GHP Q4 2022

Most Unique Clinical Software Applications Firm - Southwest England Jonathan Elliott Epro Best PEMF Therapy Mats & Devices Company 2022 - UK Ellie Baker NewMed Ltd NewMed Ltd is the UK’s one-stop shop for PEMF therapy, offering a wide range of PEMF devices to help with health and wellbeing. We have searched the market long and hard to find a range of PEMF therapy devices from around the globe to provide you with a completely unbiased opinion on which system is best for you and we feel that the range of devices we offer is the best to suit all needs. Best Digital Health Service Solutions Provider 2022 - UK Chelsea Almond Mindwave Ventures Best Physical Interventions Equipment Company - UK Palkesh Darbar UK PODS LIMITED Best Strategy & Architecture Consulting Company - UK Steve Shaw Synanetics Ltd “Synanetics provides professional IT services to NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Integrated Care Systems, and others involved in the provision of health and social care. Our focus is interoperability: we help our clients be part of a wide health economy where information is shared safely, with the consent of patient, and with the aim of promoting efficient collaboration and improved outcomes.” Most Innovative Medical Device Testing Firm, 2022 - New Jersey Bruce Swope Sterling Medical Devices Most Innovative Whole-Genome Cancer Monitoring Platform 2022 - USA Ezra Sofer c21 Genomics Best Privacy Vision Panels Manufacturer 2022 Erika Poole Vistamatic Winners’ Listings 2022’s Global Excellence Awards