GHP Q1 2023

GHP Q1 2023 equipment. This makes experimentation accessible to those who do not have the funds to maintain a laboratory themselves. To ensure that the results of experiments conducted in ECL are reproducible, each step is recorded and validated, and samples are photographed, measured, and stored. Experiment parameters are communicated directly from ECL’s unified software interface, Command Center, to the laboratory’s instruments. Protocols must run the same way every time in order to ensure repeatability. In terms of operational efficiency, ECL separates experimental design and analysis from logistics, resulting in a 300% to 500% increase in efficiency for industry groups that now use ECL. Thanks to the benefits of cloud laboratories, the way in which scientific research is conducted is changing. Carnegie Mellon University became inspired to develop its own cloud laboratory when it used ECL to continue its research throughout the most restrictive periods of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, ECL has partnered with the university to build the first cloud laboratory in an academic setting using ECL software. The laboratory will allow researchers to conduct experiments online, and once completed, it will provide a platform for experimentation using artificial intelligence. Throughout the project, ECL will provide input on the design and construction of the facility, the installation of equipment, and the management and operation of the laboratory. ECL sets itself apart from competitors by being the preeminent company of its kind, with thought leadership that continues to define what it means to be part of the industry. Its work with Carnegie Mellon University will shape the direction of how life sciences are conducted in academia and business, bringing forth a generation of scientists who are not restricted by physical location or the size of their operations. In this, we are likely to see innovations that may not have happened without cloud laboratories. As cloud laboratories develop, the life science industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of advancements in biosecurity as new techniques and methods are carried out in research and development. Cloud laboratories offer increased biosecurity to protect access to research and the data produced, as all information about every experiment and task performed is securely stored digitally, where it can be audited. As ECL continues to increase the scale and breadth of its offering, its goal is to utilize technology to accelerate the rate of scientific advancements while ensuring that the level of security is maximized. Demonstrating its high level of security, ECL controls who has access to the command center application for experiments in the cloud lab, which is tracked by unique user IDs for all customers on the system. ECL offers a higher level of security than a traditional laboratory by tracking and storing all details, including chemicals, consumables, actions, processes, and results. All experiment details are kept confidential, but the system continuously runs checks to ensure the laboratory is being used responsibly and that nothing dangerous or illegal takes place. Due to its ground-breaking technological achievements, Emerald Cloud Lab is 2023’s winner of Most Comprehensive Life Science Research Lab, Western Europe, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards. There is no doubt that the company has changed the lives of many scientists and will continue to do so, facilitating them in making life-changing discoveries through research. Contact: Shannia Coley Company: Emerald Cloud Lab Web Address: