GHP Q4 2021

GHP / Q4 2021 15 , Oct21415 RelianceMedical Management, LLC is a family-owned and -operatedmedical billing company that provides a variety of medical billing and coding, collection, medical administration, and credentialing services. Most Client-Focused Medical Billing Services Provider - Southeast USA Founded and operated by husband-and- wife team, Eric and Deidre Hampton in 2016, Reliance Medical Management brings a combination of 16 years of professional and educational experience in healthcare and organisational administration. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the company currently provides medical management services across the U.S. Reliance’s clients include a variety of specialities including, but not limited to cardiology, chiropractic, dermatology, endocrinology, facility/ inpatient, family practice, internal medicine, ob/gyn, pain management, paediatric, physical therapy, and surgery. Eric and Deidre believe that providers should be able to focus on their patient care, without the stress of receiving the proper reimbursement for their services as well as patients receiving accurate statements. Reliance is set apart from competitors by its offering of a simple, affordable, and reliable model. Since it is family- owned, it can provide a unique approach that complements and dedicates special attention to the provider, practice, and hospital that it assists, which increases production and builds lasting relationships. This key indicator for Reliance’s company model has in fact been the number one reason most of its clients choose it. Essential to Reliance’s success and to its delivery of quality service is its team. With a combination of various resources including an in-office and remote team, Reliance can tackle multiple loads at one time. The company’s work culture mimics its family-oriented approach which it believes helps balance employee morale and a sense of developmental achievement. As the business grows each year, it continues to modernise its trends, implement its strategies, and test employee ideas within a collaborative environment. Reliance has meanwhile undoubtedly seen its challenges in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like the rest of the world. As a company working directly within healthcare, it felt an obligation to ensure it remained adaptable so its providers and facilities could operate peacefully on the administrative side of healthcare. Reliance believes in tackling challenges head on and being proactive, so when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the company put a solutions strategy together as it felt it was imperative that everyone work together to make it through what was a difficult time. With this solutions strategy, Reliance provided free telehealth implementation for its clients and free telehealth coding services. It also implemented and continues to build upon its virtual operations, teams and workspaces. It went fully remote in 2020 and has been operating on a hybrid (50/50) model since. Going into the new year, the company plans to explore options regarding returning to the office with some flexibility for remote work. Ultimately, Reliance’s overall goal is to continue to increase its reach and productivity, find new strategies to enhance its services and processes, and continue to provide a five-star service to clients. Company: Reliance Medical Management, LLC Contact: Eric and Deidre Hampton Email: [email protected] Website: