GHP Q1 2023

18 GHP Q1 2023 Goring Medical Projects Limited supports the healthcare sector with equipment and the upkeep of such to help provide the best quality service possible for patients. Wayne Goring tells us more about his company and the industry after its recent recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2022. Expert Engineers in the Healthcare Sector echnology has advanced through the years, and it is a great tool that helps our society in a variety of ways. It plays a crucial role when it comes to the healthcare sector in providing the most advanced technology to support patients in the best way possible. Goring Medical Projects Limited was established to provide project management and technical solutions for the public and private healthcare sector, especially hospitals, medical centres, equipment brokers and resellers. Its services include system installation, deinstallation, relocation, ramp down, inspection, system evaluation, mobile/relocatable and modular design. Project and Managing Director, Wayne Goring, explains, “Our extensive range of technical medical support services expands to every business dealing with the healthcare sector, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), equipment brokers and resellers, hospital radiology and procurement managers, to hospitals estate managers and third-party diagnostic imaging equipment providers.” There is a responsibility that comes with providing such a service to a crucial sector, therefore, the correct service needs to be carried out throughout to ensure the equipment is running at all times. Wayne tells us, “Detailed and accurate inspection, handling, and auditing of medical equipment along with efficient management and reporting of project management and technical works greatly help our clients to offer well-organized and effective services to their patients.” Goring Medical Projects is able to successfully do this by employing only highly trained engineers who are able to work with the technicalities of all the medical equipment. Its employees see the value in their work and are dedicated fulfil their roles accordingly. Wayne shares, “All of our team derive from a technical background so are able to use their intimate knowledge of the industry to really assist our clients with the successful design, implementation, and smooth handover of projects.” “We ensure to provide our clients with a highly standardized and quality assured services.” The industry is growing as the demand for imaging equipment increases. There are two reasons for this, first being “the NHS is now using imaging equipment for screening as they realise that prevention is cheaper than cure and the outcomes for the patients are better”, adds Wayne. Secondly, the UK population is growing so the need for imaging equipment is rising. Goring Medical Projects is incredibly busy due to this rise in demand – Wayne says, “We plan to deliver more of the same great work ahead and further grow our team to help support our existing and growing new customer base.” Recently, Goring Medical Projects has been recognised Global Excellence Awards 2022 with Best Healthcare Technical and Project Management Support Provider 2022 – UK, which reflects highly in Wayne and his team of expert engineers that ensure its equipment is able to significantly benefit and support the healthcare sector. Contact: Wayne Goring Company: Goring Medical Projects Ltd Web Address: T Oct22656