GHP Q3 2021

24 GHP / Q3 2021 , Jun21372 WOW facial Ltd has made itself the provider of ‘2021’s Most Outstanding Skincare Device: WOW fusion’ in the UK since its unveiling. Having alreadymade waves in its industry with the titularWOW facial service, amedical aesthetic treatment that it provides for small aesthetician businesses across the country, theWOW fusion seeks to elevate its previous product to even higher levels of success, inspiring excitement amongst clients and their end users alike. The aesthetic services industry, in many ways, is still a budding sector, one in which a number of innovative and exciting companies has been able to flourish. One such company is award winning and results driven brand WOW facial, a professionally driven business with a team of experts at its back who are each expert in their field when it comes to its hyper-personalised skincare solutions and facial services. Providing high-quality, active facial ingredients to qualified practitioners and offering supportive home-care retail products, this company does not just serve exemplary and luxurious skincare products; it does so in a way that maintains a high level of corporate environmental responsibility, reducing the use of single use plastics and packaging waste. Additionally, Claire Williams – the CEO and founder of WOW facial – set this business up to be the support system for smaller businesses, providing the best range of skincare treatments for its clients. WOW facial launched one of its exemplary new products in February in order to continue this element of its business model, bringing WOW fusion to the marketplace. This is available to those in its region that are proficient in medical aesthetic solutions, offering training to medics that will allow them to advance the services they offer and following the strictest of protocols when educating them in how to use The ‘WOW’ Factor this service, and how to tailor it to match the skincare needs of each client. In essence, it combines highquality services and a friendly, welcoming environment in order to be the backbone for the small businesses it serves. Furthermore, the ingredients delivered in a WOW facial by the WOW fusion device are innovative and top-quality, with customers benefitting from outstanding results in a very short amount of time with its 6-stage protocol, 4 stages of which are expertly tailored by the operator to improve issues such as acne, pigmentation, open pores, oiliness, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration. WOW fusion, in essence, is the mesotherapy element of the WOW facial solution. Due to its popularity and the buzz it has created in every facet of the marketplace, this has quickly become the flagship product for WOW facial as a company; and it also works great with Botulinum Toxin, for clients wishing to make use of this service alongside existing treatment. In this manner, it has been able to secure great working relationships with its clientele. Making itself a business partner to each and every one of them, upon the start of a working relationship it will invite a client to its closed Facebook group community, allowing them to engage in discussions, make friends, and swap professional advice when finding their feet with the WOW facial product line. This, alongside the way its products effectiveness can speak for itself, has ensured a rapid and impressive level of growth for WOW facial and its staff. Looking into adding to this exemplary team as it moves towards the bright future that is surely in store, it is looking for people who are friendly, have a good growth mindset, and work well within a culture of hard work and community. Each employee must also have the correct level of experience, skill, and ability, ready to handle the myriad challenges that come part and parcel with being part of the new era of medical aesthetics. With one such challenge – the pandemic – slowly releasing its grip on the industry, WOW facial is looking forward to supporting the partners that have suffered throughout the past year, working hard to improve its products and to develop even further so that is can retain its notoriety for being a front-runner of industry. Company: WOW facial Ltd Contact: Claire Williams Website: