GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 23 , Apr21672 MRI technology has not stood still over the years, and while it is amainstay of many hospitals, the development of new features is a boon to the industry at large. Aworld-leader in this field is the teamat MR Solutions. Named Best MRI Systems Development andManufacturing Company, 2021 – UK in GHP’s Global Excellence Awards 2021, we thought we’d take a look at how they had achieved such success. Construction Disruptors Secure Success Established in 2004, the team at MR Solutions have become a name to remember within the healthcare industry. Their ability to deliver state of the art MRI machines is unparalleled, combining the highest quality with exceptional customer service and a price that is incredibly competitive. The team’s focus has always been on the production and manufacture of medical technology, starting at the outset with a team eager to learn how to make a real impact in this increasingly crowded sector. Part of the driving force of the business is a desire to be disruptive in a positive way, and the work that the team has done proves this to be true. While some companies want to bend the natural way of things are to their whim, experience guides the MR Solutions team to improve the state of affairs as much as possible. One of the leading products that the team sells is an MRI system that doesn’t require liquid helium. It’s a major technological breakthrough that can only benefit the rest of the industry. Alongside the team’s work in MRI solutions is a new focus on nuclear medicine. Hospitals have seen the potential in this sector for many years, and so it is natural that the MR Solutions team have decided to adjust to where the market is leaning. When MR Solutions first opened its doors, it had a team of people who had a mix of physics PhDs and engineering expertise. The practical applications of what they do, and developing the science to make it happen, has always been at the heart of the business. MR Solutions works because its talented team is allowed to grow and develop as naturally as possible. The team’s solution has come from banks, which has slightly limited the way in which the business would naturally go, but this has allowed them enormous freedom from an individualistic investor who would want to see instant return. Perhaps the biggest success of MR Solution is the way in which it has been entirely export- based for the last decade. The team’s work has made them an global phenomenon, pushing British ideas into exciting new places. Naturally working on an international basis brings its own challenges, and the team are always facing new difficulties in the form of bureaucratic red tape, but these are challenges which can be overcome to secure the businesses future operations. The last decade has seen the team grow incredibly quickly, becoming part of an exciting new technological sector. In the coming years, the team hope to reinvest their money in more technology, developing the range of products that are on offer to clients. The market that MR Solutions works in is quite small at the moment, but there is considerable scope for advancement in the right places. As the team find new products to add to their portfolio, they will be able to deliver even more successes. The work of MR Solutions is incredibly valuable, and is highly prized around the world for its quality. Building up a reputation like this is by no means easy, but they have made it look so. Thanks to a commitment to delivering on their promise of quality each and every time, they have made a remarkable impact. It is an incredible success that can be justly celebrated, both now and into the future. Company: MR Solutions Name: David Taylor Email: [email protected]