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Q2 2022 Juvida Clinics: Replenishing Hair and Rejuvenating Confidence Pathelen Health Care AG: The Wound Closure Solution of the Future

Welcome to the Q2 edition of Global Health & Pharma Magazine 2022, providing you with all of the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q2 2022 We are always in need of scientific developments. With a plethora of diseases, conditions, and medical issues in general, we require the rapid progress of remedies and cures. From medicine to devices, the most important thing is that we become more vigilant and resilient with our inventions, preventions, and ways of living our lives. In this issue we explore some practices, firms, and companies that are using their sheer intellect and highly professional attitude to change the medical sphere. From innovative dental care to intricate surgery, medical device development to exceptional biotechnology, and much more, this issue of GHP is looking at a variety of businesses that are altering the way we see healthcare and medicine as a whole. All of us at GHP wish you very prosperous and fulfilling times ahead and we look forward to delivering Q3 to you soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 8. Hair Transplant Solutions: Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services 9. JobsPivot: Most Innovative Job Seeking Platform - Southeast Asia 10. Mill Hill Dental Practice: Best Holistic Dental Practice - North London 11. Facial Sculpting: Boosting Natural Beauty Through Facial Sculpting 12. Secret Rose Limited: The Company Revolutionising Dermal Fillers 13. Lindsay Lifescience LLC: Rising Stars in Biomarker Monitoring Innovation 2022 14. Medicann Ltd: Best Medicinal Cannabis Clinic - UK 15. Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics: Training the Aestheticians of the Future 16. Peonia Medical: Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments 18. Essex Sanctuary: Skincare Specialist Secures Success 19. Mahrukh Khwaja: Healthcare Start-up Tackling the Mental Health Crisis 20. DefenAge: Redefining Beauty in Age 21. Banning Dental Group: Leading Affordable Private Dentist, 2022 - London 22. Irwin & Associates, Inc.: Medical Device Consulting Firm Placing Excellence First 23. Clearwax Ltd: Ear Wax Removal Specialists 24. Aerolase: The Wound Closure Solution of the Future 25. Pathelen Health Care AG: Accomplishments To Smile About 26. Live Your Worth Ltd: Yingli Wang: Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach & Therapist 27. innoVitro GmbH: Most Innovative In Vitro Technology Company - Germany 28. FlackTek SpeedMixer®: Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021 29. HCA Healthcare UK Concierge Centre: Best Healthcare Concierge Service - Greater London 30. Professor Firas Al-Niaimi: Worldwide Skincare Excellence 32. TRESTLE Compliance LLC: Best Life Science Commercial Business Compliance Firm - USA 33. DermapenWorld: World-leading Microneedling Products 34. Chrysalis Finance Limited: Most Innovative Patient Payment Solutions Company 2022 35. Institute of Health Economics: Seeking Solutions through Evidence and Economics 36. Empsy Ltd: Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy - East of England 37. by Sofi Bajor: The Healthcare Industry is Moving Away from Animal Testing 38. SICGEN - Antibodies: Antibody Innovators Secure Success 39. Aesthetic Surgery Centre Dr Žgaljardić: Art & Science

40. Butterfield Osteopathy: The Osteopathic Care Experts for Community Health 41. Rehasense UK 42. Juvida Clinics: Replenishing Hair and Rejuvenating Confidence 46. The SkinDNA Company Pty Ltd: Skin In The Game 47. Éirim: Educational Psychologists of the Year - Republic of Ireland 48. Fortress Diagnostics: Advanced Diagnostics for an Advancing Industry 49. Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics: Achieve a Glow, Non-Invasively 50. Kavi Global: Most Comprehensive Pure Play Data & Analytics Company - Illinois 51. FaceRestoration: Helping You To Glow, Inside and Out 52. Medicash Healthcare: Health Comes First 53. IHI Care Services: Care And Comfort 56. Empsy Ltd: Leading the Sexual Revolution 57. TruStem Cell Therapy: TruStem Cell Superiority 58. SpryLyfe: Breath Of Life 59. MMS Holdings: Supporting Projects with Advanced Data 60. Tikvah Lake Recovery: Best Luxury Personalized Rehab Center - Florida 61. Tikvah Lake Recovery: Addiction Experts Secure Success 62. Tivic Health: Shocks To The System 63. Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic: Semi-Permanent Ways to Enhance Natural Beauty 64. Your Baby Scan Ltd: Making Memories 65. Sleep Baby Bliss: Best Youth Mental Health First Aider (London): Pascale Rochefeuille 66. Be Happy Again: A Light, Undimmed 67. Blended Counselling Practice: Most Dedicated Counselling Service - Brighton & Hove 68. Glooko: Invaluable Technology for Great Health, On the Go 69. Evo Sports Qatar: Sport for Everyone 70. Kent Imaging Inc.: Pioneering The Future of Effective Wound Care Solutions 72. Concierge Psychology: Mental Health On Hand 73. Winners’ Listings Contents

NEWS Almost one million people have been referred to the NHS DPP since it launched in 2016, with participants who complete achieving an average weight loss of 3.3kg In connection with the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week in the UK – a joint initiative between Diabetes UK and NHS England to raise awareness of type 2 diabetes and how to reduce the risks associated with developing the condition - Liva Healthcare (Liva), a European market leader in scalable digital health coaching, and Living Well Taking Control (LWTC), a Birmingham-based non-profit organisation, are announcing additional contracts in the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) to provide greater coverage in England. The partnership between Liva and LWTC will now provide a choice for healthcare coaching, tailored to local area needs for 14 regions in the programme and is dedicated to improving these aspects of health and well-being for