GHP Q4 2022

Winners’ Listings 2022’s Global Excellence Awards Most Comfortable Prosthetics Manufacturer 2022 - UK Amy Koalaa Best Pilates Equipment eTailer 2022 - UK Orkun Acikgoz Gladform Leading Supplier of Medical Rehabilitation Equipment 2022 - Aylesbury Nikki Donald Sportsmed Products Ltd Best International Neonatal Technology Company 2022 Rosalyn Archer mOm Incubators Best Genetically Engineered Bacteria Management Platform 2023 - North America Mark Wilson Endure Biotherapeutics Most Innovative Water Supplier 2022 - UK Barnaby Hughes ACTIPH Water Best R&D Firm for Antifungal Diagnostic Solutions, 2022 - The United Kingdom Dr. Gemma Johnson OLM Diagnostics OLM Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics company, which markets and distributes innovations in fungal and bacterial diagnostics to the healthcare sector. Our novel and reliable rapid-diagnostic tests fit seamlessly into current treatment pathways and can reduce the rate of drug resistant infections by promoting a new diagnostic led approach. This is achieved, whilst delivering clear financial and clinical benefits to hospitals, clinicians and patient care. Most Cutting-Edge Aged Care Technology Developer - Australia Samantha Thompson CARETEQ An Australian health technology company delivering a portfolio of innovative solutions in the health and aged care sectors. CARETEQ’s products and services promote the independence and dignity of care givers and the vulnerable people they care for.