GHP Q3 2022

16 compact form – allowing a client to bring their oxygen with them with ease – as well as an outstanding battery life and virtually silent operation. This is all part of ARYA BioMed’s dedication to discretion and lifestyle improvement. Designed and assembled in the USA, the concentrators weigh up to 5 pounds, have 5 different flow settings, and have a battery life that can last up to 16 hours. Moreover, at a mere ten inches in height, it promises to help give its clients back the freedom and independence that is so often stripped from those struggling with pulmonary diseases, as they find it so much harder to commit to long periods of activity and movement. Therefore, it has dedicated itself to creating something that is useful in any situation. From travel to relaxation, running errands, or partaking in the hobbies that a client loves to do, it negates the need for refilling from cumbersome oxygen tanks, and allows access to medical grade oxygen any time a client needs it. The small, light, and non-invasive design is also FAA approved for use aboard aircrafts, allowing clients to travel across both state and country lines, ensuring they don’t have to miss another vacation, event, or family gathering. Ensuring the utmost comfort in travel by allowing them to bring their concentrators on planes and along for long car rides, it is compact, ergonomic, and comfortable to wear: each of these fits itself nicely around the everyday lives of its customers, allowing them to get back into the activities they miss. Whether a client is old or young, ARYA BioMed will make itself an integral element of their peace of mind. Moreover, to this end, each machine comes with a lifetime warranty that shows the company’s true dedication to its clientele, their happiness, and their health, as it promises to go above and beyond to keep their oxygen concentrator working well. Regarding the concentrator itself, the warranty is truly lifelong, and even the sieve bed has a warranty of 5 years. Both of these things ensure that customers can live their lives with the utmost peace of mind, able to trust in the excellence of the machinery, and the knowledge that should anything go awry, ARYA BioMed will not rest until the issue is resolved. Moreover, with the rest of the industry in the wider scale offering 3 year warranties of concentrators of 1 year warranties on sieve beds, it is easy to see why ARYA BioMed has become the no-brainer solution for so many people. Between the lack of need for refills, the perfect performance during athome use and use on the go, and the incredible level of dedication that its staff display when ensuring that its customers can buy with confidence, it has maintained a reputation for being far superior to every other oxygen delivery device. Indeed, the pulse flow operation that it operates with pairs well with its non-invasive and ergonomic design, making for a non-intrusive oxygenation solution that offers unmatched levels of freedom at every turn, and it is excited to bring this to many more clients in the future as it continues to expand its reach. Company: ARYA BioMed Contact: Andy Flynn Website: Having become well known for the sale of exemplary, innovative, and portable oxygen concentrators, ARYA BioMed has recently received the award for the ‘Best Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer’ in 2022 for the USA. Available through multiple retailers, one of which – SpryLyfe – is partnered with E-Learning providers, it has been showing its dedication to education and client health at every turn,witheach itemthat it stocksmaking itself a reliable and highly rated element of an end customer’s healthcare routine. Over time, its reputation has been further bolstered by the lightweight and discrete nature of its products, allowing clients to find the best oxygen concentrator for them. Selling portable oxygen concentrators, ARYA BioMed’s products have become well known for their ability to slow the progression of COPD and enhance the client’s overall control over their own healthcare. Its lightweight and portable design is one that its customers have lauded as exemplary since its beginnings, as it has always been driven by the premise of giving a client their livelihood back by ensuring that they need not spend their days tethered to cumbersome machines that need constant refilling and readjustment. Nominally, this care and commitment that is shows at every turn has set it apart from its peers and enhanced its reputation as a truly client-first business. After all, more than just selling an oxygen concentrator, ARYA BioMed is selling an opportunity to regain self-sufficiency. This has been shown time and again through the glowing reviews and positive referrals that its clients leave it, lauding its helpful resources and exemplary product for allowing them to regain some control over the treatment and management of their COPD illness. One client talks of how they have been through many different healthcare options and facilities for their COPD, but that ARYABioMed’s oxygen concentrator has been the first real help they have received in terms of easing the difficulties with breathing. Moreover, it encourages clients to get in touch with its staff, allowing a genuine connection that is fostered over the course of a conversation through phone or email. Each of its staff members have been highly trained both in the art of customer service and in the specifics of its stock, from the newest features of the newest products to the technology that drives every one of them, and the ingenuity behind this. Critically, as the premium manufacturer for portable oxygen concentrators, the elements that have allowed it to secure and maintain this premium position in the market are its lightweight and Allowing Clients to Breathe Freely Apr22389 to Breathe Freely