citizens in the regions. The Need for A Preventative Approach to the Diabetes Epidemic The NHS spends approximately £10 billion a year on diabetes – around 10% of its entire Liva Healthcare and Living Well Taking Control Collaborate to Provide Greater Coverage and Choice to Participants as Part of the Successful NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) budget. What is more, the number of cases of preventable conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes are rising, fuelled by the obesity epidemic. Sarah Beeby, UK Managing Director of Liva, commented: “Healthcare providers around the world are looking for solutions to combat the rise in diabetes and obesity. Historically, access to the practical and emotional support needed to make the difference has been hampered by cost and logistical obstacles. Technology holds huge potential to enable preventative care at scale, that has not yet been fully embraced. To ensure the long-term affordability of health services, like the NHS, we need to harness technology alongside coaching expertise to deliver early interventions at population scale.” The NHS is taking radical action to tackle rising obesity rates and to prevent type 2 diabetes as part of its NHS Long Term Plan, which will protect the future of the NHS and ensure it meets the UK population’s evolving healthcare needs. As part of the Plan, access to the NHS DPP has been expanded so that up to 200,000 people a year will benefit. Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme The NHS DPP was established in 2016 and aims to support people to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. People enrolled in the programme get advice on healthy eating and exercise that can prevent them developing the condition, avoiding the need for medication and complications such as amputations. Liva has been a provider of the programme since 2017, and the partnership with LWTC – which specialises in face-to-face and remote support – launched in 2019 with Liva offering a digital service to complement LWTC’s face-to-face intervention. Since 2019, the partnership has delivered diabetes prevention in six regions of England – including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Dorset. Building on their extensive combined experience, Liva and LWTC have built a comprehensive and innovative service which offers greater programme flexibility for prediabetic people across the UK. Dr Russell Muirhead, Clinical Lead from Living Well Taking Control, said: “LWTC and Liva have developed a strong joint offer for participants at risk of developing type 2

NEWS The new IGX-Track App adds seamless analysis of antibody panning campaigns to the IGX Platform ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software company, announced the upcoming expansion of the capabilities of the IGX Platform to unlock seamless analysis of antibody panning data. This major development will allow researchers to analyze antibody display data in an intuitive and visual way, easily perform multi-dataset comparisons, and identify a diverse set of enriched candidates with the best characteristics. “Our customer-centric approach to product development gives us a close-up view of the complex analysis workflows required for antibody display screening and how a single, scalable tool can immensely improve speed of analysis and quality of the selected candidates.” said Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ENPICOM. “Due to limited, inefficient workflows researchers often have to discard the vast majority of the available NGS data and focus on a small pool of the most frequent clones. We are launching the new IGX-Track App so that our customers can look beyond the tip of the iceberg and make informed decisions with a complete view of their data. Custom analysis workflows and visualizations can be created with a few clicks so scientists can simply select better antibodies faster.” Enabling streamlined enrichment analysis Display technologies empower antibody discovery by screening millions of candidates against potential targets. By including different panning round conditions and a variety of antigens, researchers can obtain a robust candidate pool with diverse binding profiles. However, complex analysis workflows – including operations like intersecting, joining, or subtracting datasets – that match the panning campaign design are needed to fully take advantage of the powerful combination of NGS and display screening. The new IGX-Track App extends the antibody discovery capabilities of the IGX Platform and provides a fast, flexible way to discover a diverse set of enriched candidates with the best characteristics. Scientists can effortlessly compose enrichment analysis workflows that match the design of their panning campaigns and discover candidates that otherwise would have been overlooked. Scientists using IGX-Track on the IGX Platform will be able to: • Track clones across panning rounds to identify highly enriched candidates through tabular views and interactive, user-defined visualizations. • Freely join, intersect, and subtract many datasets to match their panning campaign design. • Broaden their analysis beyond just the most frequent clones with the platform’s scalable, NGS-ready architecture. • Easily subtract irrelevant antibodies identified in control panning conditions from the candidates enriched on target. • Make fully informed choices, while avoiding bias, by overlaying accurate liability predictions, assay data, and more onto enrichment graphs. ENPICOM Launches Versatile Display Data Analysis Solution to Accelerate Antibody Selection While Maximizing Precision diabetes, ensuring they have equal access to this essential programme either in person or digitally. This is crucial so that everyone, irrespective of their personal circumstances or skills, can benefit from the lifestyle changes which can prevent the serious longterm effects of diabetes.” The British Medical Journal recently found that the NHS DPP achieves results that