GHP Q4 2023

16 GHP Q4 2023 Dr Mehmet Söylemez established Söylemez Investment with the goal of accelerating the development of key technologies in a plethora of industries. Driven by collaboration and a need towards constant improvement with diabetic treatments, Söylemez Investment was recognised in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards for its role in accelerating the greater industry. We spoke with Dr Söylemez to find out more. From the outset, Dr Mehmet Söylemez credits his most significant achievement as his pioneering work in identifying the utility of the biomarker procalcitonin in diabetes mellitus and diabetic foot syndrome. By all regards, this marks a considerable turning point for work in this sector, acting to push forward our understanding of both of those complex medical conditions towards future development and more effective treatment. But this is far from the only achievement of Mehmet and Söylemez Investment in this space. Indeed, the firm has made a swift impression for a host of similar developments, marking Söylemez Investment as a key player on the greater board. Today, the company has some 40 peer-reviewed publications on procalcitonin as a biomarker tool. Mehmet explains more of the technicalities of his work. “What we’ve found, repeatedly, is this invention (procalcitonin) is more useful than HgbA1c. HgbA1c shows a period of three months of potential diabetic complications while this invention shows a much smaller timeline – in the region of 24 hours – of potential damage from complications. So, diabetes mellitus and diabetic complications can be treated faster and much more successfully.” Best Prognostic Diabetic Biomarker Development Company 2023 - Western Asia Ultimately, this development comes after two decades of work, despite considerable challenges and obstacles to bringing the efficacy of such a biomarker to the awareness of the greater market. Yet, this has almost become archetypal of Mehmet and Söylemez Investment’s portfolio – bringing greater awareness to key developments through diligent research and ‘signal boosting’ applicable technologies. But let’s switch focus to talk about Söylemez Investment and its overarching goals. As Mehmet explains, Söylemez Investment is, at its core, a family company. “It operates in a wide range of industries, from real estate to IP investment, the latter of which is my main focus within the ‘family’. I’m always open to collaboration with biotech and diagnostic firms around the world who are after investment to accelerate their entry into the market.” Complimenting this goal is an ethos defined by ethical management and development, as Mehmet continues. “Our main values are respect to humans and respect to clients. Our scientific goal is to design an individual diagnostic treatment plan to help each and every one of our diabetic patients to achieve the best outcome possible. That’s where our future lies.” With a foundation and mission directed towards advancing treatments for diabetes mellitus and diabetic foot syndrome – among many others in the same vein – Dr Mehmet Söylemez is utilising his knowledge and expertise to make real change in an industry that sorely needs every advantage it can gain. Contact Details Company: Söylemez Investment Name: Mehmet Ali Söylemez Email:[email protected] Web Telephone: +90 537 226 44 52