogate’s uterus, ensuring the child’s genes come from both the sperm and egg providers. The latter surrogacy has become widely popular in recent years and is a key treatment for most fertility centres. ACRC established Miracle Angels (MARG), its Japanese entity, to help Asian families access surrogacy options in the US, while ACRC Sapphire was created to provide a bespoke experience with unparalleled matching times. With ACRC Sapphire, the agency delivers a premium surrogacy experience to help Intended Parents achieve their parenthood dreams. The ACRC team recognises the uniqueness of Dec23113 B For many people hoping to start a family, conceiving a child is not straightforward. Angels Creation Reproductive Center (ACRC) is a leading international group that specialises in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), helping clients to realise their dreams of parenthood. Its comprehensive offerings include exceptional surrogacy, IVF concierge, and gamete donor services for parents around the world. With its extensive reach and quality commitment, ACRC provides Intended Parents with the assistance and guidance they need on the path to parenthood. Recognised in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards as this year’s Best International ART Agency, ACRC is dedicated to serving families with innovative fertility treatments and surrogacy solutions. every journey to parenthood and is dedicated to creating a unique plan tailored to meet clients’ individual needs and desires. Its white-glove concierge service ensures the highest quality of care, managing every aspect of the surrogacy experience with precision and compassion. From the initial consultation to delivery, ACRC helps Intended Parents to navigate the surrogacy process, providing resources and counselling to facilitate a smooth transition. For those struggling with infertility, ACRC provides IVF treatments that specialize in a seamless blend of expert care and bespoke treatment. By fostering strategic partnerships with clinics around the world, the agency can offer precise matchmaking based on clients’ unique needs and preferences. Through these collaborative relationships, ACRC can offer the latest fertility preservation techniques including egg freezing, sperm banking, and the preservation of reproductive tissues. Intended Parents have access to a network of superior fertility centres, ensuring a successful and personalised IVF journey. Through pre-implantation genetic testing, clients can also choose the gender of their baby, in accordance with international guidelines and ethical standards. ACRC values transparency in all actions and communications, particularly price transparency. The pioneering agency has created a transparent financial system for Intended Parents which allows them to view their transactions at any time. Additionally, the company provides Fixed Surrogacy Programs, which offers clients a single, fixed price at the beginning of their journey, ensuring there are no lastminute expenses. At ACRC, the team understands that surrogacy is a significant financial investment. By partnering with a dedicated financial provider, the agency provides essential financial assistance to make the surrogacy journey as smooth as possible. Led by a team of highly skilled surrogacy specialists, ACRC strives to set Intended Parents on their path to parenthood. With its extensive industry experience, the team has helped numerous families with their assisted reproductive needs via surrogacy, gametes donation, and IVF concierge services. Its global reach enables the agency to support families across the world, while its strategic partnerships help Intended Parents to access advanced fertility services. ACRC’s price transparency and financial support continues to provide clients with essential assistance to achieve their parenthood dreams. With its comprehensive offerings, ACRC has become a leader in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry, dedicated to providing Intended Parents with an empowering parenthood journey. For its seamless reproductive solutions, we have bestowed on ACRC this year’s award for Best International ART Agency. Best International ART Agency 2023