are comparable to the face-to-face programme. Findings presented at April’s Diabetes UK Conference showed that participation in the digital diabetes prevention programme was associated with clinically significant reductions in both HbA1c and weight at 6 and 12 months (−1.6 mmol/mol and −3.1 kg at 12 months for HbA1c and weight respectively). The complementary face-to-face service provided by LWTC is structured and designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and includes friends and family in the journey to building a healthier lifestyle. Programme Success and a New Phase of Expansion New data suggests that the NHS DPP resulted in a 7% reduction in the number of new diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes in England. Almost one million people have been referred to the programme since it was first launched in 2016, with participants who complete achieving an average weight loss of 3.3kg. Therefore Framework 3 – a third edition of the programme – has been launched following the conclusion of Framework 2 in April 2022. A new Framework provides an opportunity for re-procurement, meaning the NHS DPP continues to have the best partners to achieve its goals. This also provides an opportunity to expand the scale of the programme, build on previous frameworks’ experience, support patient choice, and continue to improve access to the programme. Liva and LWTC will go live with the programme in the eight additional contract regions on 1st August 2022. The digital health coaching experience Through Liva’s app, participants have access to a real human health coach, designing a personalised lifestyle change programme for each person based on their individual needs. After a live video kick-off, participants receive ongoing tailormade guidance, support and empathy through videos and texts in the app. They can track their progress real-time and engage with a support group of peers to keep them motivated. The programme has been proven to help prevent type 2 diabetes as 80% of participants with prediabetes reduce their HbA1c levels in 6 months. The physical health coaching experience Participants can join a small group of people who are also at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In 13 sessions spread over nine months, a trained Coach will provide the motivation, resources, advice, and support participants need to increase physical activity and improve their diet. The programme is free and supports non-English speakers, and participants can even bring someone for extra support.

8 GHP Q2 2022 Hair Transplant Solutions (HTS) guarantees clients receive professional advice and high-quality hair treatments, understanding the importance of the hair transplant procedure for the client while ensuring they feel comfortable during the treatment.The company has won the GHP 2022 Global Excellence Award for Most Trusted Hair Transplant Provider for the second year running, so we take a closer look at how the magic happens. Hair Transplant Solutions is a UK-based marketing business for one of the most renowned and rated hair transplant clinics in Istanbul – Clinicana. This unique partnership was born out of several country visits when undertaking research and interviews with Istanbul’s highest profile clinics for transplantation, extending so far as full site visits, reviews, audits and analysis of real before and after examples. The natural conclusion was for HTS to form a strong and unified partnership with Clinicana – a clinic that is not only well-respected and backed by copious amounts of amazing results, but its totally modern-thinking in all approaches while transparent in all activities. Clients have shared video footage of their transplant 18 months post-operation and the results are beyond impressive, with HTS wanting to deliver this same service for its clients each and every time by giving them the opportunity to deal with the very best. HTS offers bespoke chaperone trips which have become one of the most popular optional services, giving clients the opportunity to relax and let an expert handle everything from start to finish. This service is personally delivered by HTS owner, Tony Owen who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hair transplantation. Tony commented, “Clients are choosing the chaperone trips time and time again as it removes all their worries, and they can just relax throughout the whole hair transplant process. It’s become very popular over the last five years as medical tourism continues to become extremely popular with clients all over the world.” Tony is an experienced hair transplant expert with eight years’ experience in the hair transplant industry and over forty years in the hairdressing industry. Tony actively takes part in the whole process by explaining clearly to the surgeon where clients’ hairlines need to be placed based on muscle movement and nerve endings and how best to shape the hairline naturally to suit the face shape, face symmetry and to achieve the most natural look. This unique and valuable service gives clients confidence that the decision has been made collaboratively by the surgeon, Tony and themselves to achieve the best outcome. This is a huge part of why HTS is gaining clients from all over the world as they want to be involved in the process and don’t want to feel under pressure to make a decision based only on what one surgeon may suggest. Achieving a perfect result guides all decisions in the process, as it is of the utmost importance when choosing a hairline that is with you for life. People from all over the UK, Ireland, Europe and America are booking their unique chaperone service which involves either meeting Tony and flying out with him from Manchester Airport, or meeting him on the ground at Istanbul airport ready to start the journey which includes VIP transfers door-to-door and five-star hotel accommodation. HTS has amassed many five-star Trustpilot reviews which are worth a quick glance. It’s quite clear from the comments as to just how much confidence clients had when Tony was able to discuss their full requirements with the doctor based on previous consultative talks with him – all to ensure the hairline is unmistakably perfect. Company: Hair Transplant Solutions Contact: Tony Owen Email: [email protected] Website: Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services Nov21767

