GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 21 , May21232 Named as the ‘Best Vitro Diagnostics Development andManufacturing Company’ for 2021, Fortress Diagnostics is a company developing advancedmedical products for distribution to hospitals and clinics worldwide. Having been lauded for its continuing great work during the course of the pandemic, it has beenworking hard to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of the industry. A Shot in the Arm for Medical R&D Fortress Diagnostics is a company based in Northern Ireland and the champion of In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions in its market segment. An innovative and quality focused company, its work mainly prioritises the research, development, and manufacture of various healthcare solutions to a global clientele. In doing this, it wishes to lead by example in its industry, elevating the standard of diagnostic equipment in terms of efficiency and reliability, and consistently investing in developing new innovations to answer the ever-complex issues of a growing world. Fortress produces all its products in-house in its state-of-the-art facility, reassuring its clients that they can expect consistently high standards every time. Consequentially, it has earned itself a reputation for reliability and trust amongst the market it serves. As a business, it holds to a few core values. These forge the heart of its enterprise and guide every element of its operation, from the delivery of innovation to the quality of its IVD solutions, and the flexibility it works with across the board. In such a dynamic industry, being adaptable is how a company reaches success; and Fortress displays this with every client that it serves through unparalleled customer service and technical support. Furthermore, it is a business-to-business company, serving other professionals in the medical industry and distribution centres to ensure that its products reach the hospitals, clinics, labs, and facilities that need them. This has contributed to its staunch dedication to success, as Fortress knows that it is imperative that the products are manufactured and delivered quickly and efficiently, whilst never sacrificing quality. Consequentially, since it’s founding, Fortress has built a vast network of distribution partners. It is due to these relationships that Fortress has flourished in its industry, as these companies not only have unrivalled market knowledge that has propelled the company onto the international stage, but they also have the contacts to promote products effectively. Due to this, communication is a key element of its business; both with partners and internally between staff. It makes a point of investing in people who take pride in their work and supporting them through their career development, encouraging training and a positive working environment. As of last year, Fortress did of course encounter challenges due to the pandemic – it was more imperative than ever that it could act fast as it saw the initial signs of the outbreak at the Medlab conference, right at the beginning of 2020. After this it began to prepare in earnest. This required a significant redistribution of some of its spending, funnelling revenue into sourcing and developing more ELISA based tests for the detection of Covid-19 that could be widely distributed. As demand for lateral flow tests increased, it was able to develop rapid antibody tests that stepped up to the mark to meet this, able to deliver results with fast turnaround that were submitted to London’s Imperial College. After use in the College’s National Seroprevalence Study, the test was selected as the ‘preferred test’ from the selection of others for its high sensitivity and specificity. Fortress’s fast action and sophisticated response has been a significant boon to the world’s medical industry during the fight against Covid-19. During this time, it increased manufacture and R&D capabilities at its Northern Ireland HQ, expanding staff from customer service to manufacture and marketing. This will aid its continued growth as it moves forward, working further with Universities and researchers to develop novel tests and meet the market’s fluctuating demands with elegance, bolstered by its continued investment in the field. Company: Fortress Diagnostics Limited Contact: Sinead Breen Website: