GHP Q1 2024

9 GHP Q1 2024 istinguishing itself as a private dental practice that has had the pleasure of accumulating a patient base of over 2700 people, The Dental Wave stands as the area’s penultimate example of what one should expect from a dental practice. With three fantastic dentists tirelessly working to present patients with access to almost every aspect of dentistry in-house, it has ensured a certain level of accessibility that patients will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. As opposed to having to transition to various practices in order to have their needs met, dentists Dr Antonia Salzl, Dr Beatrice Riddle, Dr Sybille McKay, along with Oral Surgeon and Implantologist Dr Jaume Escoda Francoli, have seen to it that any complex work can be carried out from one point of origin. As such, The Dental Wave has cultivated a clientele that has remained with the practice for multiple years, granting the team a wonderful insight into some of their biggest life events. The Dental Wave, at this point, has seen it all – marriages, births, first school days, and many more milestones that truly bring added value to its work. Not only has it been able to witness its patients grow and change over the course of their lives, but it has done so while playing an active role in the health of their teeth. All so, when a patient smiles during one of those once-ina-lifetime moments, The Dental Wave knows that its practitioners were the ones ensuring that said smile would be a healthy one indeed. Though these emotional connections form the core of The Dental Wave, there are other features that patients find alluring about the collective. Not only is the practice concerned with being a personal companion throughout the lives of its clients, but it goes one step further to express a genuine interest in the prolonged health of their teeth. As such, it Driven by a love for becoming an authentic part of its patients’ lives, The Dental Wave is a general dental practice that’s able to deliver a myriad of specialist services under one roof. Proudly situated in the quaint costal town of Southsea in Portsmouth, The Dental Wave takes full advantage of its brimming array of talent to spread the message of oral health upkeep, while simultaneously providing care that’s set to last. Below, we venture into how The Dental Wave has earned such renown throughout Portsmouth, and how its nuanced approach to dentistry has defined it as a wholly unique entity. Best General Dental Practice - Portsmouth goes above and beyond to educate patients on how to care for their oral health outside of check-ups and appointments, lending to the practice’s exceptionally high level of quality services. After all, dental requirements don’t simply disappear once a patient leaves the practice, and The Dental Wave is at the forefront of enforcing this very notion. Additionally, The Dental Wave has carefully formed its services around the acute awareness that, unfortunately, comprehensive dental care is becoming less and less affordable. In essence, the collective has incorporated several options and ways to help make dentistry affordable, all in the hopes that it can keep patient costs low, and education and early detection awareness high. This nature is what The Dental Wave truly prides itself on – it takes a proactive approach to dentistry that not only promotes attentiveness within its dentists, but within each and every patient too. Action, not reaction, is the underpinning virtue of The Dental Wave, and it’s refreshing to say the least. Whether it’s seeing to the needs of lifelong patients, or assisting with one-off emergency treatments, The Dental Wave promises to be Portsmouth’s definitive choice for any dentistry requirement. Its services are invaluable, and its attitude positive, resulting in a collective whose avid dedication to the wellbeing of each and every client simply can’t go unnoticed. As such, we’re pleased to bring The Dental Wave to the attention of our readers, and we eagerly await the evolution of such a selfless practice. Contact: Emma Proud Company: The Dental Wave Web Address: D Jan24338