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Q4 2023 Featuring: Best Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Company 2023 - USA OmniAb’s mission is to enable the rapid development of innovative antibody therapeutics by providing its leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners with cutting-edge antibody discovery technologies. By combining the expansive and diverse antibody repertoires generated from OmniAb’s groundbreaking four-species, in vivo discovery platform, with its cutting-edge, highthroughput screening tools and in silico capabilities, the company is delivering on its commitment of helping the industry discover the next-generation of therapeutic antibodies.

Welcome to the Q4 2023 edition of Global Health & Pharma magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q4 2023 As 2023 nears its end, it becomes a very fitting time to take a look back at the last 12 months and how the industry has continued to thrive. Medtech remains a very prominent concept, with organisations harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to do incredible things. For starters, on our front cover, we’re pleased to feature the revolutionary OmniAb, our Best Therapeutic Antibody Discover Company 2023 – USA. Pushing the boundaries of therapeutic antibody discovery, OmniAb provides its pharmaceutical partners with the most diverse antibody repertoires and state-of-the-art screening technologies to facilitate the discovery of next-generation therapeutics. Elsewhere, we’re keen to promote how advancing tech has made rapid urine tests for HPV possible, an alternative method to cervical screening. A less invasive way of collecting cervical cell samples, this solution would be the ideal alternative for those who don’t wish to attend cervical screenings, in turn, saving more lives. From there, we showcase more of our award-winning firms who are also providing highly innovative solutions, whether food sensitivity and intolerance tests, prognostic diabetic biomarkers, PEMF therapy mats and devices, clinical skincare, luxury dental experiences, and many more. We also shine a light on outstanding organisations who are delivering crucial services in mental health treatment and eating disorder recovery care. I hope you find this issue to be informative and insightful, the GHP team wishes you a wonderful end to 2023 and the most prosperous quarter ahead. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you back again in Q1 2024. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 6. Best Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Company 2023 - USA 10. Best Independent Non- Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA 12. Creating Healthy Healthcare Inventories 13. Award-winning Experts in Healthcare Communication 14. Urine tests for HPV, accessible screening for all could just be the key to preventing cervical cancer 15. Supplying the Means to Improve Life 16. Best Prognostic Diabetic Biomarker Development Company 2023 - Western Asia 17. NewMed Ltd: Your One- Stop-Shop for PEMF Therapy 18. Best Clinical Skincare Range 2023 (UK): SkinCycles 19. Best Cosmetic Injector 2023 (Central London): Alice Henshaw 20. Best Holistic Health Clinic 2023 - Sweden 21. An Innovative Leader in Polyclonal Antibody Development 22. Most Dedicated Domiciliary Care Service 2023 - East Midlands 23. A Customer-Centric Approach in the Pharmaceutical Industry 24. Get On Track! 25. Transforming Medicine Through Advanced AI 26. Most Compassionate Healthcare Network 2023 - Canada 28. Putting the ‘You’ in RejuvaYou 29. Elegantly Fusing Medicine and Beauty 30. Nurturing Communication Difference in Children 31. Extraordinary Expertise in the East Midlands 32. A Healthy Dose of Effective Communication! 33. A New Era of Dentistry 34. The Vital Need for Specialist Care to Help Adults Towards Eating Disorder Recovery 36. Advanced Skin Treatments for the Face and Body 37. Accelerators of Needed Change in Mental Health 38. Leading Innovation in the Dental Industry 39. Driving for State-of-the-Art Innovation in Life-Science 40. Best Specialist Oral Surgery Clinic 2023 - UK 42. Enhancing Natural Beauty 43. Best Spine Curvature Rehabilitation Centre 2023 - UAE 44. Most Innovative Mental Wellness Programming Provider 2023 - Midwest USA 45. Most Rejuvenating Aesthetics Clinic 2023 - Central London 46. Meet CHLOE 47. The UK’s Leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic 48. Healthcare-Focused Beverage Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 - Switzerland 50. Best Psychological Live Events & Seminars Provider 2023 - Germany 51. Most Dedicated Cardiovascular Care Provider 2023 - New Jersey 52. For a More Natural Beauty 53. Medical Solutions for Events

NEWS • 42% of employees surveyed who have experienced menopause symptoms feel uncomfortable talking to anyone at work about it. • 46% of employees going through the menopause have taken time off because of symptoms. • Nearly 3 in 10 (29%) of these did not state the reason for their absence and / or gave another reason for their absence. • 81% of employers think they would do well at supporting colleagues with menopause in the workplace. • 53% of employers now offer support for menopause. • More than two thirds (69%) of employers extend menopause support to family members. • 74% of employers feel equipped supporting employees with menopause symptoms. Aviva – one of the UK’s leading Insurance, Wealth, and Retirement businesses – has published new research today from its Working Lives campaign (1) which reveals that despite employers focusing on menopause, there’s still work to do to remove the stigma associated with menopause in the workplace. Over two in five UK employees are uncomfortable talking to anyone at work about menopause Eight in ten (81%)* employers surveyed think they would do well at supporting employees with menopause in the workplace. Nearly three quarters (74%)* of employers said they felt equipped to support employees with menopause symptoms. Under half (44%) have actively supported a colleague and of those almost nine in ten (89%)* felt they had done well. Almost three quarters (72%)* of employees have sought help for menopause symptoms but only a small proportion of those sought help through their work (6%), compared to a quarter (25%) who have spoken to friends and/or family members. Under half (45%) sought help from a GP*, and a similar number (39%) did their own research online and / or through TV programmes*. More than two in five (42%)* employees surveyed would be uncomfortable talking to anyone at work about menopause. Over half (55%)* of employees said that they would not feel comfortable talking to their manager and just over 1 in 7 (15%) said they had not sought support from their manager because they would be embarrassed. Over 2 in 5 (46%)* of employees have taken time off for menopause symptoms. However, nearly 3 in 10 (29%)* of these did not state the reason for their absence and / or gave another reason for their absence. The main symptoms for taking time off include stress and anxiety (29%), migraine (26%), exhaustion (26%) and heavy periods (25%). Dr Subashini M, Medical Director, Aviva UK Health says: “With over half of employers surveyed saying they offer menopause support and more than two thirds extending that support to family members, it’s clear that positive changes are being made to how menopause is supported in the workplace. “However, our Working Lives research highlights worrying behaviours which may impact employers’ abilities to measure the true impact of menopause on sickness absence in their workplace. It’s concerning to see that nearly three in ten employees who’ve taken time off because of menopause symptoms, don’t feel that they can give the real reason

NEWS 1nhaler, a Scotland-based drug delivery device developer, has raised £2 million to develop its unique single-use dry powder inhaler (DPI). Inhalable medicines are already widely used to treat conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, allergies and Parkinson’s but, to date, delivery options have been limited due to user accessibility, cost, performance and impact on the environment. 1nhaler has developed a way of enabling many different dry powder drugs to be readily delivered in a sustainable, low-cost delivery device. Other inhalers are typically made from bulky plastic and are expensive to manufacture and distribute. 1nhaler’s revolutionary sustainable DPI is cardboard-based with the same dimensions as a credit card. The discreet platform technology includes a breathable membrane which can be tailored to deliver individual drugs to patients. Investment will allow 1nhaler to work with innovative companies around the world, allowing them to bring new and existing drugs to patients in a more efficient and affordable way, opening up the next generation of inhaled products. The funding round was led by Archangels with support from Dr Yusuf Hamied, British Business Investments (BBI) and seed investors. Dr Hamied, nonexecutive Chairman of Indian pharmaceutical giant Cipla, is globally respected in the field pioneering the manufacture of affordable drugs for developing countries to fight AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. Based in Edinburgh, the company was founded by Don Smith and Lisa McMyn in 2017. They have assembled a team of industry experts, with decades of experience taking inhaled products to market, including Chief Scientific Officer Helen Muirhead who had responsibility for GSK’s blockbuster respiratory portfolio, including the Diskus and Ellipta inhalers. Lisa McMyn, founder and Chief Executive Officer at 1nhaler, said: “Our DPI has the potential to become the simplest, most convenient single-dose, disposable inhaler on the market, revolutionising the delivery of critical drugs, without the cost and environmental impact of existing devices. “Securing funding from Archangels is invaluable for the next steps in the 1nhaler’s development. Their life sciences expertise and patient capital approach are exactly what we’re looking for in a funding partner.” Dr Sarah Hardy, Director and Head of New Investments at Archangels, said: “Don, Lisa and the team at 1nhaler have developed a truly innovative technology platform with a clear route to market and opportunity to positively disrupt the status quo of single-dose medicine delivery”. “We’re proud to add 1nhaler to our portfolio of Scotland’s leading life sciences and technology businesses and look forward to working with them to increase the availability of life-saving drugs affordably and sustainably.” Operating for over 30 years, Archangels’ investor members have invested over £160 million in the most innovative early-stage companies with disruptive technology, protectable IP and the potential to scale globally. Archangels has enjoyed a number of significant exits in recent years, including the sale of medical AI business, Blackford Analysis, to Bayer Pharma earlier in the year and the sale of optical platform business, Optoscribe, to Intel Corporation in 2022. 1nhaler raises £2 million to develop single-use sustainable inhaler for their absence. While employers are working hard to foster a more inclusive workplace, it’s apparent that stigmas still exist.” As well as highlighting some worrying behaviours, the research offered useful insight into what employers could do to improve the situation. Almost three quarters (71%)* of employees surveyed agreed that they would feel more comfortable speaking to female colleagues and 65% said they would prefer to speak to someone of a similar age. Just over half (52%) said they would be more comfortable speaking to someone who understands their culture.* Flexible working (35%) and wellbeing support (28%) topped employees’ wish lists when it came to other support employers could provide in relation to menopause. Over a fifth (21%) of employees said they wanted better education about menopause for the whole workforce, the ability to speak to someone in confidence (22%), and a culture that encouraged people to speak more openly about menopause in the workplace (21%). Dr Subashini M continued: “The research findings demonstrate the importance of building a culture of trust that encourages open and honest conversations about menopause and developing a support strategy that considers employee’s individual needs. Only then will all parties reap the benefits.”

6 he central function of an animal’s immune system is to adaptively respond to a foreign target such as an invading pathogen through a process of diversification and selection that produces novel antibodies with high affinity, specificity, and expression. The human body has approximately a billion different antibodies circulating in the bloodstream, and an iterative process preferentially selects those that are naturally optimized to neutralize an antigen. Drug developers have attempted to imitate this highly sophisticated biological process to produce therapeutic antibodies against pathogens and human targets using synthetic methods, yet, as of the end of 2022, 90% of regulatory-approved antibodies for human use have been derived from natural sources. This strong track record, industry momentum, and significant government investment has driven continued interest in antibody discovery, development, and methods that are continually sought to make the process more efficient. Historically, most approved therapeutic antibodies have been sourced from the immunization of animals necessitating subsequent ex-vivo engineering to humanize them to reduce their risk of immunogenicity and toxicity in humans. These additional OmniAb’s mission is to enable the rapid development of innovative antibody therapeutics by providing its leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners with cutting-edge antibody discovery technologies. By combining the expansive and diverse antibody repertoires generated from OmniAb’s groundbreaking four-species, in vivo discovery platform, with its cutting-edge, high-throughput screening tools and in silico capabilities, the company is delivering on its commitment of helping the industry discover the next-generation of therapeutic antibodies. Best Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Company 2023 - USA downstream steps can increase cost, time, and technical risks associated with a discovery or development program. Sourcing therapeutic antibodies from transgenic animals that have been engineered to produce human antibody sequences is an elegant solution to this problem because it harnesses the biological processes of animal immune systems to generate naturally optimized antibodies while simultaneously producing them in a human form, requiring minimal to no ex-vivo engineering. “The historical success rates for antibodies have been better than small molecules and the industry as a whole is also getting better at developing antibody-based medicines,” comments Matt Foehr, CEO of OmniAb, Inc. “Our technological platform, with its efficient nature and wide-ranging results, aims to overcome the industry challenges that remain. It provides partners with antibody candidates based on unparalleled biological diversity, which we believe, over time, shorten discovery timelines, reduce costs, and considerably improve the chances of success.” Leveraging Biological IntelligenceTM for Diverse Antibody Discovery Solutions With a team of world-renowned scientists at the helm, OmniAb has created an industry-leading portfolio of unique, transgenic animal hosts that provide diverse repertoires of humanized antibody candidates. This is all possible through the harnessing of Biological Intelligence, which refers to the ability of genetically engineered animals to generate optimized antibodies that can be developed into therapeutics. When paired with the company’s advanced screening technologies, it allows biopharmaceutical partners to discover highly promising antibody therapeutic candidates. Through natural optimization and minimal ex-vivo engineering, the antibodies generated have desirable affinity, specificity, developability, and functional performance. At the core of OmniAb’s Biological Intelligence are OmniRat®, OmniMouse®, and OmniChicken®, all of which have been genetically modified to generate human antibodies, designed to accelerate the development of human therapeutic candidates. OmniRat® was launched in 2012 and produces a diverse repertoire of antibodies containing human idiotypes and immunological characteristics comparable to antibodies found in wild-type animals. As of the end of September 2023, three approved antibodies are OmniRat derived, and an additional 23 are in clinical development through partner organizations. OmniMouse followed in 2014 and was designed using the same transgenes as its predecessor to deliver fully human antibodies. For partners preferring to work with mice, this platform offers a T Jul23706 Matt Foehr, CEO

GHP Q4 2023 rapid solution to deliver fully human antibodies. OmniChicken was unveiled in 2016, the first engineered bird with an immune system that can efficiently create human sequence antibodies. Its evolutionary distance from humans and rodents enables the generation of diverse, affinity-matured antibodies against antigens that may be non-immunogenic in other mammals. Two antibodies – one derived from OmniMouse and one derived from OmniChicken – are in clinical development by OmniAb’s partners. Finally, OmniTaurTM, launched in 2020, provides cow-derived ultralong CDR-H3 antibodies that contain a human framework, enabling the discovery of antibody sequences that can access deep or cryptic epitopes due to their smaller size and unique domain features. OmniTaur seeks to provide a solution to an industry-wide problem: targeting ion channels, transporters, and viral protein epitopes, inaccessible to conventional antibodies. OmniAb offers the most diverse host systems available in the antibody discovery sector. Together, OmniAb’s four-species platform harnesses the power of each animal’s unique immune recognition capabilities to generate diverse antibody repertoires, allowing a multi-angled approach to antibody discovery for the benefit of its partners’ campaigns. Development of Bi- and Multi-specific Therapeutic Antibodies OmniAb has also generated animal hosts for binding dual or multiple therapeutic targets. Both OmniFlic® and OmniClic® are commonlight-chain rats and chickens, respectively, specifically designed to generate desirable candidates and facilitate development of bispecific antibodies. Three bispecific antibodies derived from OmniFlic are in clinical development. Recently, the company expanded its multi-specific antibody discovery platform, with the generation of Omni dAb™, the first and only transgenic chicken, capable of producing human singledomain antibodies. These antibodies have an array of benefits for therapeutic development, including leveraging modularly to efficiently design multi-specific antibodies for a wide range of human diseases. Coupled with the benefits of chicken-based antibody discovery, Omni dAb represents a powerful new tool for targeting distinct epitopes and accessing new treatment modalities. “There are a multitude of opportunities for single-domain antibodies due to the small and modular nature of the scaffold,” says Bill Harriman, Senior Vice President of Antibody Discovery at OmniAb, Inc. “And with the attributes that are built into our Omni dAb chicken platform, we are well positioned to accelerate the discovery of unique therapeutic molecules in this space.” Bill Harriman, PhD- Sr. Vice President, Antibody Discovery Kristen Chan- Antibody Discovery & Technology Sr. Research Associate


GHP Q4 2023 Building a Flexible, Partner-Centric Approach for the Future of Therapeutics In addition to its antibody discovery solutions, OmniAb possesses extensive biological capabilities focused on developing small molecule and antibody therapeutics for ion channels and transporters. Both ion channels and transporters are key components across a variety of biological processes, having broad therapeutic applicability in diverse areas such as cancer, pain, and metabolic, neurological, and infectious diseases, among others. The company has also successfully integrated several other capabilities such as antigen generation, in silico discovery and optimization tools, and high throughput screening technologies, therefore offering partners a wide-ranging antibody discovery and development solution. With this portfolio, OmniAb takes a tailored approach for every project, whether a partner wants to use OmniAb’s end-to-end discovery capabilities or combine specific technologies with their own internal workflows. To ensure that they continue to effectively serve the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of the future, OmniAb continues to expand its platform in order to push the frontiers of drug discovery technologies. This is done through internal investment in enabling technologies and potential strategic acquisitions. By broadening its capabilities in the antibody discovering continuum, OmniAb will be able to explore partnerships with new clients in new markets. OmniAb At-a-Glance As of September 30, 2023, OmniAb has 76 active partners with 314 active programs. 27 OmniAb-derived antibodies are in clinical development, one is under regulatory review, and three are approved products by OmniAb partners. The company currently has approximately 109 full-time employees based in the United States, including 82 engaged in the fields of R&D; 37 members of the R&D team have PhDs. The company recognizes and takes care of its employees in a variety of ways, offering competitive pay, recognition, and an extensive benefit program. Moreover, the business has established a host of important initiatives dedicated to further employee and community engagement around meaningful endeavors advancing women in science, awareness about environmental issues, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Contact: Business Development, [email protected] Company: OmniAb, Inc. Web Address:

10 With the rising costs in healthcare, and the larger need for digital solutions, we’re proud to highlight the work of an independent pharmacy with a difference. Medvantx is a specialist healthcare firm based in San Diego, CA. Connecting patients with providers and healthcare organizations, Medvantx ensures they receive the medication and the treatment they both need and deserve. Here we talk to Medvantx’s CEO, Prasanna Parthasarathy, as it secures its title in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2023. Businesses can improve the user experience (UX) of their services with the help of technological solutions. These solutions, such as AI driven, easy-to-use platforms – especially those which incorporate modernized analysis and compliance regulations in addition to their base purpose of access to care for all patients – are pushing the boundaries of the healthcare industry as we know it. AI powered algorithms, which help with analysis of purchase patterns, ensure services can be streamlined and perfected – giving providers and manufacturers the chance to understand the demand within their sector, and allowing them to react in good time. In order to adapt to the trends of their industries, providers need the power of analysis behind them so that they can ensure their output matches the needs of their patients. Of course, the healthcare industry – especially health insurance – is complex, and the rising costs don’t make things any easier. With the digital age booming, we see more innovative solutions to simplify every process from sector to sector – and Medvantx’s technology is raising the bar for the healthcare industry in the present and the generations to come. Medvantx was established in 2013 to “bridge the gap between patients and their much needed medications.” Its core mission is to pave the way to patient access, and its work truly demonstrates its passion for helping those who need a better system to rely on. As a non-commercial pharmacy, Medvantx supports large pharmaceutical manufacturers in their endeavours. Its pioneering platform is helping it to address the difficulties that its clients face, and present them with everything they need to have access to the care they need at the time. Due to the transformative nature of the industry, Medvantx strives to deliver the best, and most sophisticated, solutions which are guaranteed to improve experiences of all people alike. Its work is being recognised more than ever, and it’s easy to see why. We all depend on the healthcare industry at some point or another. Whether we need to have access to long-term care or one off care, it’s inevitable that we’ll need to access different types of medication or services in our lives. A plethora of solutions have been created around the world for these moments, but Medvantx’s software has delivered a new dawn for the digital aspect of access to care. Medvantx collaborates with healthcare providers, manufacturers, and organizations in order to battle against the difficulties they face when trying to access the medication they require. The issues experienced could be due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations, but Medvantx has created a software that can do it all, for less. Working tirelessly to help a diverse plethora of individuals, Medvantx uses its core values to drive it towards success for the future of healthcare. Prasanna tells us, “Our clients primarily include individuals who find it difficult to afford or access their necessary medications due to financial constraints or insurance coverage limitations. Our specific focus is on creating accessibility for these individuals, leveraging our resources and technology to ensure they receive the medications they need.” Following on from entering the life-impacting medical device segment in 2021, the Medvantx INSIGHTS Platform was launched in 2022 to “further the advancement of access to care.” This platform gives Medvantx an edge over it competitors by helping patients to manage their medication seamlessly and in a timely manner. The innovative mobile and Cloud solutions within Medvantx INSIGHTS platform created a smoother UX. This not only helps to connect patients with their medication, but it also aids a “frictionless” relationship between patient and provider. Medvantx INSIGHTS platform is split into three distinct sections such as “Connect”, “Engage”, and “Analytics”. To start, its “Connect” Best Independent NonCommercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA

GHP Q4 2023 segment covers the API-based integration of cutting-edge technology which keeps patient’s data safe while connecting them with their provider. The HIPAA compliant data sharing involved ensures safe and secure e-prescriptions can be shared between pharmacies and patients, making their experience of healthcare access run smooth and easy. “Engage” is a tool that both patients and providers can use around the clock, 24/7/365, in a flexible and manageable manner. With regards to manufacturers, “Engage” helps them to integrate digitally with a pharmacy while giving the appropriate amount of time to focus on prescription management, clinical questions, and much more. By managing business continuity in this way, patients can always have their medication delivered to them on time, no matter what kind of insurance they may have. Lastly, “Analytics” guarantees data can be used efficiently and securely for each user. This improves the patient experience by giving them access to the seamless integration of data from different sources, and the algorithms then generate clinical patient access date to digest operational, compliance, and key financial information. “We’ve invested in advanced safety software that helps us ensure the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice. This software allows us to monitor and manage medication safety more effectively, providing an added layer of protection for our clients.” As the healthcare industry is an ever-evolving sphere which is becoming more expensive, Prassana tells us, “Our primary focus is on providing world-class medications in an efficient and compliant manner, despite these economic pressures. We leverage technology and innovative strategies to streamline our operations and reduce costs wherever possible. Our INSIGHTS Platform, for instance, allows us to better understand patient needs and medication trends, enabling us to optimize our services and manage resources more efficiently. Medvantx works tirelessly to deliver essential medications to everyone, including individuals who may have struggled to have access to care to begin with, people who are underinsured, and over 40 million people living above the federal poverty line. It has established itself as a link between each patient and those who provide their muchneeded pharmaceuticals. Its strong ethical conduct has a purpose: to ensure the healthcare industry is led with equity in mind – and its work truly reflects this on a daily and case-by-case basis. Also offering comprehensive business continuity, Medvantx has stayed strong throughout some of the most trying times. As the pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty and issues with manufacturing and delivery, Medvantx stayed ahead of the curve by utilising its welldesigned technology to communicate between manufacturers, providers, and patient. This meant that the best was made of a bad situation, people could be safe, and Medvantx could prevail. Its unique offerings such as Cash Pay, also known as Direct-ToPatient (DTP), guarantee access to medication without the need to go through insurance programs. As the payment is handles virtually, via online credit card processing, individuals can be free of stress, and with an uninterrupted service. For the future, Medvantx aims to continuously improve its INSIGHTS platform, in order to improve scalability and consistency. Prassana adds, “We also plan to expand our digital pharmacy footprint, leveraging technology to reach more patients and improve access to care. We’re exploring new ways to streamline our operations and reduce costs, ensuring that our medications remain affordable despite rising healthcare costs. “Additionally, we are investing in advanced safety software to enhance our compliance standards. Driven by our medical affairs team, this initiative aligns in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice. Our future plans revolve around innovation, accessibility, efficiency, and compliance, aimed at providing world-class care to as many patients as possible.” Providing its solutions to the USA, Medvantx doesn’t simply strive to be the best – it has won an award-winning status as the Best Independent Non-Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy 2023 – USA. Indeed, Medvantx’s commitment to evolution ensures it stays ahead of the curve as well as reacting to the trends within the industry at present. Its strength and foresight guarantees its success, and its success sends a ripple effect out amongst patients with varied needs and requirements – all around the world. With an inclusive, educated, and respectful approach to all parties involved in the access to care process, Medvantx has come up with solutions to all pain points. Whether that’s problems with insurance or affordability, or with the compliance and regulations side of data for providers, its solutions have changed the way we experience the healthcare industry and the way we manage data – all rolled into one platform. If you’re a healthcare provider looking to manage your patients, stock, or compliance, or a patient looking to cultivate a better relationship with your provider, look no further. Head over to Medvantx’s website today for more details. Contact: Prasanna Parthasarathy Company: Medvantx Web Address:

12 GHP Q4 2023 Operating within the healthcare industry has always been an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish. Now so more than ever, given the rising demands of a multitude of healthcare units. So, how can one be expected to also manage their inventories on top of the already existing list of tasks that also require immense focus? The answer is BIG Inventory, holder of the 2023’s Best Hospital Inventory Service title. Below, we explore how BIG Inventory has set a new standard of inventory services within the sector. Throughout the healthcare industry, an increasing importance has been placed upon utilising a professional inventory service to capture a hospital’s clinical inventory supply data. Whether this is due to the fact that it introduces experts into the workspace who are able to take the pressures off of the hospital’s resources, or because it manages to save overtime costs, regular payroll, and the cost of training internal staff, the demand is there. Hospitals want to place all of their focus on delivering the best care to their patients, and BIG Inventory is equipped to ensure that professional inventory services are more accessible than ever before. What makes BIG Inventory so well-prepared for the task of performing hospital inventories, however, is its wholly unique approach towards the profession as a whole. Unlike other providers within the same sector, BIG Inventory is able to leverage its small, tight-knit collective of specialists, who are each wholly committed to the specifics within the industry. As such, these individuals have unparalleled levels of professionalism that place them in the perfect position to provide all of the best advice and knowledge concerning the hospital setting and its unique inventory items. This, partnered with its strong passion for utilising most recent technologies in order to enhance hospital inventory management, guarantees a reliability that truly sets BIG Inventory apart from its competition. There’s a very strict model that BIG Inventory adheres to throughout its work – something that’s represented through its software acronym, BERTHA. Standing for ‘Bringing Employees, Resources, and Technology to Hospital Audits’, BERTHA encapsulates the purpose and direction of this astounding hospital inventory service. When operating alongside BIG Inventory, clients can expect an unrivalled usage of some of the most advanced pieces of technology within the sector. Be it in the form of hardware or software, BIG Inventory recognises how crucial it is to have a supportive network of utilities at its disposal. As such, it has adapted and reconstructed hardware and supporting software alike, all in the pursuit of securing maximum efficiency and performance throughout its inventory management processes. Combine this with BERTHA’s comprehensive suite of tools and resources, and you’re left with an inventory service that has truly thought of every eventuality in order to best benefit a whole host of hospitals. No matter the need, BIG Inventory is ready to help. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, a team of specialists who each have an acute understanding of how best to manage a hospital’s inventory, and approaches that embody the meaning of brilliance, it’s able to conquer any hospital’s inventory struggles. It’s thanks to this overarching commitment to excellence that BIG Inventory has managed to reach the heights that it finds itself at today. As such, we believe no organisation is more deserving of the title of 2023’s Best Hospital Inventory. Whether it’s deploying its Real-Time Monitoring in order to identify potential problems and resolve them onsite, or formulating a completely new approach towards inventory data process, BIG Inventory is onhand to continuously define what it means to be an expert of its craft. And, with the rise of technology’s constant evolution, we’re sure that BIG Inventory will be at the forefront of discovering its potential. The result? The chance for hospitals to focus on their patients, whilst BIG Inventory’s professional team brings a new breath of life to their physical inventory management. Contact: Chuck Philips Company: BIG Inventory Inc. Web Address: Creating Healthy Healthcare Inventories

13 GHP Q4 2023 this report. For the last decade, infill science voyager has been successfully serving various audiences, uniting groups of between 20 and 1,200 participants at a time. It has consistently provided a secure and reliable communication environment for corporate meetings, scientific symposia, and advisory boards alike. Unsurprisingly, the platform saw a significant surge in usage during the pandemic, when it was one of the only ways to stay in touch with internal and external audiences. Maintaining its commitment to technology and innovation, infill is currently working to leverage emerging AI tools for the benefit of its staff and clients. To this end, it has joined forces with new affiliates to develop a system that will take care of time-consuming daily tasks, freeing up the medical writing team to work on more complex projects. It is also investigating how it could use AI to support client projects by carrying out big data analysis, uncovering valuable business insights, and combing website user data to expose patterns. For its continued excellence, infill healthcare communication has been awarded Best Healthcare Communication Agency, Germany, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate the company on its success in this prestigious awards programme and wish it the best of luck in all its future endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Christian Guhlke Company: infill healthcare communication Web Address: nfill supports companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries by fulfilling all their medical marketing needs. The company has built an excellent reputation for delivering innovative and effective solutions in both traditional