GHP Q3 2022

18 GHP Q3 2022 A familiar name to readers of GHP, the team at Overington Care are once again celebrating awards success! In our rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, this domiciliary care agency won the title of Best Elderly and Adult Home Care Services Provider, 2022 - SouthWest United Kingdom. We look more closely at the firm to uncover the secrets behind their success. When Nichola Overington founded Overington Care, it was because he knew the challenges of finding expert care for elderly people inside out. For many, dignity simply wasn’t an option because the options for it weren’t there. Having cared for her father, Nichola knew how difficult it could be, but she also knew it was a service that could be provided. So she decided to provide it herself. Since 2013, the team at Overington Care have prioritised the needs of their clients above all else, offering a range of care services that meet people in their own homes on a one-to-one basis. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Overington Care team, people across Seaton in Devon are able to live their lives happily and with considerably more independently than they might otherwise have been able to. Nichola has built the business on the back of her personal experience with her father, alongside over thirty years working in the health and social care sector. Her career has been dedicated to improving the state of the industry. The growth of Overington Care over the last nine years is a credit to Nichola’s drive and tenacity. The team is made of a group of professional, local carers who understand the challenges of their patients, gaining excellent information for the firm and providing a community support yet that can more than hold its own against the competition. Their work doesn’t simply offer social care, but solutions which are bespoke designed to meet the needs of the individuals they have a duty of care for. When people turn to Overington Care, they often have a range of questions on their minds. From the very beginning, what delights most clients is that the team take the time to listen and understand before creating a response. The needs of the individual come first at all times and they are equal partners when it comes to making decisions about the level of care and support being offered. Such is the skill and versatility of what the team offer that a solution can be created within 48 hours if needed. 2020 saw Overington Care move into new territory, opening up “The HUB”, a not-for-profit Charity Community centre in Seaton, focused on combating the issues of loneliness and isolation within the area. This new space has proven to be invaluable as a resource for many, as it offers the opportunity to meet other people through daily activities. The Overington Care team have ensured it has all the resources to meet the needs of their clients, with a therapy room, technology services, support services and refreshments. For some of the most vulnerable in our society, “The HUB” is a lifeline, complementing the good work done by the Overington Care team in other sectors. The future is bright for Overington Care, as the team continue to broaden their horizons and find a most holistic approach to the challenge of social care within the UK. By working with the community as a whole, they have found innovative solutions which will save resources in the long run. We can’t wait to see how this intrepid team lead the way forward for home care services moving forward. Company: Overington Care Ltd Name: Nichola Overington Email: [email protected] Dignity And Respect May22604