9 GHP Q2 2022 Founded at the height of the pandemic, JobsPivot was born with the ultimate purpose of connecting the right talents to their dream jobs. Its online jobs portal offers free registration for job seekers, and competitive rates for posting organisations. Most Innovative Job Seeking Platform - Southeast Asia hat other individuals would consider as a bold move, was considered as necessary for JobsPivot founder, Bob Hafiz. Putting aside the possibility of failure in setting up a business during the pandemic, Hafiz’s focus was on helping his fellow Singaporeans. His goal is to build that bridge that connects jobseekers to the right organisation, whether they are an SME or MNC. JobsPivot provides a solution to the issue of unemployment, which has been furthered by the pandemic, by giving job seekers access to career opportunities from reputable firms in Singapore, enabling them to get ahead with their job search. JobsPivot enables job seekers to fulfil their career aspirations with ease. On the career portal, there are also plenty of informative resources to aid in their career search. Meanwhile, employers have access to JobsPivot’s rich database via its advanced search algorithm so they can connect to the right talents. And not only does the company offer competitively-priced packages for its client organisations, but it has further stretched its helping hand by providing absolutely free of charge jobs postings for all organisations for the entire of 2022. JobsPivot continues to pivot through the most difficult of economic situations and striving for only the best for its clients. With the constant vision to support local communities and talents, JobsPivot hopes to be a catalyst for employment not only in Singapore, but in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. While JobsPivot continues to spearhead its biggest challenge of helping organisations find the right candidate, the JobsPivot team remains future-ready in a time where uncertainty looms over the economy. It is the JobsPivot team that makes it all happen, each member being an important contributor to getting the company’s name out there and making the Singapore market aware of its services. It is a dedicated team of individuals who share the same passion and vision to empower people and businesses and to help shape better economies and lives. Now with numerous SMEs and MNCs utilising the JobsPivot portal, the company has its team to thank. JobsPivot has now expanded into the Asia-Pacific region and will continue to spread its wings towards more countries within Asia and beyond, offering the same superior services to assist as many job seekers and organisations as possible in their recruitment needs. To find out more, check out JobsPivot’s recruitment portal here. Company: JobsPivot Contact: Britaney Chitty Email: [email protected] Website: W Dec21724 “JobsPivot provides a solution to the issue of unemployment, which has been furthered by the pandemic, by giving job seekers access to career opportunities from reputable firms in Singapore, enabling them to get ahead with their job search. JobsPivot enables job seekers to fulfil their career aspirations with ease. ”

10 GHP Q2 2022 Recognised as North London’s Best Holistic Dental Practice, Mill Hill Dental Practice London is a holistic dental practice that has chosen to incorporate a wholesome approach to patient care. At Mill Hill, the organisation has reduced treatment times whilst making dentistry a completely pain free experience.Thus, creating beautiful, healthy smiles and standing firmly by their motto, ‘You Smile, We Smile,’ ensuring its success comes with outstanding results that patients can see. Best Holistic Dental Practice - North London ill Hill Dental Practice London is renowned for its ability to incorporate a focus on advice concerning physical, mental, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being and detox and limiting exposure to toxic materials. The entire philosophy at Mill Hill is holistic and wholesome, which includes being mercury-free and can safely remove amalgam fillings. Moreover, the practice uses some of the safest materials in the industry. As an example of their dedication and care, Mill Hill practices with in-house ceramics to restore teeth, reducing the chance of chemical leakage from filling materials and encouraging teeth to retain their natural strength and beauty. Additionally, since Dr Maggie Andi took over the practice in early 2019, Mill Hill has had over 20000 individuals seek their innovative and all-inclusive encompassing services. Dr Maggie goes deeper into the institution’s offerings and reputation by stating, “We have become a global influencer due to our philosophy and have had the privilege of teaming up with some excellent companies. We are constantly forming superb relationships to seek out the best treatment options for our patients. We use the most advanced digital equipment, so we are able to safely take dental x rays from children aged five years and above with minimal radiation exposure. We also offer nutrition for all via our sister domain.” As previously stated, Mill Hill is a holistic practice. It is highly pragmatic, and Intune with several standards often exceeded due to Dr Maggie and her incredible team of highly trained practitioners. Regarding some of the practices newest additions, Dr Maggie states, “we are so proud to be able to disrupt the dental industry and once again be the early adopters of some terrific new systems such as our Dio Navi implants and the introduction of Virtuoso and Suresmile aligners. This will rival and add some healthy competition to our Invisalign aligners. We are also helping