GHP Q2 2021

20 GHP / Q2 2021 , May21277 SmartSolve was established in 2016 as a new business unit within CMC Group to solely focus on bringing environmentally friendly, game-changing, water-soluble technology into markets of need. It has several facilities in Bowling Green, OH, as well as amanufacturing site inMarkham, Canada. Worthy winners of this issue’s Best Sustainable andWater-Soluble Packaging Company 2021 – USA award, we take a closer look at the company. Game-Changing Sustainability Combining highly innovative, water- soluble materials with leading scientific and engineering expertise, SmartSolve creates custom environmentally friendly packaging solutions for products in various industries. Some industries currently using SmartSolve materials include consumer goods and children’s toys, cosmetics, and personal care, as well as food service and identification. It strives to be a preeminent water-soluble materials supplier, recognising that it can only do this by helping customers to achieve their sustainability goals. SmartSolve’s scalable production facilities are designed to accommodate customers’ unique manufacturing needs, whether they are a small business owner or part of a Fortune 50 company. The SmartSolve team is dedicated to being the best possible partner as customers undergo their sustainable packaging journey. The company’s approach is based on its customers’ overarching needs. It begins by meeting them on a one-on-one basis and works with them to outline their unique packaging needs. Typically, customers will receive samples of SmartSolve’s various substrates and they will let the company know which materials fit their individual requirements. From there, SmartSolve works alongside them during the product development process to bring a sustainable and innovative solution to their industry. SmartSolve’s environmentally sustainable materials are engineered to provide many utilitarian benefits in the marketplace, including personal safety, time savings, customer convenience, product portioning, and innovative and sustainable packaging. SmartSolve lives by its core values which are not just something that is written on a wall, but they are behaviours that are integrated into everyday work: there is an emphasis on faith, family and fun; giving life to the right ideas; doing what’s right every time; deferring to action when uncertainty exists, even at the risk of failure; and possessing customer intimate culture reflecting the Philippians 2:3 principle. As part of the CMC Group, SmartSolve believes its faith ethos drives it towards a broader mission, its passion to make the world a better place by helping to reduce the use of single- use plastics. Through multiple company-wide initiatives, CMC Group has invested in bettering the lives of its employees, stakeholders, community, and environment as a whole. An example of this is CMC Group’s financial support of a large number of established charities and non-profit organisations, as well as the creation of its own non-profit organisation, CMC Giving at Heart, which donates funds to a group of charities decided upon each year by a committee comprised of CMC employees. This programme was established to help CMC Group’s employees and their families in need of emergency assistance after an injury, accident, illness, death, natural disaster, assault, or robbery. SmartSolve believes in the power of people. In short, its people make everything possible. The company culture is centred around the wellbeing of its employees and on treating its customers with respect. Its culture is built on the beliefs, attitudes and actions of its employees and leadership. Since COVID-19, SmartSolve has seen an increased demand for its technology and growth in the single-use packaging sector. There continues to be a large push for sustainability, and it can be challenging to find sustainable packaging solutions for single- use packaging, but this is where SmartSolve comes in. Currently working on crafting bio-based adhesives which will help increase the water-vapour barrier (WVTR) properties of its materials, SmartSolve believes this will help it to better serve new market segments. It is also working alongside several major corporations with leading edge sustainability initiatives, and it is excited to see these entities and their new sustainable packaging launch to be readily available for purchase on store shelves. Ultimately, SmartSolve is honoured to be part of the game-changing sustainability initiatives to reduce global waste, with its materials offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging. Why partner with SmartSolve? Because it wants to help build a better future – for you, for your business, and for the planet. Company: SmartSolve Industries Contact: Ashleigh Hotz Website: