GHP Q3 2022

Contents 4. News 6. Rehasense / Taylor Made Wheelchairs: Rehasense Track Wheel is a Game Changer For Ava 8. Greenphire: Optimizing Clinical Trials – From Start to Finish 10. Mosie Baby: Making Happy Families! 11. Lilli: Best Health Monitoring Technology Specialists 2022 12. REHASENSE: Space LX 13. AURIMOD: Most Innovative Chronic Pain Treatment Product 2022: VIVO 14. Forget About Age Cosmetics: Internationally Renowned Skincare with German Pedigree 16. ARYA BioMed: Allowing Clients to Breathe Freely 18. Overington Care Ltd: Dignity And Respect 19. REHASENSE: Rehacare 2022 20. Premier Veins: The UK’s Leading Clinic in Varicose Vein Treatment 22. John Snow Labs: Healthcare Of The Future 23. Dr Conlon’s Aesthetic Clinic: Advanced Aesthetic Treatments 24. Winners’ Listings