to reform children’s dentistry in NW London,” an upcoming crowning achievement for Mill Hill within the field of dentistry. Mill Hill proudly serves clients through all ages of life and has made its presence known as caring and thoughtful practitioners, pre-and post-Covid-19. Despite difficulties, the establishment has been at the forefront of the pandemic, serving the NHS by offering prescription services and face to face visits that were run through 111 during those challenging times. Thus, Mill Hill expanded its aid by running a member’s club, giving clients access to its hygienist team up to three times a year. Dr Maggie expands on the importance of access and other significant attributes that allow the practice to stand out by stating, “It’s important that affordability should not be a barrier to care, so, we tend to offer free video consultations to answer any pressing questions prior to patients booking in.” At Mill Hill, every ounce of care is fuelled into the practice from patient to the equipment used – clients will receive first-class communication and treatment at every visit and will be led by the industries leading holistic dental professionals. Like many businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic, practices faced several challenges and utilised that time to adapt, evolve and refurbish their brand or buildings to attract new customers during this downfall – which is precisely what Dr Maggie did for Mill Hill, leading the practice to engage in new products and contracts since its reopening in July 2020. For the new year, Mill Hill is focusing on launching its holistic dental service, which will be available across various online platforms to discuss dentistry’s myths. Dr Maggie unravels this announcement by discussing additional plans for the practice by stating, “we intend to ensure that more people can access the lifechanging nutrition that we are able to source and educate people on their health and well-being.” Catering to all aspects of life, Mill Hill was truly revamped and rejuvenated by Dr Maggie Andi since she took over the practice. As a result, the establishment has flourished and cared for patients equally and exceedingly across every sea of challenges that has come its way. With a bright future ahead, Mill Hill is safe in the reputable hands of Dr Maggie, as are her patients. Company Name: Mill Hill Dental Practice Contact Name: Dr Maggie Andi Web Address: Https:// Contact Email: [email protected] M Nov21767

11 GHP Q2 2022 Backed by one of the aesthetic industry’s most recognisable faces, Facial Sculpting is a company devoted to using non-surgical methodstoenhanceitspatients’confidence and natural beauty. Indeed, under the guidance of Dr. Nina Bal, the innovative company has received nationwide recognition for its professionalism, treatments, and impressive results. Henceforth, the company has been the recipient of numerous awards, and is now adding Best for Innovative Facial Sculpting Treatments, 2022 to its collection. Facial Sculpting is a brand created by the renowned cosmetic dental surgeon and experienced aesthetician, Dr. Nina Bal. The prestigious company offers a whole host of services, including the innovative and increasingly popular treatment, Profhilo. This injectable treatment has taken the aesthetics world by storm, offering fast, skin-rejuvenating results. Unlike HA dermal fillers, Profhilo enhances and boosts skin health and acts as a bio remodelling treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, subsequently creating results within 3-5 days post-treatment. Dr. Nina notes that the product is suitable for just about everyone – no matter the age or gender – and is especially effective for ageproofing the skin by building up the hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin reserves. Facial sculpting is, of course, best known for its facial sculpting service. Described as a ‘concept rather than a surgical procedure,’ Dr. Nina endeavours to enhance the balance of the natural facial features, thereby creating natural rejuvenation with subtle effects. Moreover, it supplies an abundance of aesthetic benefits, including balancing out an asymmetrical face, reducing the signs of aging, and can even aid conditions like bruxism. Dr. Nina has seen the benefits for herself, not only in terms of the physical but also the mental, noting the positive impact it has on self-confidence. Henceforth, this has bolstered her love and passion for aesthetics – a passion that she hopes to share with each of her patients. Dr. Nina Bal is a highly decorated aesthetics practitioner that has numerous accolades under her belt, including Best Aesthetics Facial Sculpting Specialist from the Private Healthcare Awards 2021 and the 2020 Global Excellence Awards for the Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments. In addition, Dr. Nina was the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 winner in the Facial Aesthetics category – Full Facial Treatment and won Finalist in the Facial Aesthetics- Dermal Fillers category in 2019. In 2017 she was shortlisted as one of the best young dentists in the UK by the highly prestigious Dental Awards. This should serve as no surprise, however, as in 2008 she graduated as top of her year with distinction (BDS magna cum laude.) From there, she continued her education, receiving a diploma after completing a one-year postgraduate course in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London. Dr. Nina now maintains memberships with the General Dental Council, SaveFace, The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners. She is perhaps best known for her vast media presence, having showcased her diverse skillset on a plethora of television shows. From E4’s Bodyfixers to This Morning on ITV, she has aided many with her advice and work, resolving botched treatments, providing cosmetic dentistry services, and supplying cosmetic expertise. Yet Facial Sculpting’s reach does not stop here – Dr. Nina and her work have been featured within a multitude of magazines, such as Forbes, Harvard, Metro, Tatler, The Times, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global, and Adweek. Simply, there is no better choice for facial sculpting services. Facial Sculpting is a brand that has been built upon a wealth of skills, qualifications, and accolades, each contributing to the knowledge that infuses the company’s practices. Abiding by the philosophy ‘less is more,’ Facial Sculpting understands how to perfectly enhance the natural features, creating a gentle and subtle boost to the skin and face. Be it through fillers, or non-surgical lifts, Facial Sculpting provides the minimalistic tweaks that helps the client’s natural beauty to truly radiate. Contact: Nina Bal Company: Facial Sculpting Web Address: Boosting Natural Beauty Through Facial Sculpting Jan22204

