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Welcome to the Q1 2024 edition of Global Health & Pharma magazine, providing you with all of the latest news and features across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape. Q1 2024 Over the last year, we have seen significant breakthroughs in vaccine development, cancer treatments, GLP-1 drugs revolutionising obesity management, gene therapy and gene editing technology for rare diseases, treatments for complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and drugs for a spectrum of conditions including migraines, menopausal symptoms, and post-partum depression. Indeed, 2023 was a year of great innovation and success and 2024 looks to take this to the next level, with the sector being expected to continue to grow and thrive. Artificial intelligence will remain a key contributor to the driving of new drug discovery and development. Rapid uptake in AI technology has been accelerating the identifying of new drug candidates, reducing the hefty cost that comes with drug development, and improving the success rate of drug trials. Further, AI has the potential to help the sector meet increasing demand for personalised medicine and precision therapies by analysing patient responses to treatment. Now, we invite you to explore the stories of our award-winning businesses who have each been playing their own part in the progress of the health and pharmaceutical industry around the world, whether they specialise in stem cell and auto-transfusion solutions, drug development, assisted reproductive technology (ART), pharmaceutical consulting for other businesses, and more. We hope you find this issue to be informative and inspiring, and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q2 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. News 6. LCPT Inc: Pesticide & Fungicide Solutions Retailer of the Year - USA 8. Byomed LLC: Stem Cells & Auto-Transfusion Solutions 2023 - Florida 9. The Dental Wave: Best General Dental Practice - Portsmouth 10. eVOLV Strong: Best Middle-Aged Client Health & Fitness Training Specialists 2023 - USA 11. CannabisDeals: Best CBD Marketplace - UK 12. A Personalised Approach to Clinical Trials 14. Medicanja®: Best CBD Oil Brand - Jamaica 15. Innova Solutions: Best Full-Service Workforce Lifecycle Management Enterprise 16. Angels Creation Reproductive Center (ACRC): Best International ART Agency 2023 17. Assertive Strategies for Success

NEWS • The pre-seed round was led by Insurtech Gateway, with support from 2100 Ventures, Exceptional Ventures, Heartfelt and leading European angel investors. • Juniper offers comprehensive insurance for genitals, covering a range of otherwise uncovered conditions, such as PCOS, menopause, erectile dysfunction and gender dysphoria. • The investment will fuel Juniper’s growth by facilitating product development, team expansion and supporting its pilot phase with customers before its official launch. Juniper, the new reproductive healthcare insurance provider, has raised £1.5M in pre-seed funding led by Insurtech Gateway. The round was supported by 2100 Ventures, Exceptional Ventures, and Heartfelt, alongside angel investors Vera Baker, Charles Delingpole, Matt Cooper, Tara Reeves, and others. The investment will triple the team, drive growth and support Juniper’s pilot phase leading to its official launch. Juniper addresses a gap in health insurance by providing comprehensive genital insurance for all genders, ensuring easy Juniper Secures £1.5M for FirstEver Reproductive Healthcare Insurance for Employees access for companies and their employees. In the UK, one in three women suffer from reproductive or gynaecological issues1, while one in four men experience low testosterone by age 302. Ambra Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO of Juniper, said, “I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) early on, and my corporate health insurance didn’t cover it, as PCOS was classified as a chronic reproductive condition. So, every year, I would pay £1,000 out of pocket to see my gynaecologist get my prescription. Juniper bridges this gap by providing end-to-end reproductive health support for employees and offers tailored, high-quality insurance products for employers and brokers. Our digital platform aims to revolutionise the insurance industry by meeting the unmet needs of the new generation.” Juniper provides everyone with an out-ofthe-box reproductive health cover, providing employees access to testing and routine check ups, education, community support, medical reimbursement and care navigation. Juniper will be available to medium to large enterprise businesses looking to support their employees’ well-being, benefit from hassle-free admin, and pursue new avenues for ESG initiatives. Juniper offers coverage that includes various conditions and tests, encompassing contraception, STD testing, endometriosis, erectile dysfunction, and reproductive organ cancer. Juniper also covers gender dysphoria, egg freezing, and menopause— making it the sole insurance provider to address these. The European market presents a £30Bn opportunity when focused on medium to large companies. Fertility issues and menopause are often not covered by employee health insurance. In some instances, employers offer to cover the cost of egg-freezing or fertility treatments, such as IVF, which can cost the business £15-45K. Unlike traditional health insurers prioritising low-frequency, high-value claims rarely used, Juniper concentrates on highfrequency claims with moderate costs, addressing an overlooked niche. Ruth Polyblank, Insurance Strategist and Advisor to Juniper, commented, “Juniper is embarking on a mission to empower

CREATOR of plastic-free, natural materials, Xampla, continues to scale-up the commercialisation of its biodegradable Morro materials with new industry hire. The deep tech company has grown its team by more than 25% in the last year, with Dr. Francys Fernandez Zavarce being the latest recruit. Dr Zavarce joins as Specialty Chemical Business Development Manager to oversee the scale-up of Morro materials across FMCG markets. She brings more than 20 years’ combined experience in chemical science and business development, at companies including Adqot and Procter & Gamble, where she was responsible for developing commercialisation strategies, and new product developments. In her new role, Dr. Zavarce will spearhead the entry of Morro materials into market as replacements for the most polluting plastics. She will focus primarily on accelerating the commercialisation of Morro Coating. Made from plants, Morro Coating replaces “forever chemicals” and plastic coatings traditionally used on paper and cardboard packaging. The plant-based material is fully biodegradable, home compostable and safe for food contact. Zavarce will engage key stakeholders across industries, as well as collaborating with technical and product development teams, to advance R&D and commercial goals of the application. The new appointment is the latest in a series of wins for the company, as Xampla recently completed a successful funding round securing $7m of investment to advance its plastic elimination mission. Last month the company was awarded the Innovate UK Smart Grant, in partnership with 2M Group of Companies. This will see the scale-up of production of Morro materials to multiple tonnes per day at 2M’s Milton Keynes manufacturing site. The continued growth follows the appointment of new CEO, Alexandra French, last year. In her role, French is responsible for leading the scale up of Xampla’s operations and partnerships with leading brands and manufacturers. Alexandra French, CEO at Xampla, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Dr Francys Zavarce to our team as we continue to expand our team of experts year on year. “Francys brings the strategic vision Xampla needs to innovate and scale-up our revolutionary natural materials in order to successfully penetrate the market and drive our R&D initiatives forward.” Dr. Francys Fernandez Zavarce, Xampla’s Specialty Chemical Business Development Manager, said: “I’m honoured to join this thriving organisation, and to have the opportunity to drive the commercial growth of Xampla’s remarkable innovations. “The global plastic pollution crisis is an urgent problem that fuels my passion for advancing new-age solutions. I look forward to collaborating with Xampla’s talented team of experts to achieve new heights and solidify our position as industry leaders in the plastic replacement space.” Xampla welcomes former P&G chemist to team as scale-up accelerates individuals in their reproductive health and choices. With a focus on inclusivity and truly comprehensive coverage, it is redefining the landscape of reproductive healthcare and closing the gaps and exclusions that exist in traditional health insurance policies. Juniper’s launch is a progressive step towards a future where everyone can access the insurance they need to navigate their unique reproductive health journey with confidence and dignity.” Robert Lumley, Co-Founder at Insurtech Gateway, added, “When Juniper asked us to imagine dental insurance, but for your genitals, it opened our eyes to a substantial market largely ignored by traditional insurance. Juniper is removing the stigma surrounding reproductive health issues and enabling employers to offer comprehensive care for all employees. We are delighted to join them on this journey.” Ambra Zhang, CEO, and Sam Pratt, CPTO, co-founded Juniper. Ambra, drawing from her experience in investment banking and private equity at Goldman Sachs, founded Juniper after firsthand encounters with the constraints of corporate health insurance. Sam is an experienced engineer, previously Senior Engineering Manager at Brit Insurance, the second largest commercial insurer at Lloyd’s of London. Before this, he was the Head of Engineering at Gaia, the first direct-to-consumer IVF insurance startup. They are joined by Max Bacon, Head of Operations, who previously was Regional Lead for DrDoctor. In addition to the core team, Juniper’s advisors includes John Hodgson, the former Executive Director at Aviva Life & Pension; Marco Ramadoro, Founder of Satec MGA; Guillaume d’Audiffret, Co-founder of Seyna; Ruth Polyblank, Vice President, Insurance, Strategic Growth for Mastercard; and Benjamin Viaris de Lesegno, Doctor, Entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Leva Clinic and Cellen. Juniper is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an appointed representative and will launch a pilot with customers later this year.

6 Jan24050 Dating back as far as 2000BC, pesticides have been used to prevent pests from reducing a flourishing crop field to a barren wasteland. However, the history of pesticides isn’t as straightforward as one may think – from farmers of the 14th century utilizing startling chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury to protect their harvest, to those in the modern day compiling a cocktail of compounds to fend off the pests. Thankfully, as time has progressed, we have come to recognize the harmful effects of coating our crops in chemicals, both on humans and the wider ecological systems, and have begun to seek alternatives. Delivering one such solution to this problem is LCPT Inc, a retailer whose ingeniously simple and synergistic formula is part of a movement to help change the future of agriculture practices to cleaner and more environmentally sound product choices. LCPT Inc is a family-formed and run retailer, well versed in farming and the subsequent pitfalls of the agricultural industry, which has sought change and began to pursue a wholly natural solution to an age-old issue. As a family who has always lived close to the land, they have recognized the harm that chemical pesticides are having across the globe. From bees and helpful critters to the local fauna ecosystem, water, and soil, these unnatural elements and harsh chemical compositions have been exhibiting a destructive impact that needed to be rectified as quickly as possible. And so, LCPT Inc’s journey to source a new solution began. LCPT Inc – or Lost Coast Plant Therapy – began with Debi and Dirk’s lifelong passion for growing plants of all types. Not only do they have an inherent love of nature but have been living an organic and natural lifestyle their entire adult lives. Living in a remote rural mountain community, they raised their children, daughters, Heather and Chloe, and son, Bree, to have the same appreciation of the natural world. This would lead them onto the path they find themselves on today. LCPT Inc is a natural solution to the growing issue of pest control within agriculture, using a far gentler, yet far more effective, means to keep crops safe. For over 53 years, the family has been involved in the world of organic gardening/farming. It’s this very lifestyle that served as LCPT Inc’s inspiration, and what ultimately led to the formulation of the product. LCPT Inc leveraged the power and benefits of natural ingredients to protect crops in a synergistic way and has already come leaps and bounds in garnering quite the impressive level of attention as a result. They understand that most individuals may hear “natural plant-based pesticide” and believe it not strong enough to be effective. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Debi and Dirk initially never considered developing use of this product for anything beyond their own gardens and maybe for a few neighbors. Taking a product to market and making it available to the masses was not anything they imagined getting involved in. Besides, they first needed to seek out a way to ensure that the product would act as a suitable alternative to harmful chemical pesticides and fungicides. This trialing first began on their own farm, then with family and friends. To all who used it, there was one resounding realization – it worked. It worked exceptionally well, even. Not only did it keep crops safe from the ravages of soft body insects and many plant diseases, but it could be applied at any point, right up to harvest. There was no change in taste to the final crop, nor adverse health effects on the local ecology. Truly, the family had struck gold. With a couple of years of thorough field testing, Debi and Dirk finetuned the formula and then shared the product with the family. With prior experience in manufacturing, Bree suggested they form a company and bring this product to market. After using their own product for long enough, and seeing positive results consistently, the family became excited about the possibility of providing the farming world with a natural pesticide solution. If it worked for them, it could potentially work for everybody. With each family member bringing their own unique skillset required to run a company successfully, LCPT Inc finally came to be. Despite having a major presence in over 45 states, the business has never lost sight of its roots and ethic of providing excellent personal customer care so that all the users of the product are as successful as can be. Astonishingly, LCPT Inc is a company owned and led by only five people. Kept within the family, it’s able to uphold immediate communication, with internal conversations able to take place whenever, wherever. As such, despite the many attempts to do so, no company has succeeded in replicating the innovative product that LCPT Inc has to offer. Its market success stems from being part of a long standing and tight-knit community of trusted cannabis farmers, who, when they find something that works, are sure to let everyone know about it. Thus, the business has grown organically by word of mouth, and the reputation of the family itself. It may take a while for people to truly understand how natural products could potentially work, but, once they do recognize the benefits, there’s simply no better option. LCPT Inc’s product works as a standalone or along with an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol and encourages the overall health of crops. Be it for the benefit of the environment, or for the ecological systems of farms across the globe, it’s a clean solution that promises to be a viable alternative to chemical pesticides and fungicides that the world has been desperately crying out for. And it’s clear that, in answering this call, LCPT Inc has managed to make an astounding difference already. From 2017 through to 2023 alone, over 205,000 gallons of its concentrate have completely replaced a whopping 26.3 million gallons of harmful chemical use with a cleaner alternative. This alone is proof enough that the product is beyond effective, and trusted with its composition, making it a top pick for farmers, especially cannabis farmers, around the world. Following this astounding rate of success, LCPT Inc hopes that its product will continue to extend its reach across the globe, all to fulfil one goal – protecting the world’s crops with the help of nature. The agricultural industry has been in need of transformation for a very long time, and it Pesticide & Fungicide Solutions Retailer of the Year - USA L

GHP Q1 2024 seems as though this much-anticipated shift is growing stronger thanks to the brilliance and innovation of companies such as LCPT Inc. We believe that what truly distinguishes LCPT Inc is the fact that, despite there being plenty of solutions to unwanted pests and plant disease, it refused to accept that a harmful solution was the only one available. Through the family’s combined talents, perseverance, and hope for a better future for the agricultural field, it created a revolutionary product, created for use on cannabis and all crop types. LCPT Incs a gamechanging concentrate formula. This non-GMO, organic solution stands as a testament to the fact that there are clean alternatives. All it took was for someone with enough drive and farming expertise to realize this, and that’s exactly where Dirk and Debi come in. Alongside their brilliant family, the pair began something that may very well, with any luck, completely shift the paradigm of pesticide solutions. For too long we have been using chemicals that could cause damage to our health, our environment, and the health of our wonderful ecological systems, and it’s time we take note of companies such as LCPT Inc. They have created a cost-effective solution that is capable of replacing many chemical-based pesticides as we know it. Our planet deserves better, and LCPT Inc intends to see to it that the agricultural industry is the first in line to be better. A better world for farmers, consumers, crops, and nature alike – it’s a concept that sounds far too perfect, and yet LCPT Inc is already making great strides towards helping offer a better product and making this a reality. Its pesticide and fungicide solution, formulated with clean organic and eco-certified ingredients, holds the family’s hope for the future, to support farms in achieving outstanding results with none of the downside. Many farmers across the globe are already making the switch to this clean alternative. We’re certain that, as more and more begin to attune themselves to a natural way of crop protection, LCPT Inc’s product will soon find itself becoming a staple within the agricultural industry. The future is starting to take shape, and LCPT Inc is at the heart of making it happen. We, for one, are proud to shine some light on such a revolutionary company. We sincerely look forward to seeing its plans for this year come to fruition. Contact: Dirk Peterson Company: LCPT Inc Web Address:

8 GHP Q1 2024 It is the mission of Byomed LLC to provide patients with care of the highest calibre, using only the best technology, systems, and materials to provide a complete and superior medical experience.The overarching aim of the company is to manage a patient’s overall wellbeing with the uppermost effectiveness so as to deliver unrivalled services across its areas of operation. Conveniently, the primary area of operation is the operating theatre, which is too the setting where the company’s distinction is felt the most, serving those suffering with degenerative spine conditions. CEO and Founder Tarek Hamandi tells us more about the business’ stellar and innovative solutions. Having performed more than 3200 open spine and total joint surgeries in the State of Florida since 2007, Tarek Hamandi knows a great deal about the industry and the most viable solutions that can immeasurably benefit the lives of patients. A pioneer in the field of BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspiration Concentrate) injections, Tarek has leveraged this expertise into the creation of three successful businesses that provide spinal an orthopedic surgeons with the latest in innovative technologies. One procedure that has been mastered by the team at Byomed is the extracting and mixing of cadaver bone with a patient’s own stem cells, the undertaking of which having been shown to improve the effectiveness of a surgery. As Tarek eloquently states, “our goal is to provide spine surgeons with the best and unique solutions tailored to their patients.” There are four key services that serve as the company putting this ethos into action, the first of which being an autotransfusion, which uses technology to enable a person to receive their own blood from a transfusion, rather than somebody else’s. Blood is either donated beforehand by the patient, or it can be collected during a surgery by a piece of kit called a Cell Saver. The Cell Saver is primarily used during surgeries where a high volume of blood loss is likely to be experienced, such as aneurysms, joint replacements, and spine surgeries. The second key component comprising this quartet of services is bone marrow aspirate concentrate. This product is produced by the company using Harvest Technologies Terumo BCT., and acts as the most essential element in facilitating the growth of new bone, combining it with the bone grafts already held by the by the company to yield optimal results. A unique process that has been developed by the business allows it to keep the aspirate bone marrow sterile across the entire procedure, significantly minimising infection risk. A game-changing service available to fellow surgeons and patients alike, this concentrate is one of Byomed’s premier offerings and arguably the one it is proudest of. Yet another solution on offer by Byomed is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), with this simply being blood plasma enriched by platelets for the purposes of accelerating healing by using a patient’s own blood cells. Since the platelet component of blood is comprised of a series of key and essential factors that aid in hard and soft tissue repair, as well as contributing to stem cell migration, PRP has a history of being used effectively in tendon surgeries of all sorts, inclusive of knee replacements, tennis elbow surgeries, and even some oral-based surgeries. Finally, Byomed’s allograft service revolves around the company’s biomaterials providing demineralised cadaver bone strips, bone chips, bone putty, putty crush-mix, and sponges in an array of shapes and sizes for various parts of the body. Not only are such bone grafts a safe and reliable alternative, but they are also ideal for those patients who either do not have bone suitable for grafting or do not wish to undergo the extensive procedure necessary to get it, since it is a complicated operation that brings with it considerable risk. Through these pioneering solutions, Byomed is continuously demonstrating its excellence in the field, something that is set to continue this year, with the team having patients from Middle Eastern countries, such as the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar, with complex surgical needs brought into its South Florida surgery beginning in July. This worldwide reach serves as one of the ways that the company is seeking to differentiate itself in a growing industry where innovation and uniquity are paramount. As Tarek explains in summary, “we are actively investing in medical technology, [as] taking higher risks than others is key.” With such commitments to boot, Byomed LLC is sure to continue down this pioneering path, and we await the future ways that Tarek influences the wider sector, setting patients down the path to health. Contact: Tarek Hamandi Company: Byomed LLC Web Address: Stem Cells & Auto-Transfusion Solutions 2023 - Florida

9 GHP Q1 2024 istinguishing itself as a private dental practice that has had the pleasure of accumulating a patient base of over 2700 people, The Dental Wave stands as the area’s penultimate example of what one should expect from a dental practice. With three fantastic dentists tirelessly working to present patients with access to almost every aspect of dentistry in-house, it has ensured a certain level of accessibility that patients will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. As opposed to having to transition to various practices in order to have their needs met, dentists Dr Antonia Salzl, Dr Beatrice Riddle, Dr Sybille McKay, along with Oral Surgeon and Implantologist Dr Jaume Escoda Francoli, have seen to it that any complex work can be carried out from one point of origin. As such, The Dental Wave has cultivated a clientele that has remained with the practice for multiple years, granting the team a wonderful insight into some of their biggest life events. The Dental Wave, at this point, has seen it all – marriages, births, first school days, and many more milestones that truly bring added value to its work. Not only has it been able to witness its patients grow and change over the course of their lives, but it has done so while playing an active role in the health of their teeth. All so, when a patient smiles during one of those once-ina-lifetime moments, The Dental Wave knows that its practitioners were the ones ensuring that said smile would be a healthy one indeed. Though these emotional connections form the core of The Dental Wave, there are other features that patients find alluring about the collective. Not only is the practice concerned with being a personal companion throughout the lives of its clients, but it goes one step further to express a genuine interest in the prolonged health of their teeth. As such, it Driven by a love for becoming an authentic part of its patients’ lives, The Dental Wave is a general dental practice that’s able to deliver a myriad of specialist services under one roof. Proudly situated in the quaint costal town of Southsea in Portsmouth, The Dental Wave takes full advantage of its brimming array of talent to spread the message of oral health upkeep, while simultaneously providing care that’s set to last. Below, we venture into how The Dental Wave has earned such renown throughout Portsmouth, and how its nuanced approach to dentistry has defined it as a wholly unique entity. Best General Dental Practice - Portsmouth goes above and beyond to educate patients on how to care for their oral health outside of check-ups and appointments, lending to the practice’s exceptionally high level of quality services. After all, dental requirements don’t simply disappear once a patient leaves the practice, and The Dental Wave is at the forefront of enforcing this very notion. Additionally, The Dental Wave has carefully formed its services around the acute awareness that, unfortunately, comprehensive dental care is becoming less and less affordable. In essence, the collective has incorporated several options and ways to help make dentistry affordable, all in the hopes that it can keep patient costs low, and education and early detection awareness high. This nature is what The Dental Wave truly prides itself on – it takes a proactive approach to dentistry that not only promotes attentiveness within its dentists, but within each and every patient too. Action, not reaction, is the underpinning virtue of The Dental Wave, and it’s refreshing to say the least. Whether it’s seeing to the needs of lifelong patients, or assisting with one-off emergency treatments, The Dental Wave promises to be Portsmouth’s definitive choice for any dentistry requirement. Its services are invaluable, and its attitude positive, resulting in a collective whose avid dedication to the wellbeing of each and every client simply can’t go unnoticed. As such, we’re pleased to bring The Dental Wave to the attention of our readers, and we eagerly await the evolution of such a selfless practice. Contact: Emma Proud Company: The Dental Wave Web Address: D Jan24338

10 GHP Q1 2024 upported by over two decades of refinement, eVOLV Strong is a health and fitness training specialist that provides middle-aged individuals access to enjoyable experiences via its proven weight loss methods. Carried out through the collective’s unique Phoenix Method, eVOLV Strong inspires individuals to improve themselves on every wavelength, all whilst delivering a programme that’s guaranteed to herald results. Having been in the works since eVOLV Strong’s inception, the Phoenix Method can confidently help participants see a ten-pound weight loss within just 28 days, and is one of the very few to offer such a stellar guarantee. Though it may sound like a difficult feat to accomplish, eVOLV Strong creates a means for millions to partake in a programme that really does work. Focused on five points, namely movement, nutrition, accountability, habits, and community, the Phoenix Method represents a way for individuals to rise from the ashes and begin an entirely new life – one that’s imbued with everything they could need to succeed in their fitness journey. So far, eVOLV Strong’s fitness programming has touched a myriad of people through social media platforms, corporate accounts, and in-house facilities alike, making it one of the industry’s most versatile collectives to date. Dec23205 S Comprised of wellness professionals who thrive in providing middle-aged clients with proven weight loss methods via fun, engaging fitness programmes, eVOLV Strong is a training specialist that delivers on promises no other similar entity can. Having cultivated fitness experiences that elevate the mind and body, eVOLV Strong demonstrates an award-winning love for the craft that simply can’t be beat. We look into how eVOLV Strong has built such a flourishing community, all while becoming the new face of guaranteed goodness. However, what makes eVOLV Strong even more accomplished is the fact that it is now regarded as one of the last specialty facilities in New Mexico to have survived the pandemic’s slew of business closures. Not only did it opt to keep its team, despite the challenges it faced, but it managed to identify its niche in the weight loss and individualised parts of its practises. In doing so, it accumulated an incredible reputation built on the expertise of its talented team, while simultaneously investing in its ever-popular Phoenix Method, resulting in eVOLV Strong earning itself a place among the industry’s greats. As if all