GHP Q3 2021

26 GHP / Q3 2021 , Jun21249 Having earned the award for the ‘Most Outstanding Aesthetic & Skin Care Specialist of the Year’ in 2021, Noon Aesthetics UK – distributed by Advanced Esthetics Soltutions Ltd – has beenmaking a name for itself. Being relatively new to the market, it wasted no time in becoming a household name amongst beauticians and cosmetic experts, supplying them with its top-of-the-range and diligently researched products. Noon Aesthetics UK is the product line of stunning, outstanding, professional cosmeceutical and prescriptive skincare distributed by Advanced Esthetics Solutions. These products already serve a wide market segment, distributed across 30 different countries, providing worldwide and advanced aesthetic products since late 2019, bringing these innovative technologies and impressive results to the UK’s marketplace. Each product is manufactured in Israel Noon under an ancient philosophy – one of tapping into ‘primordial waters’ – that are believed to have the power to embody all that is good in the world. It, therefore, seeks to mirror these waters with everything it creates, believing that excellence, professionalism, and quality is what inherently leads to success as it naturalistically builds up its business over time by earning the support and trust of its customers. Moreover, each product has been created by a trusted Noon Aesthetics clinician, not available for online purchase or wholesale. In this way, it keeps the experience of purchasing its products a person-to-person affair, able to keep a close eye A New Line of Products for the UK’s Cosmetic Professionals on the quality of what it creates in order to ensure that each step towards further growth is scalable with the high product value it strives to guarantee in every batch. Its products are also all vegan, and it has been able to develop a client list of skincare specialists, dermatologists, doctors, and experienced therapists who rely on it to stock them, setting itself apart with its gentle formulas that don’t cause painful flareups or reactions. With the addition of its patented DERMSHIELD product, its products contain active ingredients at breakthrough concentration levels with a PH under 1, allowing the product to penetrate down to the skin’s dermis layer, and inhibiting type C nociceptors. This allows for its homecare products to be used during pregnancy and makes its chemical peels available to all skin types. Noon Aesthetics products are, importantly, offered by its own clinical professionals, or by the professionals that it sells to. Its team are therefore pivotal to its business model, each of them being highly trained and talented with a deep love for its industry, investing in their wellbeing and personal professional development at every turn in order to thank them for their hard work. Noon Aesthetics believes in science; in all of its products, it champions the ideas of transparency, scientific rigour, and lack of fiction – therefore, it will always be honest about what ingredients are in a certain product, and its professionals will work with a client in order to find the product that is right for them. Essentially, this allows Noon Aesthetics to create real results for real people, building up an expansive portfolio and adding to the portfolio of Advanced Esthetics Solutions as a direct result, allowing both to grow in trust and notoriety within the UK market. Therefore, Noon Aesthetics is an important part of the brand name, and it makes the job of Advanced Esthetics Limited an easy one as distributors, as the products very much speak for themselves, having garnered significant goodwill amongst the UK’s aesthetic professionals. Company: Noon Aesthetics UK distributed by Advanced Esthetics Solutions Ltd Contact: Cody Gales Website: //