12 GHP Q2 2022 According to Statista, as of January 2021, lip filler procedures were the most popular cosmetic procedure searched online with monthly search volume of 40.5 thousand in the UK. Henceforth, as such procedures gain traction, its imperative that the best products are being used. 2022’s Most Outstanding Dermal Filler Brand – UK, Secret Rose Limited, provides highquality fillers and threads, with the added bonus of aftercare products. Secret Rose Limited was established in order to provide highquality products to aestheticians and, consequently, their clients. Indeed, the company specialises in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of the finest dermal fillers and threads, aftercare creams, and iced lip packs – in essence, everything needed for a streamlined and professional aesthetics service. Moreover, every order from Secret Rose comes equipped with a branded consultation form, an aftercare card, and an ice pack. The company simply possesses a love and deeply-rooted passion for aesthetics, and this is evident throughout its services. Maxine McCarthy, the company’s founder, qualified in aesthetics in 2009 and spent a further three years perfecting her treatments. Refining her skills, she began her journey towards success. 2012 saw McCarthy open Cosmetic Couture – an academy that focuses upon training within the aesthetics and beauty industry. Over the years, the academy has grown exponentially, and in 2020 it was voted as the No.1 Training Academy in the UK through the British Aesthetics Awards. Furthermore, during the same awards ceremony, McCarthy was named runner up for Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year 2020. McCarthy has expanded Cosmetic Couture’s reach to Culcheth and Cyprus, and has opened a GPhC registered aesthetic pharmacy, Maxsthetica International Limited. She is also the proud founder of the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB.) There could not be a better person to devote themselves to Secret Rose – the company benefits greatly from her expertise and skills. She knows what works, and what does not. Henceforth, Secret Rose boasts an impressive range of products, each maintaining their own specific advantages. For example, Secret Rose™️ Plus Shape – available at a cost of £29.99 per 1.1 ml – is known for its thick viscosity that makes it perfect for treatments like non-surgical rhinoplasty and cheek enhancement. Whereas Secret Rose™️ Plus Fine is best used for lip fillers, especially the increasingly popular Russian Lip, and filling fine lines. Secret Rose is home to a range of PLLA and PDO COG threads which can be used to lift features, such as in an eyebrow thread lift or nose lift. Such treatments provide an exceptional advantage as threads have a very short downtime and do not leave any visible scars due to the stimulation of collagen. Additionally, Secret Rose’s threads are bioabsorbable and are made from Poly L-Lactide, which makes these threads long-lasting and of a high-quality. Each product aids the company with its mission – to bolster people’s confidence through exceptional aesthetics treatments. This has been of particular importance after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Secret Rose believes that ‘feeling good and looking good are really important,’ adding that, ‘if you are feeling confident you are well on the way to becoming a comfortable human being.’ It is with this firmly in mind that the company works to provide the best aesthetic products on the market, a range of educational courses, and aftercare treatment. Contact: Michelle Ward Company: Secret Rose Limited Web Address: The Company Revolutionising Dermal Fillers Jan22206

13 GHP Q2 2022 Lindsay Lifescience is a super smart world-leading company developing lifesaving pointof-care medical devices. It values life, its aspiration being to develop technologies that enable people to better understand their bodies and know how to live life to the fullest with the greatest quality of health. Through the organisation’s research and products, it will be able to give everyone access to its lifesaving point-of-care medical devices. Rising Stars in Biomarker Monitoring Innovation 2022 indsay Lifescience is the innovator of a new era for pointof-care devices. Marc Lindsay the founder and President proudly states that the company is self-funded with a core of scientists and close associates who strive to make the world a better place, the company’s clinical research is commencing, from which it will be able to produce its first prototype. It also has consulting partners who offer some of the brightest minds in the world at its disposal. The company’s guiding principle is one of balance for its products, culture, and social impact. Dr. Hugh Napier a co-founder says that the revolutionary new patented technology, Vervtras was born from necessity to continuously monitor biomarkers. There are numerous extensions of Lindsay Lifescience’s technology with far reaching applications including tests for well-characterised biomarkers such as cardiac biomarkers (CARDIOVERV), cancer biomarkers (CANVERV), tropical diseases (TROPVERV), and biological agents (BIOVERV). Monitoring