of these factors weren’t enough to paint a picture of the type of finesse that eVOLV Strong brings to the market, C.J. Chavez further goes on to detail just how much love the business holds towards each and every client. In C.J. Chavez’s own words – “I am humbled and honoured that our clients give us the opportunity to do what we love day in and day out. I am also extremely grateful for my team of professionals that provide exceptional service to our clients day in and day out. Also a huge thanks to my partner Adonis and my family for supporting me during all the ups and downs of being a fitness business owner.” Truly, eVOLV Strong is a very special business whose impact is being felt far and wide across the US. Its commitment to guiding individuals through their own fitness and nutrition journeys is beyond selfless, ultimately stemming from a place of genuine care and consideration. eVOLV Strong actively wishes for its clients to succeed, and it’s this very wonder for watching people thrive that truly sets the collective apart from its competitors. As it progresses into the coming year, we’re sure that eVOLV Strong will only continue to hone its methods in order to promote an entirely new way of living to the people of the US. Contact: C.J. Chavez Company: eVOLV Strong Web Address: Best Middle-Aged Client Health & Fitness Training Specialists 2023 - USA

11 GHP Q1 2024 and innovation. ML applications on cannabis ecommerce data deliver powerful insights about the behaviours of consumers. Finally, the company continues to network and collaborate with various industry bodies and merchants, striving to broaden the scope of its platform. By taking these steps to secure its position as a leader in the industry, CannabisDeals has maintained a trajectory of growth and innovation. In January 2024, the company’s platform was launched in the US, bringing its commitment to transparency, value, and reliable information to yet another thriving cannabis market. Like its UK counterpart, this platform will allow consumers to access the best deals and information in the industry, offering them an extensive catalogue of products, a comprehensive dispensary directory, and realtime price comparisons. This expansion represents a new chapter of the CannabisDeals story and its mission to empower consumers across the world, providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions as they progress through their wellness journey. CannabisDeals is actively pursuing ambitious expansion objectives, aiming to penetrate further into European and global markets. The company fills a critical market gap within the cannabis industry that could prove beneficial to all countries that are progressing with their legalisation efforts. Scaling up its successful business model to new markets would generate synergies of scale. Moreover, this expansion would facilitate the diversification of the company’s offerings into commerce market intelligence and big data services tailored to the cannabis sector. Through close collaboration with mentors and advisors, the founding team will seek funding to realise the full potential of this venture in the near term. Given the complex nature of the industry, there is no doubt that the world’s thriving commercial cannabis markets could benefit from the presence of a one-stop-shop for information, news, product details, and price comparisons. For its excellence in offering this service within the UK and the US, CannabisDeals has recently been honoured with the title of Best CBD Marketplace, UK, in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023. This achievement is a testament to the trust consumers place in the company to help them fulfil their CBD and THC needs. Considering its success thus far, there is no doubt that CannabisDeals looks towards a bright future, and we wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Theo Valmis Company: CannabisDeals Web Address: and In 2019, CannabisDeals UK was established with a single mission: to revolutionise the cannabis market landscape in the United Kingdom by providing an unparalleled price comparison service for CBD and THC products. It strives to deliver the most relevant and reliable information about the UK’s cannabis products, helping the public to enhance their wellbeing whilst making cost-effective choices. To accomplish this, CannabisDeals leverages the power of state-of-the-art AI and API systems that offer real-time comparisons of prices, reviews, and information from over 70 merchants. Ultimately, consumers can browse a selection of more than 2,000 products using the company’s sites. The CannabisDeals platform is designed to streamline the shopping experience for those interested in CBD and THC products by providing them with a comprehensive overview of the market landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions and secure the best deals available. Whether they are a seasoned user or someone entirely new to the world of cannabis, the site effectively simplifies the process of finding top-quality products at competitive prices. In recent years, it has been demonstrated medically that cannabis can be highly beneficial for various conditions, including multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, neurological disorders, epilepsy, depression, insomnia, and autism amongst others. It alleviates chronic pain and provides supportive effects for certain types of cancer. Having personally experienced health challenges in the past and with the guidance of his doctors, the company’s founder achieved relief through therapeutic cannabis. This experience inspired him to create this platform with the aim of assisting people who seek alternative or complementary methods of treatment for their health issues. Having operated within the dynamic cannabis industry since its launch, CannabisDeals has worked to navigate a number of obstacles, including the evolving regulatory environment, emerging industry trends, and challenging economic climate. To remain at the forefront of its field, the company utilises a number of strategies, which have ultimately enabled it to grow and thrive despite the difficulties it has faced. Firstly, by conducting extensive research and closely monitoring the sector’s most relevant publications, reports, conferences, and online forums, CannabisDeals has remained on top of the latest trends, regulations, and advancements within the cannabis industry. The company uses this information to update the dedicated news section on its website and to remain flexible by adapting to industry developments. Additionally, the team at CannabisDeals authors articles that are published on their blog. These articles provide valuable insights, including information about the benefits of CBD, industry updates, answers to common questions, and contemporary medical studies conducted by universities and international organisations. Furthermore, to adapt to evolving consumer needs, CannabisDeals has made substantial investments in technology Serving the UK and US markets, CannabisDeals is a price comparison site that aims to help consumers find the best deals on their desired CBD and THC products. The company serves as a bridge between the public and the flourishing cannabis market, providing a comprehensive resource for those seeking wellness, value, and a deeper understanding of cannabis products. Here, we explore CannabisDeals and its work in the wake of its success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2023. Best CBD Marketplace - UK

12 Founded in 2005, Linical is a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) dedicated to providing a suite of drug development services from early-phase research to largescale multinational studies. The organisation operates across all major markets including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and has a proven track record of supporting biopharmaceutical companies through their clinical development journeys. With its strong business ethos and medical expertise, Linical strives to offer clients high-quality services to fulfill their shared mission of delivering new drugs and therapies to patients all over the world. Linical is a trusted partner of biotech and pharmaceutical companies and for its essential services, we have bestowed the company with a Global Excellence Award. CROs provide an indispensable service to companies seeking support with their clinical development programs. Linical’s diverse clientele ranges from smaller biotech firms to global pharmaceutical companies. The role of a CRO is to carry out all or part of the work involved in the clinical trial process of pharmaceutical product development. Linical provides clients with industry resources and medical expertise to conduct every aspect of a clinical trial including advising on the trial’s protocol design, enrolling patients, monitoring the study data, and navigating the regulatory approval process. Linical’s global reach helps companies streamline their regulatory processes and acquire highquality data. The Linical team is dedicated to delivering operational excellence with key strategies designed to successfully overcome drug development and regulatory challenges. The organisation strives to provide professional services with a personal touch to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Linical’s areas of focus include Phase I-IV studies in oncology, neurology, psychiatry, immunology, vaccines, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases. With its wide focus, Linical can provide clients with the reach and ideal team to meet their specific requirements. To support clients on their development journeys, the team fosters strong working relationships built on communication, integrity, and trust. Launching a successful clinical trial requires proper planning, and Linical aims to deliver a tailored plan to tackle any unforeseen obstacles and optimise a trial’s design. Drawing from years of experience, its bespoke protocol development services are designed to produce valid results and promote clinical decision making based on reliable data. Linical’s strategic approach involves rigorous analysis of the epidemiology of the disease, the current standard of care, and the procedures used for data collection. With its holistic services, Linical provides clients with medical, operational, regulatory, scientific, and statistical insights to guide their clinical development journey. Linical understands the importance of clinical trials and the impact that reliable results have on patients around the world. The awardwinning organisation boasts an outstanding track record of exceeding its enrollment goals and maintaining a 85% client retention rate. It is Linical’s goal to expedite timelines and remain cost-effective to help clients achieve their goals without sacrificing quality. In the competitive trial landscape, Linical aims to add value to companies of all sizes across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Through its extensive partnerships and efficient study start-up processes, Linical strives to promptly get clinical trials up and running. The study start-up is a pivotal stage and establishing a strong foundation is crucial to a successful clinical trial. By working closely with clients to understand their objectives, the team is able to develop innovative solutions to help achieve favourable outcomes, including expertly navigating the complexities of clinical trials and designing an accurate roadmap to assess viability and site selection. Spanning nearly two decades as a full-service, global CRO, Linical has grown into a prominent organisation, comprised of approximately 900 employees. The company prides itself on being small enough to offer personal client attention while possessing the global bandwidth to be publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Linical boasts a strong repeat business rate and a low team turnover, which is essential for the continuity of clients’ projects. As well as supporting pioneering drug development in North America and Europe, Linical offers clients access to the Asian market with dedicated employees in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. With its regional area expertise, the organisation helps clients develop promising therapies and stay compliant in the Asia-Pacific region. At Linical, passion begins with its people, and its leaders aim to foster strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and employees. Its international team is invested in working towards a shared goal of bringing promising therapies to the global market. All team members are passionate about the company’s mission and committed to meeting A Personalised Approach to Clinical Trials

