GHP Q2 2023

25 GHP Q2 2023 Dr Joshua is a collaborative, decisive, confident leader, and an active listener. Being based in a medical setting means that he is constantly guiding assessing, advising, and treating patients. He needs the backing of his team for support, to welcome patients, and to make them feel comfortable. The close-knit team brings a diverse skillset to the business, with open discussion encouraged covering all aspects of clinic life. Externally, Dr Joshua collaborates with many global experts both in the fields of plastic surgery and non-surgical medical aesthetics. This means he is always up to date with the latest thinking and techniques. Dr Joshua is a specialist in non-surgical eye rejuvenation, which is the single reason most people visit the clinic. He’s one of the few doctors worldwide to specialise in treating hollowing above the eyes, and is a master in tricky upper eyelid filler technique. He is also an authority in trough filler for reducing the appearance of sunken grooves (dark circles) below the eyes. This most requested treatment can wipe away years in minutes, with a few precise, virtually imperceptible plunges of the syringe. He is also the creator of InclinEyes™, a unique filler-based procedure for gently repositioning droopy brow tails. This is the clinic’s fastest-growing treatment, and has been featured in Tatler, Aesthetics Journal, Country & Town House, Hashtag Life, Aesthetic Medicine and many more. Dr Joshua is the only doctor outside the US to combine Morpheus8 and hybrid CO2 laser in the eye area. This ‘sandwich’ technique stimulates collagen and tightens the skin underneath while resurfacing the outside layer during the same appointment. Doing this means the downtime can also be combined. Finally, and alongside his campaigning, Dr Joshua also regularly undertakes pro bono work for cleft lip and palate patients. The award-winning Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics clinic is certainly a boutique to be much admired, in so many ways. Company: Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics Web Address: Contact Name: Joshua Van der Aa Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics focus on facial rejuvenation, balance, and beautification for a natural looking result. As winner of Most Rejuvenating Aesthetics Treatment Clinic 2023 - West London, we have welcomed the opportunity to take a look under the surface of this boutique medical aesthetics clinic. Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics offers a comprehensive range of injectable treatments as well as device-based procedures such as CO2 laser, EMsculpt, Morpheus8 and Forma. For skin and scalp health it offers PRP, Hydrafacial Keravive, as well as a medicalgrade skincare concierge service. Its core values are its commitment to elegant, natural looking results, its dedication to always working in patients’ best interests, (even if that means saying no to certain treatments sometimes), its excellent communication and follow up services (contactable 7 days a week, same day replies), and its highly personal, honest, and friendly service. Dr Joshua Harley Street Aesthetics provide consistently exquisite results that are trace free and deliver optimal light reflection on the face. It uses only the finest-grade products and devices, ensuring the highest standards of care. All persons who make an appointment at the clinic are guaranteed to meet with Dr Joshua himself, not an associate (excluding Hydrafacial and Keravive treatments). The clinic is proud to offer its patients complete continuity and best-inclass skills when they choose it for their treatments. Dr Joshua’s commitment to natural looking results, honesty and safety extends far beyond his expert light touch and the physical walls of the clinic. For example, he regularly uses his burgeoning public profile on social platforms to educate about the dangers of certain trend-led looks and treatments, for example the damaging effects filters are causing. His passion and work in this area has won him the AMA 2022 (Aesthetic Medicine Award) for Best Social Media by a Clinic or Practitioner. Additionally, Dr Joshua is a three-times nominee in the Aesthetics Awards, and twice-listed ‘top doctor’ in the Country & Town House annual Aesthetic Guide (2022, 2023). He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences, including CCR London, ACE London and Aesthetic Medicine Live. Dr Joshua and his team are delighted to be a part of the Global Excellence program as it reaffirms patient confidence in the clinic, as well as bolstering pride in its practitioners. It wants to continue to exceed expectations in the medical aesthetics industry, and provide patients with the best of the best, whilst also hoping to inspire other young aesthetic professionals entering the field. On a broader level, it also hopes its inclusion in the program helps to transmit its championing of natural beauty. It wants people to celebrate the individual quirks that make everyone unique and beautiful. With Subtlety Comes Beauty May23095