biomarkers is used to assess the progression of a disease, including new disease effects, worsening of previously existing abnormalities, or change in disease severity or specific abnormalities. Biomarkers are usually assessed repeatedly when there is interest in not only the measured value of the biomarker, but also in how it changes over time, the extent to the change, the relation of changes to the patient (e.g. genotype or demographic), or disease-related characteristics (e.g. disease severity, disease duration, and specific disease). Lindsay Lifescience’s highly motivated scientists led by Marc Lindsay are the brains who make the research and development possible. We solve highly complex and difficult biological problems integrated with the latest technology, possible through technology convergence. Using known gold standard protein biomarkers, they will detect the onset and progression of heart disease using the CARDIOVERV device, which is the first VERVTRAS smartpatch. Being the highly ambitious company that it is, Lindsay Lifescience’s 2022 goal is to complete its clinical trials and use the data to develop a world first point-of-care medical device prototype that will be an early warning to catch potential heart attacks before they cause harm to patients. Company: Lindsay Lifescience LLC Contact: Marc Lindsay Email: [email protected] Website: Tel : +1 435 355 9547 L Feb22033

14 GHP Q2 2022 Medicann’s clinics were the first local medicinal cannabis clinics to operate in the Channel Islands. The clinic and affiliated specialist doctors and professor, along with local pharmacists, have instilled seamless processes and protocols to enable eligible patients access to medicinal cannabis with relative ease. Best Medicinal Cannabis Clinic - UK edicann has successfully established both online and face-to-face consultations, bolstered by quality software for bookings and prescriptions requests, which provides optimum functionality online for its patients and of course, team. For a more traditional approach, some of the clinic’s patients prefer to speak to its team, so Medicann has telecommunication support for bookings and queries in both Jersey and Guernsey. Organisation, strategy and strong communications have always been key to Medicann’s operations. The exponential growth of the business, both in Jersey and subsequently, Guernsey, has shown that its nimble, robust and effective procedures work; its patients report positive feedback in terms of its services, GP support, treatment and products. It also has a patient-centric team who are dedicated and passionate about patients’ wellbeing. The process of prescribing patients medicinal cannabis treatment begins with a consultation with the Medicann team, where the requirements for treatment will be explained and the potential costs involved will be highlighted. This is the patient’s opportunity to ask any questions, and the team will assess their case to see if they may be a suitable candidate, before they see one of the clinic’s specialists. Next, a specialist doctor will assess the patient’s condition and determine whether they are suitable for treatment with medical cannabis. Although Medicann welcomes referrals from GPs, specialists and other clinics, referral is not necessary and patients can simply book a consultation directly with Medicann. All patients must complete a consent form prior to obtaining a prescription. Initial consultations are in-person at one of its clinics or at home if the patient is unable to attend the clinic. If the patient and their doctor decides that a medical cannabis treatment is suitable for them, a prescription will be provided and their GP will be notified. Medicann has a ‘start low, go slow approach’ in order to achieve symptom relief for patients at the lowest dose required. Medical cannabis can be prescribed orally as a capsule, oil or tincture, or as medical grade flower taken with a specialist vaporiser or even as a lotion, balm, oil or topical cream applied directly to the skin. The doctor will work closely with the patient to ensure they are confident taking their prescribed medical cannabis in the most effective way for their condition and symptoms. Cannabis supplements the body’s natural cannabis system, the endocannabinoid system. This system has an effect on memory, control of movement, modulation of pain, development of nerve growth and plasticity, and the adaptability of the nervous system. It also has an influence on sleep, appetite, anxiety, and social behaviour, as well as on the bladder, the bowels, the reproductive system, the heart, the hormonal and metabolic systems, and the control of cancer. There are natural chemicals circulating the body that attach cannabinoid receptors in the body, CB1 and CB2. Through this chemical attachment, the body’s endocannabinoid system performs its functions. Cannabis treatments supplement and assist the body’s natural circulation of cannabis-like chemicals. Patients who are eligible for treatment will be enrolled onto Medicann’s research programme to increase the knowledge base of results and for ongoing monitoring, to not only ensure their safety and that the treatment is working, but to also help make sure prescribing practices are continuously improved. Medicann is an independent, family-owned business that works with the remit of utmost professionalism and a great deal of empathy and understanding. Being borne in the Channel Islands means it understands the nuances of community and attention to detail. Its clinics aim to effectively communicate with and educate both its patients and the wider community to the potential benefits from a natural approach to wellness using medical cannabis. Company: Medicann Ltd Contact: Gary Whipp Email: [email protected] Website: M Jan22428 Medicann has successfully established both online and face-to-face consultations, bolstered by quality software for bookings and prescriptions requests, which provides optimum functionality online for its patients and of course, team.

15 GHP Q2 2022 Reaching its goals of being the ‘go-to’ course provider when it comes to medical aesthetic treatments, Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics has worked hard to earn the title of the ‘Most Trusted Medical Aesthetic Training Course Provider’ in 2022 for the UK’s Northeast. Training and educating the professionals of the future for the industry of today, its facial aesthetics services cover everything from foundation level to masterclass in order to make itself an indispensable part of professional betterment for new practitioners and the experienced alike. Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics, in short, believes that every professional has a dedication to continued learning and upskilling. Thus, with its training courses that cover all levels of medical aesthetic work – especially its foundational courses – it has become a cornerstone starting block for the next generation of cosmetic experts. Found in Scotland, Teeside, Yorkshire, and the Northeast, it can find the closest course to suit a client with ease, and its dedicated team of doctors and nurses are more than happy to talk a prospective pupil through its courses, the benefits, and the training outcomes. Moreover, with each of its team members boasting a huge amount of experience both in training and in aesthetic services, the years of knowledge they have accrued make them the perfect fonts of information from which a pupil can benefit by learning their techniques and expert advice. Its faculty are leaders in global dermal fillers, and have been handpicked for their incredible commitment to the industry. Furthermore, the passion, skill, and tenacity that burns within each one of them is sure to inspire any pupil to become the best they can be, all led by the outstanding guidance of the world-renowned Sue Young. Being the international educator for PCA Skin in Arizona, a faculty member, trainer, and expert for TEOXANE – a global dermal filler company emboldened by cutting edge technology – and a trainer for ACQUISITION AESTHETICS, Sue has secured good will across her industry. She has used this to secure yet more knowledge and innovations for the Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics, always in state of learning more herself so that the company can stay abreast of the rapidly changing landscape of both the medical aesthetics industry and the wider world. With a hands-on approach to teaching and a deep dedication to each one of her students, its courses are thoroughly based on science and empathy, keeping the client and end customer in mind throughout. With an all-new e-commerce shop, information about pricing and procedures such as dermal fillers and chemical peels, and courses that range from foundational Botox courses to tear trough masterclasses, it looks forward to welcoming many more pupils through its doors soon. Company: Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics Contact: Sue Young Website: Training the Aestheticians of the Future Mar22028 “Moreover, with each of its team members boasting a huge amount of experience both in training and in aesthetic services, the years of knowledge they have accrued make them the perfect fonts of information from which a pupil can benefit by learning their techniques and expert advice.”

16 Peonia Medical, the company that has become widely known as ‘Nottingham’s Leading Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic’ for 2022, also has clinics in Leicester and London. Additionally, there is a new Nottingham clinic on the way. Once established, this one will focus on the training and teaching of UK aesthetic professionals in treatments popular amongst East Asian nations. It has been thrust to pre-eminence in its industry in the eyes of both clients and peers. Working with diligence and rigour, its dedication to science, innovation, and customer service has secured it a place at the head of the pack in its sector. Peonia Medical, the company that has become widely known as ‘Nottingham’s Leading Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic’ for 2022, also has clinics in Leicester and London. Additionally, there is a new Nottingham clinic on the way. Once established, this one will focus on the training and teaching of UK aesthetic professionals in treatments popular amongst East Asian nations. It has been thrust to pre-eminence in its industry in the eyes of both clients and peers. Working with diligence and rigour, its dedication to science, innovation, and customer service has secured it a place at the head of the pack in its sector. A leader in advanced aesthetics and skin treatments, Peonia Medical, has clinics across the UK, from Nottingham to Leicester and even London. Dr Tracy Xu, one of the foremost professionals in her field, has developed it into a great example of modern aesthetic medicine. One of the ethe in Peonia Medical’s practice is combining oriental aesthetic techniques and diligent compliance with UK medical and treatment law. It offers Dr Tracy’s signature non-touch lower face lifting technique, dermal filler face contouring, non-surgical rhinoplasty, precision tear-through correction, thread-lifting, wrinklereduction injections, medical-grade skin treatments, and wellness treatments from intravenous therapies to weight management. The values and principles that Dr Tracy Xu has ensured are the beating heart of the clinics. Fundamentally, Peonia Medical is committed to these values and principles while offering these services to its clientele. Dr Tracy has trained her team of professionals to take great pains to show its commitment. These values could be summed up in the want to ‘create a natural, healthy, and balanced look for everyone’. With the help of the extraordinary team it has assembled, each service to its client is bespoke, considerate and heart-warming. It prioritises educating them on the nitty-gritty of its treatments to ensure that they can give fully informed consent before it proceeds. With the clients’ health and wellbeing in mind as the foremost priority, it will never go ahead with a procedure if it is unsafe. Similarly, if a said procedure doesn’t fit its client’s goals, it goes the extra mile to cater for the client’s needs. Consultation at Peonia Medical is always a no-pressure, no-obligation environment, which allows the clients to get all necessary information and address their concerns. Consequentially, it has developed a loyal client base of people who agree with its aesthetic ethos and who use Peonia Medical as their one-stop-shop for aesthetic medical procedures, all of whom have left glowing reviews or go on to give a positive word of mouth referrals to family, friends, and peers. Thanks to this, Peonia Medical’s client base is forever growing, as more people find out about it through how many people speak about the excellence of its services. Although the principles have stayed constant since the establishment of the practice, Peonia Medical serves a diverse group of people. As medical aesthetics is not one-size-fits-all, Peonia Medical is always happy to guide a client through what to expect regarding specific treatment. Many of its clients are East Asian people living in the UK. Still, it has gained the trust of a wide variety of people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and career paths. With services from non2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London “Combining oriental aesthetic practices and complete compliance with UK medical and treatment law, it offers wrinkle reduction injections, dermal filler face contouring, non-surgical rhinoplasty, precision tearthrough correction, thread-lifting, medical-grade skin treatments, and wellness treatments from intravenous therapies to weight management.” Breaking Down the Barrier Between East rn and Western Aesthetic Treatments Mar22115 Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments