GHP Q3 2023

23 GHP Q3 2023 lifestyle, and genetics. Sarita is committed and passionate about facial aesthetics, and will always look for the natural beauty that lies within her clients, and try to extenuate and enhance this for a natural look. Her aim is to achieve a more refreshed and rested version of yourself, with the choice of whether to tell anyone you have had facial enhancement work done left entirely at your own discretion. Sarita offers the highest standards of care at the Essex Sanctuary, delivered with empathy and understanding. She is committed to providing the very best quality of care and results through her offerings of premium services at affordable costs. All procedures are, of course, carried out in the relaxing and luxury boutique environment of the sanctuary itself. They include wrinkle removal and facial lines softening injections, dermal fillers to lift and tighten, and several non-injectable treatments such as dermapen, radiofrequency, mesotherapy, thavma therapy, chemical peels, and diamond peel microdermabrasion. All are designed to improve the texture, appearance and quality of skin, leaving the recipient feeling and looking more confident and radiant. All of the bespoke treatments are suitable for both men and women, and remain confidential at all times. Sarita is equally skilled and experienced in providing non -surgical treatments such as face lifts, brow lifts, facial profile enhancement, skin tightening, micro needling, and much more. She is also the recipient of a number of amazing customer reviews. For instance, Neil comments, “I have been a patient of Sarita for several years, and she is one of the most professional and exceptional practitioners that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Incredibly talented and first class in her field for technical and personal procedures.” Likewise, Kim comments, “I would say that Sarita stands out as an exceptional practitioner due to her honesty and excellent customer service skills. Clients need to have trust when having aesthetic treatments carried out and hence they remain loyal customers.” We say outstanding! We are delighted to be able to feature Sarita’s wonderful and award-winning clinic, and wish her the best of luck with all future endeavours. Company: Essex Sanctuary Web Address: Contact Name: Sarita Sharma Dr Sarita Sharma of the Essex Sanctuary is a knowledgeable and qualified aesthetician, dedicated to providing the highest quality of non-surgical, facial skincare procedures. The sanctuary also offers science-based skincare products to leave clients with glowing, radiant skin. It has recently been named as the Most Trusted Skin Clinic 2023 – Essex, spurring us to take a closer look. he Essex Sanctuary offers a range of premium services, all conducted in a luxurious private boutique environment. Treatments on offer include injectable anti-aging procedures designed to lift, tighten, sculpt, hydrate, and volumize the face, as so desired by each individual client. This can improve both the appearance and condition of the skin, leaving clients feeling confident and looking radiant. Prior to any treatment, a thorough consultation will be used to identify areas of concern, and assess the suitability of the treatments on offer. Dr Sarita Sharma is an anti-aging skin care expert who has been featured on the BBC News. She urges any potential customers interested cosmetic work to consider practitioners very carefully. It is vitally important any facial injections are administered by medical professionals who know the correct place to site the needle, and are knowledgeable about facial anatomy. This is necessary to ensure that any unwanted side-effects or post procedural problems are avoided. Sarita herself is qualified in dentistry, oral surgery, and restorative dentistry. She became interested in aesthetics when she decided to complement her aesthetic dental cases with Botulinum toxin and Dermal Fillers. To do this she trained and became certified at Masterclass level in advanced treatments. Since this time (1998 for her dentist qualification, 2004/5 for Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments training), Sarita has successfully treated many thousands of patients. She ensures that her training is regularly updated still, and that she stays abreast of all current innovations and practical advancements in the field. “Whatever your skin concern, age, skin type or gender, there are several vitally beneficial treatments that are available to you to help you have the skin appearance and feel that you desire.” Dr Sharma will assess and advise on the very best skincare options available for each individual client. There is certainly no one-fits-all approach to skin treatment, as we all have different skin qualities dependent on age, gender, ethnicity, Head to the Essex Sanctuary for a Confidence Boosting Skin Treatment T Apr23677