GHP Q1 2024 clients’ requirements in an accurate, cost-effective, and timely manner. Driven by its collective goal, the Linical team tailors its innovative solutions to advance clinical research and drug development, improving therapies for patients across the world. Looking to the future, Linical will continue to incorporate new technologies into its services to improve the efficiency of clinical trials. The current integration of AI and machine learning allows the company to better predict trends and save time without compromising patient safety. Through collaboration with science and industry expertise, Linical hopes to see the development of more technologies at biopharmaceutical, CRO, and site levels. The organisation strives to stay abreast of industry developments and leverage new technologies to increase patient accessibility while reducing site and patient burden. Linical is also committed to its social and sustainability responsibilities, promoting the wellbeing of patients and the environment. Valuing compliance and transparency, the company employs patient-centred decision making in the delivery of its quality services. Moving forward, Linical will continue to uphold its responsibility to future generations through its sustainable initiatives and ethical values. As an award-winning global CRO partner, Linical guides biotech and pharmaceutical companies through every stage of their clinical development journey. The organisation recognises the importance of clinical trials in the development of innovative new therapies and aspires to continue refining its skills in order to undertake new business challenges. Its global reach helps clients streamline their regulatory process, enroll the right patients, and capture reliable data promptly and efficiently. At Linical, the team is dedicated to supporting clients on their mission to bring new lifesaving drugs and therapies to the global market. For its personalised support and tailored services, Linical has received our award for Best International CRO Service Provider 2023 – FL. Contact: Alison Cundari Company: Linical Web Address:

14 GHP Q1 2024 Inspired and founded by Professor the Honourable Dr. Henry Lowe’s vision to bring medicinal products and services from Jamaican plants to the local and international markets alike, Medicanja® is a company that leverages the boundless potential of biotechnology to develop naturally made, hemp-based products. Established in 2013, Medicanja® is the beneficiary of its founder’s 50+ years of scientific research into Jamaican plants to create safe, quality products that align with accepted industry standards. Below, we explore the story behind the company, and how its excellence promises a bright new dawn for the industry. Professor Lowe, whose work in cannabis dates back to the 1970s, was able to identify numerous and fascinating benefits from the plant. Inspired by the seemingly endless potential of Jamaica’s ecology, Professor Lowe created Medicanja®, which now acts as a conduit for the brilliance of both himself and his team. The goal is to use biotechnology to develop naturally made, hemp-based products, while upholding an uncontested level of quality in the process. For such pioneering work across his career, Professor Lowe has received numerous awards including the Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award (2006) and the CCRP Living Legend Award (2012). He is also the only Jamaican to have become a member of the prestigious American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), in addition to being a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a Fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine United Kingdom, Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the American Chemical Society and a Life Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Whether it’s pursuing the development and commercialisation of a range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, or functional foods that are designed to treat and manage a range of conditions, the company invests exceptional levels of talent into reaching its desired outcomes. In partnership with collectives, whose cutting-edge research in the medicinal use of cannabis and other such plants has reached impressive heights, Medicanja® has managed to successfully navigate the landscape of the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Jamaica. This allowed the company to gain approval for eleven cannabis-based pharmaceutical products, and a further seven supplements. Though the beginnings of the company started with a focus on the research and development of various products and treatments to which the cannabis plant can be applied, Medicanja® has since spearheaded over 150 innovations at different stages within the pipeline. This exceptional feat in itself stands as a testament to the ingenious minds behind the collective, and it’s clear that the passion doesn’t end there. In fact, due to Medicanja®’s work being so highly regarded by the region’s industry, the company was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the National Innovation Competition of Jamaica in 2018 – an appreciation that truly identified the immense impact that this brilliant business had created on the overarching industry. However, one of the products that is taking the cannabis-based products hitlist by storm is Medicanja®’s award-winning CBD Oil. Capable of aiding in the relief of mild to moderate symptoms relating to nausea, pain, and inflammation, as well as assisting with reducing the symptoms of those diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, or those suffering the side effects of chemotherapy, this revolutionary product has easily set a new standard. Its all-natural composition – namely Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E Oil - not only makes it gentle on a user’s system, but also grants it a therapeutic essence that can be immediately felt following consumption. When considering Medicanja®’s current status within the sector, we believe the company itself puts it best – “Medicanja® is positioned to become the preeminent consumer of cannabis in Jamaica and ball moss, which could become the anchor for growers. After achieving product certification from the MOHW on the first set of products, the company has embarked on a proof-of-concept model to strengthen care provider and consumer response. Medicanja® is also the first company in its industry to receive grant funding for clinical trials in palliative pain management for cancer patients - a project executed jointly with the University of the West Indies Caribbean Institute for Health.” In short, the collective is fully equipped to change the future of the market, and we can only hope that this award will act as further motivation. The future of Medicanja® is exceptionally bright, and we’re certain that it will only continue to flourish as it proceeds with the production of some of its most innovative products to date. Contributing to its ongoing success is a strong local industry, where the company works with local regulators to ensure the processes developed are best practices. It is also working with Jamaica’s export agency, JAMPRO and private sector groups such as Jamaica Manufactures and Exporters Association to ensure it becomes a major exporter of products from Jamaica. This commercial transformation is being led by CEO Dr Trevor Hamilton and COO Andray Mckenzie. Now, the company is seeking other partners to join it on this journey to transform the future of healthcare by providing unique, high-quality products to the world. Contact: Andray Mckenzie Company: Medicanja® Web Address: Best CBD Oil Brand - Jamaica