and digital healthcare marketing. Offering communication advice from the perspective of science and technology, the company drives projects through from concept to implementation. In every project it works on, whether it involves CME accredited meetings and websites, advisory board management, patient information, education and adherence, or internal training programmes, infill always strives to provide clients with the highest standard of service possible. With a flat hierarchy and a large network of experts, the agency is an agile, flexible partner that can swiftly understand and adapt to briefs of all kinds according to client demand. The infill team consists of creatives, scientific and communication experts, and IT professionals. Its highly qualified medical writers and digital specialists collaborate to create new formats for healthcare professionals and scientists around the world. Thanks to the hard work of its team, the company is able to offer a unique combination of targeted medical knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and strategic consulting. Many clients have said that infill delivers some of the best medical writing and leading expertise, using the most innovative communication tools available. Overall, infill strives to achieve a number of goals in its work. These are to keep communication at the centre of its activities, always deliver excellence, contribute towards the continued progression of healthcare and education, and serve as a single source of communication services for clients. An example of one of infill’s flagship projects is the infill science voyager, a platform that enables users to join medical meetings at any time, from anywhere. Serving as the backbone to all the company’s virtual and hybrid events, the voyager is a system that offers a safe, secure, and highly flexible environment for online meetings. Developed in response to clients’ most pressing challenges, the system aims to bridge the gap between speakers and their audiences, whether they are attending virtually or in-person. Using infill science voyager, meetings can be recorded and made available after the event. This means that content can be reused and repurposed on demand, facilitating multichannel usage. Furthermore, clients are provided with a full statistical report, through which they can evaluate user feedback and discover potential areas for improvement that they can focus on for any future events. If needed, corporate analytical tools can be embedded into to progress healthcare and education now and in future for the benefit of humankind to provide services from a single source with the help of a diverse and wellversed team With offices in Germany, the UK, and the USA, infill healthcare communication is an awardwinning European agency with extensive experience delivering communication expertise to major healthcare companies and international medical societies. It strives to deliver excellence in medical education, with a focus on digital strategy and solutions. For its outstanding work, infill has been named Best Healthcare Communication Agency, Germany, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Award-winning Experts in Healthcare Communication I Aug23332

14 GHP Q4 2023 Nov23227 The latest game-changing product from Fjord Diagnostics Sdn Bhd is the HPV Urine Rapid Antigen Test Kit, boasting the claim of being the world’s first self-collection HPV testing method for the screening of Cervical Cancer Risk, providing real-time test results in 1530 minutes, eliminating the need for any of the embarrassment or discomfort that may arise from clinician-taken cervical smear and pelvic examination. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the world have become comfortable and familiar with the idea of self-testing kits, and thanks to Fjord Diagnostics, cervical cancer screening can now be checked using similar technology. This easy-to-use testing kit uses a urine sample, the preferred sample collection of choice for women. This test kit employs the use of the Fjord Diagnostics’ proprietary patented SEDIPREP® Sample Preparation Technology in the pre-concentration of collected HPV urine viral load of up to > 40x, transforming the initial collected urine sample into its final HPV viral load concentration that is now suitable for lateral flow assays. First-void urine samples can serve as game changers in the field of HPV-based cervical cancer screenings, and with Fjord Diagnostics’ HPV Urine Rapid Antigen Test comes the advantage of an easy self-collection of urine sample combined with the eradication of any embarrassment or discomfort from a clinician-taken cervical smear. This testing kit will appeal to those health-conscious women already attending cervical cancer screenings, as well as the under-screened women who are perhaps afraid, embarrassed, or cannot find the time to go. It is estimated that between 60 and 70% of the female population in the age range of 30-65 had previously been hesitant to visit a clinic for a pelvic examination and cervical smear test, primarily for the reasons of discomfort, embarrassment, or cultural taboo, so this testing kit may cause a shift in how cervical cancer screening is carried out. Having HPV does not necessarily mean that a person will develop cancer, as there are more than 100 types of the HPV virus, yet only 14 of these are associated with cancer. However, early detection not only helps to treat cervical abnormalities and any existing cancer but can act also as a vital preventative measure. Over time, cervical cancer screening strategies have evolved massively, initially starting out as cytology-based prior to HPV being identified as the cause of cervical cancer, and the subsequent introduction of tests to help detect it. A self-testing kit is the next step in this natural evolution, and Fjord Diagnostics succeeded in its aim to develop a self-collection test that was simple, rapid, and costeffective. Much like the Covid-19 rapid tests, the pre-concentrated urine specimen is mixed with a fluid before being squeezed onto a test card, with results shown in the form of C and T lines, with one line indicating a negative result, two lines a positive one, and with no line on C invalidating the test. Each kit includes one individual test card, one urine container, one SEDIPREP® Sample Preparation device for HPV viral load preconcentration, one extraction tube, one dropper pipette, and one packaging insert complete with instructions. The test should only be used for a qualitive diagnosis and is suitable for detecting cervical pre-cancer and cancer caused by hrHPV. Following on from a positive result, a diagnosis should be confirmed by a physician only after all clinical and laboratory findings have been evaluated fully. Thanks to Fjord Diagnostics’ SEDIPREP® reverse filtration process technology platform, technological advancement in the field of sample preparation of body fluid for analysis has never been so efficient and effective. The company boasts a recovery yield of up to 99%, standardised preparation, a quick turnaround, and ease of use across its systems, most abundantly clear in “the SEDIPREP® advantage” which comes into play when comparing the company’s SEDIPREP® method with that of the error-prone centrifugation method. With four simple steps, the higher recovery yield of investigative analytes can be garnered, making the SEDIPREP® method the best choice for separating investigative analytes from the liquid sample for analysis purposes. Ultimately, Fjord Diagnostics has unveiled a revolutionary new selftesting kit that makes testing for a preventable disease like cervical cancer quick, easy, and able to be carried out from the privacy of one’s own home. This innovation is sure to be the first in a long line of self-testing treatments for cancers and other such diseases, and by spotting the signs early through these tests, treatment has the best possible chance of eradicating the illness, allowing life to be lived to the fullest. Contact: Robin Chin Company: Fjord Diagnostics Sdn Bhd Web Address: Urine tests for HPV, accessible screening for all could just be the key to preventing cervical cancer

15 GHP Q4 2023 upply Life invites its customers to make the necessary changes that their bodies need, and pledges to help those suffering from conditions brought on as a result of intolerances to certain foods. With its simple process, customers can begin to notice an easing of their symptoms after just days of making key changes to their diet. Bolstered by a team of expertly qualified nutritionists, any suggestions made will fit in with a client’s lifestyle and are certain to show results. More than 100 five-star reviews on the company site from customers, doctors, and coaches solidify the company’s claims, and make it the ultimate choice for those tackling the daily struggle of food intolerance. Supply Life’s easy-to-use home food intolerance test kit offers rapid results that are delivered within 7 days, and all samples are tested twice in the company’s Cambridge-based lab, done to ensure the findings are, “as accurate as possible”, explains Jack. Each customer is then provided a 12-page report and the business will test more than 200 different foods against the sample to see what food is best for their body. Founder Ricky Singh struggled with IBS for many years, and it was his desire to do something about this that set the wheels in motion for the establishment of Supply Life, which today helps hundreds of thousands of people manage their health effectively. After countless hours of studying his condition, Ricky realised that the key to managing his IBS was to cut the foods out of his diet that threw his metabolism off balance, and only eat the foods that he could easily digest. From here, the evolution of the endeavour was natural, and soon Ricky and his team had developed a test that cleverly identifies any food IgG antibodies in a blood sample binding to a food extract, thus indicating whether or not these antibodies are present. The innovative software then produces a unique printout of the results, matching the antibody result to each of the requested foods to outline what causes the issue. When a particular food causes high levels of these IgG antibodies, they form with protein in the food and form what is known as an antigenantibody complex. Although these are often eliminated by other cells in the immune system, occasionally they become anchored to tissues in the body, which leads to chronic inflammation and the on-set of symptoms. As one can imagine, Supply’s Life test is thus extremely useful for a host of people around the world, particularly athletes, who rely on their bodies for the purposes of advancing their careers. To this end, Ricky and the team have this year worked with Team GB athletes in the fields of rowing, cycling, and taekwondo, as well Supply Life offers the UK’s best-rated food intolerance test, and is trusted by doctors, Premier League football clubs, and professional athletes alike. Best for Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance Tests 2023 awardee Supply Life helps customers with such issues as bloating, IBS, skin conditions, low energy levels and unwanted weight retention, with a whopping 92% of its customers seeing measurable benefits since partnering with the business.The company stands out as the only CE-marked intolerance lab across the UK, as well as being the only one to use microarray technology, and offer a full aftercare service, complete with a call from a nutritionist, a bespoke meal plan, 30-day on-going support, and access to guidebooks. We speak with Jack Sullivan, who provides further insight into the company and its revolutionary tests. Supplying the Means to Improve Life as four football teams and Matchroom Boxing. This is in addition to the more than 20,000 other people whose lives have been immeasurably benefited by the test in 2023 alone. Since being established more than 6 years ago, Supply Life has so far found in excess of 4.2 million intolerances, with an average of 12 found per test, highlighting its effectiveness. Having been featured in publications such as The Times, The Sun and Daily Mail, as well as being the food intolerance testing kit of choice for West Ham United FC, the quality of the results speak for themselves. With Ricky’s personal struggles battling IBS and an innate desire to help others driving the company forward, Supply Life has established itself as the UK’s leading food intolerance test kit, and thus is more than deserving of this award championing its successes in the field and making lives considerably better every single day. Contact: Jack Sullivan Company: Supply Life Web Address: S